Ten things I wish I was told before heading into my 20’s:

So I was sat in bed with a hangover trying to figure out my next blog post ready for this morning and then I thought, I was never told that going into your 20’s would be such a learning curve, knowing what to expect would have helped and certainly knowing some of these life hacks would have been really useful Good thing I’ve still got 7 years in my 20’s left to make good use of what you’re about to read!

Anyway, here they are, all ten things I wish I was told:

1. Put your phone away. It seems like todays millennials are really good at spending too much time on their phones. Last year I was sat around the dinner table with a group of friends and everyone was on their phone for at least an hours worth; Including myself. It made me think, why not try putting your phone away on just one day a week. My choice was Sunday so I put it to the test. Sunday, being a day of rest, made me feel so refreshed and actually distressed me which really helped seeing as I normally start panicking that I have a full week of work. So, give it a go for a few days, let me know how you feel in the comments page and I promise you will feel different. Not to mention you appreciate everything around you more!

2. Do not get a credit card if your going to treat it like it’s your money. ERROR ALERT! So two years ago a decided I’d apply for a credit card. I was accepted for credit and slowly, month after month, my bank balance grew into the minus… Haha funny. I was stuck in an ever lasting rut of paying the minimum fee each month and ended up with a £3000 debt bill. Cheers. Finally, after A LOT of budgeting I am going to be paying it off next month. My goodness, if my mother reads this post, she will most certainly give me a pep talk. But it’s paid off and I’ve learnt my lesson! So please, don’t get yourself a credit card unless you really need to. Use it wisely too better your credit rating but don’t go and purchase yourself a nice new Apple MacBook Pro. Kapeesh?

3. Never say no. There are so many adventures and opportunities that I have turned down in the last 3 years where I think to myself now, what would have happened if I had just said yes… It could be from the smallest of things like going on a date your friends set you up with or it could be not coming home from your two week holiday and just continuing to travel. So, if it’s not dangerous or harming to you, I advise giving it a go. Oh and take a leaf out of Forest Gump. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what your gunna get”

4. Don’t just eat pasta every night. Yes, pasta. It’s easy to make but get yourself learning some simple recipes. If your still living at home, watch how your parents cook and get yourself more involved in the kitchen. Although it seems like a chore, it’s worth while and you’ll leave home feeling like Jamie Oliver… Well not quite but you get the gist of it!
5. Save for a rainy day. When you get your first pay check, put money away each month and set a budget. It becomes easy to live within our means and everyone is guilty of spending a bit too much on self indulgence. Stop and think before you over spend in one week. If you sacrifice a few nights out you could easily save enough in the long run for something more exciting; like that unexpected trip away with your friends.

6. Don’t be in a relationship if you’re not happy. We spend our lives waiting for the right person but sometimes we just settle for someone just because we worry we will never find love. But what is love without happiness. If your not in a healthy and happy relationship, don’t wait around for it to get better. The most important thing is to be selfish – Make yourself happy first before relying on anyone else doing it for you. Once you have mastered this, you will find that a happy relationship will come to you.

7. “Oh my goodness, I totally regret doing that last night” Well you did do it so stop moaning- embrace it! There’s no point regretting things in life. Take it as a learning curve, embrace those moments and laugh about it. It’s better to look back in life and say “I can’t believe I did that”, than to look back and say. “I wish I did that”.

8. Excersize and Healthy eating. It really is the key to happiness. Once you have a routine in place, stick to it. You don’t need to spend wads of cash on a weekly shop at the whole foods market or tie yourself into a swanky gym membership for a year. Find a type of exercise you enjoy, do it with friends and release those endorphins. Our bodies are still developing and keeping your fitness up in your 20’s will be your most active adult years. Try making prep meals for an hour on a Sunday as well! Having all my meals for lunch ready for me means I’m stress free and not snacking on rubbish food during the week. I will be posting a blog soon with a few meal prep ideas.

9. You don’t need 2000 Facebook friends anymore. Growing up you’ll soon realise you have a small group of extremely close besties. Keep these ones close and put as much time and effort into them. You’ll find these friends will be with you now for life!

10. My last top tip is probably the most important. Now I don’t know about you but when I was younger I wouldn’t be too keen on spending much time with my family. It was embarrassing being seen shopping with your mum and she used to dance down the street right? “Mum you’re sooo embarrassing”, I would say. As you get older you will find that you treasure these moments. Keep your family closest to you and never miss an opportunity when the family is together.

So there you have it! My top 10 things I wish I was told before heading into my twenties. I hope you enjoyed reading. Any comments and feedback would be super amazing.

L xx