Happiness and success 

Good things happen to thoughts who wait

Cheesy and personal post alert!

So I am probably one of the most impatient people ever too walk his planet. I hate it when people say no and I hate it if I can’t do something I really want to do. 

However, learning from different obstacles in life has really opened my eyes and given me the knowledge on how to take the positive from every negative and that I will soon get there if I work hard and I am patient and I’m happy every step of the way.

I’ve been wanting to do so much with my life but not realising I’m trying to cram it all into one year. My parents always think I’m being ridiculous having all these ideas and plans in my head but having listened to their advice, I am now on track with a few plans in place and I feel much happier.

Persistence and self motivation is difficult when you are always so tired and continuously seeing friends over social media looking like they’re doing so well for themselves made me feel really hard on myself. STOP! 

This is a huge roomy error. I’ve taught myself that if I’m going to do well it’s that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others and how they live their lives. After all, everyone is different.

For ages I spent sat wondering what if and making myself upset over everyone looking like they’ve made it all over Facebook and Instagram. Friends graduating, achieving their dream job role or traveling the world without a care in the world, some even buying a place or getting married! 

I thought, I really haven’t done much. Am I supposed to have found my dream career by now? Brought a home? Should I be married? 

It was then I took a turn and decided I would list everything I had achieved since I was 17 that actually I really felt quite good about myself as a 23 year old. 

I moved out at 17, found myself a stable job with an amazing career path, learnt to drive and paid for my driving lessons and paid for my test alone passing without telling anybody, got my first car, rented my first property, paying bills and learning how to cook were part of the smaller achievements! All of this and I’m 23! It doesn’t seem a lot to everybody and some people are a little more forward in life but at 23 I had to pay myself on the back.

That leaves me with my important message to my very few followers who I am very grateful for as I know they’ll read this and hopefully feel better about starting their day.

The truth is, you may not feel like you’ve made it in life but who really does at 23?! Sit back and really take note of how much you’ve achieved and you will be utterly surprised. Stop comparing yourself to others because everybody is on a different path to success and happiness.

Keep positive about every situation and every hurdle you jump will make you stronger and better. Enjoy what you do and take advantage of every moment. A man once told me, “happiness is one of the key things to success”. 

He was right!

Lots of love x 

Favourites for foodies 

Caution this post is for foodies!

Okay so I absolutely love food. I love food more than anything and I love finding new and exciting places to eat where, not only the food is good, but the experience is a blast too.

I thought I would collate together all my favourite places here in one post and tell you where they are so you can give them a try yourself. I will be adding them one by one as I visit each place. I hope you enjoy!


So I heard about this place via various Instagrammers and I couldn’t stop looking at their yummy posts. So I had to go myself. Located in Covent Garden just a little out from the main square 44 Bedford Street, London, WC2E. A short walk from Covent Garden tube.

The queue was a bit long but the fact customers were coming out the door with the most fabulous and sassy ice creams was a reason to stay and wait in line (A typical British symbolism- The queue)

At the door there was a menu, not too large so you don’t get lost for choices. Three flavours: Vanilla, Matcha and “Flavour of the day” which on the day I went was blueberry!

You can choose up to four toppings or anything from their pre made options.

  • Popcorn and Salted caramel
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Unicorn Sprinkles

I went for cookies and cream with added rainbow sprinkles. Then, the best until last, for an extra pound you can wrap around Candy floss if you’re feeling adventurous.



Now this place is so mouth watering you will want to try every single flavour. I normally opt for the Waffles but if you aren’t a fan, they have twenty flavours of ice cream, crepes, muffins, cakes, cookies galor!

My personal favourite is the marshellow surprise (Left hand side) you get a choice of white, milk or dark melted chocolate drizzled over the top, mini marshmellows and rainbow sprinkles. YUM

Locations for Wafflemeister are all over London, so where ever you are you will tend to find one on your door step.


Okay so I’m not a huge coffee tasting pro but, my goodness, they have just opened a beautiful coffee shop in Kingston Upon Thames. Sunday morning hangover? Head here for flavoursome goodness and fresh coffee beans.
Beanberry isn’t like Starbucks, Nero, Costa… YUCK! Beanberry coffee boast beans from over the world including Brazil, Ethiopia and Indonesia. Each favour has its own distinctive taste – best without milk. My favourite is Ethiopia as it tastes like berries! They also serve latte, hot chocolates and mochas. They have a yummy selection of fresh crossiants and cakes but I’m yet to try them!

Located in Kingston Upon Thames Fife Road KT1 1SZ it is worth a visit if you are doing a spot of shopping.



So if you don’t fancy fooding but fancy a lil “beveraaage”, pop down to Television Centre, Wood Lane, W12 7RJ, Pergola on the roof!

I have been here a few times now and every single time I have loved it.

The food is mouth watering. They have a series of pop up stools with some fine foods including Patty and Bun, Breddos Tacos, 8 Hoxton Square and ‘Salt n Sauce’. All pop up stools have their own bespoke menus just for Pergola. Platters are priced no more than £15.

The alcohol is well priced. We brought a Magnum sized bottle of Champagne for £60! So if your planning on day drinking in a group you definitely won’t feel like your splashing your cash!

