Me day Monday

Stressful day at work?

Ok so I made this thing called “Me day Monday”. (Don’t laugh) When my boyfriend asked me one Monday evening what I was doing, I said I wanted a bit of a pamper night to myself and well… That’s where the name came from.

I don’t know many people who like Mondays. In fact, I find them quite a challenge. So I came up with Me day Monday to fully relax and truly make Monday my friend again.
1. Pamper yourself: Face masks, re-painting, fake tan/ sun beds, teeth whitening, are all mini treatments I immerse myself in and, If your purse is feeling a little light, all of which are affordable.

2. Feast on your fave snack. So, at the moment, mine is hummus dip and Doritos or a bowl of pineapple. I look forward to this so much after an 11 hour day. With my feet up, in my not so flattering unicorn onesie, is what I call bliss.

3. Netflix the **** out of the evening or watch your favourite box office movie. My flat mate introduced me to Kodi when I moved in last year and my goodness it is a must have. Every movie in the cinema, in HD quality, right there for you to chose from on one device. To download- find an IT specialist. Everyone has a techie friend.

4. Candles- I’m sorry but have you ever smelt something so dreamy! The scent ‘Seychelles’ by the white company is my go to smell when I need some form of aromatic meditation. It has a sweet and light but fresh silky smell and perfectly depicts a beach scene in your senses.

5. Zen. I sound more and more lame as I write these out but just try this all I promise! Japanese Zen music. The calm noise of beach waves, chimes and dolphin echoes will literally put you to sleep for the grand finale of Me day Monday.

And that, ladies and gents, is a wrap! I hope you can all spare some time to try Me day Monday out. I know it’s all pretty simplistic but I promise you it’ll make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed at the beginning of your busy week ahead. I’d be all ears for hearing anyone else’s go to relaxation tips and tricks so please, for my few readers, feel free to leave comments below.

Love Sheps X