About me

What did Lauren do next?

Ahh the about me section. The part where I bore you all on who I really am, what I do and so forth. Let’s just start with hello. Hey!

My name is Lauren. Your typical I eat pasta for dinner every night, horror movie loving, Dorito munching basic bitch. Ok sorry I shouldn’t use such poor language. I’m not basic. No kidding I’m super friendly really!

So this little part of the internet is all mine and what a better way than to share with you my everything’s and anything’s! I tend to just ramble on about all sorts really so don’t expect you’re latest fashion post or a make-up tutorial. It’s just me being me sharing my thoughts along the way.

It’s been over two years now since I created my own slice of the internet and I’m so thrilled to share it with you!

There’s tonnes of random crap on here from reviews, how my day went, okay maybe a few fashion pics and a whole load of food. If food isn’t involved then do you even write a blog?

So I’m 26, short. Let’s say in 5ft 4inches minus 2 inches.. Personality wise I’m probably the most awkward person in the room but after a glass of prosseco or two you’ll find I’m a tad crazy and a wee bit strange (In a good way of course) Like one of those funky Cheerios.. Yarrr you got it, a fruit loop!

My spelling and punctuation will never be up to stratch but let’s face it I’m only human, besides I like making you guess how a sentence is actually supposed to be phrased.

Instagram might perceive me to lead some sort of lavish lifestyle but really I work full time as a social media manager and photographic content creator. I love my little excuse for a life. My friends, family, the bf! They make me whole and hopefully you can join me on my journey of, what will Lauren do next?

Through happiness, cake and confetti I’ll let your reading commence! So have a click through my blog and good luck! Hehe.

All enquiries: lovelacediary@hotmail.com

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