So I have spent years trying to figure out how to get healthy looking hair. I always want it longer than it is and I’m always searching for home remedies to get my hair looking like I’ve just bounced out of Leobancroft without the hefty price tag!

Healthy hair is one of the key things to a more confident and happy lifestyle and although it isn’t the be all end all, it’s a good place to start.
So I thought I would share with you my top tips on my journey to getting healthier looking locks.

Brushing: Ok so let’s start with the basics. I have ridiculously curly hair when I leave it to dry naturally and brushing it after a three day streak isn’t exactly what I call therapeutic. Reading through Cosmo mags and other resources, brushing your hair from the tip and upwards reduces split ends, tangles and unneeded stress to the scalp. Slowly brush out knots from the bottom upwards and you’ll notice a difference after just a few weeks of brushing.

In the shower: I hate cold showers but the less heat that gets to your hair the more glossy it will look. I have only just started doing this but, trust me, it works. It’s easier in the warmer months. Obviously don’t have to have your shower at Baltic temperatures but keeping the water Luke warm relaxes your hair and makes it less brittle. Hence the glossiness! There are also more benefits to cold showers such as healthier looking skin and a better mood. Have a read of this article I found:

A cold shower for a 7:30am start always helps me start my day!
Hair masks: I never believed in these. I’m not quite sure why but they work! You can purchase simple hair masks from stores such as Boots or Super drug and using one just once a week can really change your hairs attitude. Try to go for a hair mask that suits your hairs needs. Mine is quite frizzy at times so a thick/oil based mask usually is best. The packets usually say leave in for 5 minutes but scrap that! Have a bath, shampoo and rinse out the soap and then cover your hair in the mask, leaving it on for a cheeky twenty minutes to really notice the difference. Plus you get to relax in the bath.

Hair vitamins: I’ve searched high and low for a good hair vitamin and finally stumbled across Holland and Barrett’s own range. It is in a big blue tub containing 240 coated tablets. You need to take three a day, one with each meal. I’ve been taking these for about a month and I am already starting to notice the difference. There are 27 key ingredients which target hair, skin and nails. Of course, there are plenty of other hair supplements you can go for but this is just my personal favourite. Definitely add this onto your shopping list ladies! It is currently half price in stores but normally is about Β£33.49 so be prepared for the price tag.

Holiday hair: So this little trick was given to me by my younger sister. An absolute genius at just thirteen. If your a sucker for blonde beach waves follow this recipe and grab yourself a spray bottle.

  • 3 Large lemons
  • 2 bags of camomile tea
  • 1 tsp of ground cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp of almond or coconut oil
  • An empty spray bottle

You can find the full instructions below!

Wash wash wash: A lot of people I know wash they’re hair every day however, doing this reduces the natural oils in your hair and can, in turn, make your hair unhappy. Try washing your hair only two to three times a week. Only shampoo your scalp in circular motions and condition your hair from the bottom upwards. Some sources say to try and not shampoo every time however, unless I’m on holiday, I’m too scared to try this!

Chop chop chop: I’m so bad at knowing when to cut my hair but it is important to get your hair cut at least every 6-8 weeks to avoid breakage. Ironically, if you want longer hair, dusting off the split ends will only help speed up the process! Which, whilst writing this, I need to get me hair cut!

So they are have it! My top tips for healthier hair. I am currently trialling all of these and they all seem to be working for me but let me know your thoughts. Although my hair isn’t exactly how I want it yet it is certainly feeling and looking healthier with all these cost affective remedies. I am also feeling more confident and happier so it’s a win win situation!
If you have any more remedies I can add, please do let me know!

Adios Chicas X