Summers calling 💦🌴🌼

Are you prepped for summer?

NO! When am I ever prepped for summer!
So today has been super sunny right? All of a sudden I’m already thinking about my plans for summer and what I can do to make the most out of it.
Do I book a festival? Book a holiday? Do I do another sky dive? Is my body in shape?Enough questions because the truth is you need to do all these things but continue them throughout the year because it isn’t just about having a good summer, it’s about having a fabulous year!
I’ve been finding it a lot harder this year as the word “saving” has hit me big time. However, I want to make the most out of 2017 AND save so I’ve had to be super nifty with my money saving skills.

A Summer holiday: Now I happen to have booked this in January as I was far too keen to start worrying about last minute costs and where I was going to go. So I’m jetting off to Thailand for my second time! I’ve always left booking a holiday until last minute and ended up paying a fortune for flights. But I’ve managed to get my whole holiday to under £1000 including flights, spending and hotels! Bargain! If anyone has any recommendations on what I should do in Thailand please do holla!
Festival: Yep! I need to go to one considering I failed last year and the line up for festivals this year is amazing. Can someone find me Elrow tickets please?
That summer body? Keep it up all year! I suck at keeping fit but this year I made a promise to myself I wouldn’t just keep it trimmed until the summer and then let it flop as soon as “deck the halls” comes onto the radio… It’s tough as I work 11 hour days and don’t always have a Saturday. Setting myself a routine each week has finally set in stone and even doing 30 minutes each day really makes the difference.
Stocking up on Suncreams, multivitamins and other beauty products to keep me sparkling is another thing which only seemed to make a seasonal appearance. Obviously I’m not going to be lathering up on factor 30 before I set off to bonfire night but you can get some good deals if you buy this stuff out of season! Amazon and (don’t judge) B and M bargains do some serious discounts on brands like Piz Buin and Australian Gold.

See it’s half price! You’ll thank me later when wanting to order an extra cocktail at the bar on holiday.

What can I do which will totally freak my mum out? Ok so I tackled a sky dive last year so I’m needing suggestions on what to do this year. Whether that’s in England, Thailand or Australia, it needs to give me adrenaline and a story to tell the grand kids if I ever have them! I’m thinking a bungee jump, maybe cage shark diving or another Sky Dive but if you have any other exhilarating suggestions I would love to hear your thoughts!

A decent Summer Wardrobe: I never get this right. I’m always wearing last years trend so I’ve given up caring and just go with what makes me feel comfortable. This tends to be something colourful or out of the Zara catalogue. Also, having some summer essentials which you can bargain buy, but the price tag is a secret, always comes in handy when trying to save! Primark is always good for sunglasses, hair bands, towels, accessories, shorts and basic Tees… Zara also has some amazing little outfits for usually just £25.99 a piece and some of my favourite bikinis come from Misguided online or H&M at just £15 for the set.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve drained myself talking so I might carry this one on later and considering I have an 11 hour days at work tomorrow, I better get some shut eye! Goodnight beautiful people.

Love Lauren X

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