Happiness and success 

Good things happen to thoughts who wait

Cheesy and personal post alert!

So I am probably one of the most impatient people ever too walk his planet. I hate it when people say no and I hate it if I can’t do something I really want to do.

However, learning from different obstacles in life has really opened my eyes and given me the knowledge on how to take the positive from every negative and that I will soon get there if I work hard and I am patient and I’m happy every step of the way.

I’ve been wanting to do so much with my life but not realising I’m trying to cram it all into one year. My parents always think I’m being ridiculous having all these ideas and plans in my head but having listened to their advice, I am now on track with a few plans in place and I feel much happier.

Persistence and self motivation is difficult when you are always so tired and continuously seeing friends over social media looking like they’re doing so well for themselves made me feel really hard on myself. STOP! 

This is a huge roomy error. I’ve taught myself that if I’m going to do well it’s that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others and how they live their lives. After all, everyone is different.

For ages I spent sat wondering what if and making myself upset over everyone looking like they’ve made it all over Facebook and Instagram. Friends graduating, achieving their dream job role or traveling the world without a care in the world, some even buying a place or getting married!

I thought, I really haven’t done much. Am I supposed to have found my dream career by now? Brought a home? Should I be married?

It was then I took a turn and decided I would list everything I had achieved since I was 17 that actually I really felt quite good about myself as a 23 year old.

I moved out at 17, found myself a stable job with an amazing career path, learnt to drive and paid for my driving lessons and paid for my test alone passing without telling anybody, got my first car, rented my first property, paying bills and learning how to cook were part of the smaller achievements! All of this and I’m 23! It doesn’t seem a lot to everybody and some people are a little more forward in life but at 23 I had to pay myself on the back.

That leaves me with my important message to my very few followers who I am very grateful for as I know they’ll read this and hopefully feel better about starting their day.

The truth is, you may not feel like you’ve made it in life but who really does at 23?! Sit back and really take note of how much you’ve achieved and you will be utterly surprised. Stop comparing yourself to others because everybody is on a different path to success and happiness.

Keep positive about every situation and every hurdle you jump will make you stronger and better. Enjoy what you do and take advantage of every moment. A man once told me, “happiness is one of the key things to success”. 

He was right!

Lots of love x

One thought on “Happiness and success 

  1. Jess Wallace (@JessWallaceUK) says:

    We are all constantly comparing ourselves to the people we surround ourselves with on social media. I used to question whether I was behind in life because everyone else seemed to have their sh*t together. The reality is that we all take different paths to life and what you deem as success is different to everyone.

    P.S Great Post! Glad to see you’ve done so well for yourself since we all left school.

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