My only downside to this place is the fifteen floors of stairs you have to climb. Great if your fit but don’t plan on wearing heels girls, it’s a long way up!

Pergola on the roof runs from May 3rd to October 1st in two locations. The original is on Wood Lane and the newest is Pergola Paddington which opens 24th May to October 1st.

The atmosphere is chilled with light jazz/ house music. When the sun is simmering its the perfect go too summer hide away.

Wicked day out.


Totally some of the best Sunday brunch I have feasted on. Only 7 minutes walk from Parsons Green tube station on the gritty Fulham road this has to be one of my favourite places.

Their breakfast menu is a beauty, not only affordable but you generally want to order everything you see.

The boys also offer a range of signature fresh boost juices, great if you are suffering from a stinking hangover. My personal favourites were Sweet green and Drop the beet.

We ordered four dishes off the menu:

1.  Poached eggs on Sough dough bread with avocado: So this was my dish. Verdict? Blooming scrummy. The eggs were light and fluffy and the egg yolk oozed out perfectly. Still warm, the sough dough tasted fresh, layered with cool avocado. The salmon wasn’t as fresh but it finished the dish pleasantly.

2. Pancakes, honey and seasonal fruit drizzled with chocolates sauce: One word for his dish – Naughty. Warm Pancake stacks topped with fresh banks slices and mixed berries. The dark chocolate sauce gave the end taste a nice kick to the tasting pallet. No criticisms here.

Love Sheps X

More places to come soon… X

Happy Hair 🐚🌞💦💇🏼

So I have spent years trying to figure out how to get healthy looking hair. I always want it longer than it is and I’m always searching for home remedies to get my hair looking like I’ve just bounced out of Leobancroft without the hefty price tag!

Healthy hair is one of the key things to a more confident and happy lifestyle and although it isn’t the be all end all, it’s a good place to start.
So I thought I would share with you my top tips on my journey to getting healthier looking locks.

Brushing: Ok so let’s start with the basics. I have ridiculously curly hair when I leave it to dry naturally and brushing it after a three day streak isn’t exactly what I call therapeutic. Reading through Cosmo mags and other resources, brushing your hair from the tip and upwards reduces split ends, tangles and unneeded stress to the scalp. Slowly brush out knots from the bottom upwards and you’ll notice a difference after just a few weeks of brushing.

In the shower: I hate cold showers but the less heat that gets to your hair the more glossy it will look. I have only just started doing this but, trust me, it works. It’s easier in the warmer months. Obviously don’t have to have your shower at Baltic temperatures but keeping the water Luke warm relaxes your hair and makes it less brittle. Hence the glossiness! There are also more benefits to cold showers such as healthier looking skin and a better mood. Have a read of this article I found:


A cold shower for a 7:30am start always helps me start my day!
Hair masks: I never believed in these. I’m not quite sure why but they work! You can purchase simple hair masks from stores such as Boots or Super drug and using one just once a week can really change your hairs attitude. Try to go for a hair mask that suits your hairs needs. Mine is quite frizzy at times so a thick/oil based mask usually is best. The packets usually say leave in for 5 minutes but scrap that! Have a bath, shampoo and rinse out the soap and then cover your hair in the mask, leaving it on for a cheeky twenty minutes to really notice the difference. Plus you get to relax in the bath.

Hair vitamins: I’ve searched high and low for a good hair vitamin and finally stumbled across Holland and Barrett’s own range. It is in a big blue tub containing 240 coated tablets. You need to take three a day, one with each meal. I’ve been taking these for about a month and I am already starting to notice the difference. There are 27 key ingredients which target hair, skin and nails. Of course, there are plenty of other hair supplements you can go for but this is just my personal favourite. Definitely add this onto your shopping list ladies! It is currently half price in stores but normally is about £33.49 so be prepared for the price tag.

Holiday hair: So this little trick was given to me by my younger sister. An absolute genius at just thirteen. If your a sucker for blonde beach waves follow this recipe and grab yourself a spray bottle.

  • 3 Large lemons
  • 2 bags of camomile tea
  • 1 tsp of ground cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp of almond or coconut oil
  • An empty spray bottle

You can find the full instructions below!


Wash wash wash: A lot of people I know wash they’re hair every day however, doing this reduces the natural oils in your hair and can, in turn, make your hair unhappy. Try washing your hair only two to three times a week. Only shampoo your scalp in circular motions and condition your hair from the bottom upwards. Some sources say to try and not shampoo every time however, unless I’m on holiday, I’m too scared to try this!

Chop chop chop: I’m so bad at knowing when to cut my hair but it is important to get your hair cut at least every 6-8 weeks to avoid breakage. Ironically, if you want longer hair, dusting off the split ends will only help speed up the process! Which, whilst writing this, I need to get me hair cut!

So they are have it! My top tips for healthier hair. I am currently trialling all of these and they all seem to be working for me but let me know your thoughts. Although my hair isn’t exactly how I want it yet it is certainly feeling and looking healthier with all these cost affective remedies. I am also feeling more confident and happier so it’s a win win situation!
If you have any more remedies I can add, please do let me know!

Adios Chicas X