So I’m not one to post about products but I have to tell you about this amazing make up collection I’ve recently collaborated with. If your someone like me, who works 5-6 days every week for 12 hours a day, then this long lasting, well priced make up is definitely the perfect addition to your hand bag!

I wanted to share with you my favorite products from the Technic range, as I think they are must-haves and are so affordable.
FX Strobe highlighter cream: Firstly, I’m a sucker for highlighters so getting to try this was great. Unlike powdered highlighters, the application is a liquid cream and light on the skin, which means I don’t feel caked in make up all day. It’s also great with almost every skin colour so anyone can use it!

Matt Lipstick pen: I never usually stray further than a nude lip, but this colour is just gorgeous! It’s easy to use and because it’s like a pencil, it doubles up as lip liner! What’s great is you can wear it thick or thin depending on if it’s night or day, you can apply to your preference. I’m definitely going to be collecting more of these pocket pencils!

Technics Professional blusher brush: This brush is perfect when using highly pigmented blush, because it is so soft and light it gives easy application. The angle of the brush means I can create a nice contoured look (which believe me I cannot contour).

Mega nudes, Natural Eyeshadow pallet: Oh my goodness!!!! The pigmentation in this pallet is insane! For daily use, I would probably compare it to Urban Decay! Unlike the urban decay palette, I would actually use every single shade and at a cost effective price I will definitely use again!

Mega Lash waterproof mascara: So I have only used this once so far so I am unsure on the lasting product life. However, so far the results have been amazing! Again, I work long hours so having a mascara which doesn’t fall down my face after a few hours is really important.

So, like I said, I’m not one to post about products, but definitely make a few purchases yourself and you’ll see what I mean at how worthwhile this make-up is!

Lots of love Sheps x