Spontaneous day trips are always the best! 

So I thought I would tell y’all about my fab day I had with one of my good friends Shannon. We spent the day exploring Shoreditch and pretty much ate our body weight in food. I’m now In bed with a belly full of cookie dough!

Our first trip was to The Blues Kitchen. Basic, but a must when visiting East London. We started off with cocktails – A Bloody Mary and a Mojito. The Mojito was fresh, not too much ice and tasted how I’d like it. The Bloody Mary was a recommendation however, we each reluctantly  sipped the infused tomatoe juice and had no more… It was over done with too much pepper.

We both ordered a selection of appetisiers. Chicken Wings in Blue cheese Sauce, Tortilla Chips with Spinach, Artichoke and Parmesan dip, Sweet Potatoe fries and Calimari. The service was speedy and the food was hot. My personal favourite was the Tortilla chips. The sauce was hot and had a slight pesto twang to it. I love Pesto- Shannon enjoyed tucking into the calimari.

The only down fall was that there was a hair in the spinach and Parmesan sauce so I couldn’t finish my favourite dish! Yuck yuck yuck… I was deeply sad. The Waitress was very professional and took money off our bill. Thank goodness!

I’d say 7 stars out of 10 for this place!

Our next trip was to Naked Dough. A pop up bar purley for somebody with a sweet tooth. The concept was diverse and brought out my inner child. The pop-up literally just serve cookie dough with different flavoured toppings. I believe they had milkshakes too but I don’t think my teeth could have handled the sugar intake for one day.



  •    Unicorn Food
  •    Emoji Poos
  •    Nak- Ed Sheeran
  •    Mud bath
  •    Nuttin better
  •    Hazels nuts

I opted for Unicorn food, Shannon went for ‘Nuttin’ Better. I could only have a few bites until the pudding got quite sickly but lids are conveniently provided so you can tuck back into it later.


Lastly, we ended up at the Magic Rounda

bout. It took me a while to realize that we were literally on the roundabout of Old Street station to understand that was why it had its name. Very swanky, the music has a chilled vibe and a very lovely bunch of people to surround yourself with. The alcohol was reasonable – £20 for a jug of Pims’ had me at hello so I couldn’t complain.

The pop-up venue has a sort of Balearic/ edgy vibe with upside down umbrellas, disco balls and water foundations- accompanied by fake grass. Overall I love themed bars but it could have done with another seating area.

There were also a series of pop up food stools which I quickly made friends with. I headed straight over to the burger stand “burger bears” and opted for the

“grizzly bear” – Fresh burger, bacon, cheese, bacon jam in a bun and lettuce. There was also a potatoes skin pop-up.

9 out of 10 – I give this place an extra point for the array of vintage/floral/s**** shirts I saw. And there we have it! So our spontaneous day turned into our very own food festival. Three places I would for sure go back too. I have even come up with an idea for my Birthday which involves everyone purchasing a funky shirt. So be prepared if ya know me!


Love Shep’s!

Be Yourself

So I have been lying around the pool all day thinking about what got me started with this blog. It wasn’t until I realised the only reason is because I love writing.

Age shouldn’t matter:

I never thought being 23 years old I would be lying here writing a blog about various life motives and, erm by the the looks of it, food. But here I am enjoying every bit of it. It’s not just writing that I love, photography, discovering new places and countries, trying new foods, trying out new extreme sports. Whatever age you are, try something new. 

Don’t let them judge you:

I always hear people say no don’t do that it’s so “cringe” or, “you can’t do that”… Why not? Ladies and gents if it makes you happy then do it. Doing what you love helps you build confidence in yourself. It also helps you release your full potential or a talent you thought you never had! I love what I do for fun and I solely believe everyone should be able to do what they love without being questioned.

The leap of faith: 
It doesn’t matter if your’e not good at what you do. It doesn’t matter if people comment. It doesn’t matter if you’ll never make it to be famous. But why should it? I’ve come to conclusion that just by being myself and doing the things I love makes me the happiest person alive. I used to be so fussy with trying new foods and my parents always used to say, “If you don’t try it you’ll never know”. As a child I refused to eat pizza… PIZZA! Because there were, “small green bits” over it (herbs). Seriously?!? What was I thinking! Pizza is now my favourite food and hands down I could live off it solely for the rest of my life. My point is, I would have never known if I didn’t try it. So take that leap of faith! A silly story but the outcome says it all. Try new things and never say never.

Write a bucket list:

So I am obsessed with my bucket list. It’s filled with weird and wonderful places, new foods to try, hobbies to give a go and places to visit. This is a must have and since I have written one I have started to scratch things off. I have noticed that, not only an I happier on the inside, I have the best stories to tell my friends and families and I can certainly point you in the right direction for a dreamy ice cream!

 So I hope my babbling has given a few of you some inspiration to get out there and do what makes you love and try new things. Write that bucket list. Do it and let me know what you end up doing.

Lots of love Sheps X

First time for everything

So a lot of people would judge what me and the girls got up to today but we had so much fun. Getting behind and I front of the camera was a huge confidence booster for us all. I have collaborated a few favourites of the shots from today’s shoot below.

Location: We ventured over to Notting-Hill Gate and found some obligatory white pillared houses as our setting.

Clothing in today’s shoot: Jacket – Zara £25,99 Dress – Top shop £29 Shoes – New Look £15,99 Sunglasses – Amsterdam boutique 

Me day Monday

Stressful day at work?

Ok so I made this thing called “Me day Monday”. (Don’t laugh) When my boyfriend asked me one Monday evening what I was doing, I said I wanted a bit of a pamper night to myself and well… That’s where the name came from.

I don’t know many people who like Mondays. In fact, I find them quite a challenge. So I came up with Me day Monday to fully relax and truly make Monday my friend again.
1. Pamper yourself: Face masks, re-painting, fake tan/ sun beds, teeth whitening, are all mini treatments I immerse myself in and, If your purse is feeling a little light, all of which are affordable.

2. Feast on your fave snack. So, at the moment, mine is hummus dip and Doritos or a bowl of pineapple. I look forward to this so much after an 11 hour day. With my feet up, in my not so flattering unicorn onesie, is what I call bliss.

3. Netflix the **** out of the evening or watch your favourite box office movie. My flat mate introduced me to Kodi when I moved in last year and my goodness it is a must have. Every movie in the cinema, in HD quality, right there for you to chose from on one device. To download- find an IT specialist. Everyone has a techie friend.

4. Candles- I’m sorry but have you ever smelt something so dreamy! The scent ‘Seychelles’ by the white company is my go to smell when I need some form of aromatic meditation. It has a sweet and light but fresh silky smell and perfectly depicts a beach scene in your senses.

5. Zen. I sound more and more lame as I write these out but just try this all I promise! Japanese Zen music. The calm noise of beach waves, chimes and dolphin echoes will literally put you to sleep for the grand finale of Me day Monday.

And that, ladies and gents, is a wrap! I hope you can all spare some time to try Me day Monday out. I know it’s all pretty simplistic but I promise you it’ll make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed at the beginning of your busy week ahead. I’d be all ears for hearing anyone else’s go to relaxation tips and tricks so please, for my few readers, feel free to leave comments below.

Love Sheps X