How to Thailand in two weeks

I’ve wanted to share with you my trip to Thailand for a while now and how we managed to Island hop in just two weeks but I’ve only had until now to type it all up. So here we go…

Not everyone gets to go travelling for 6 months or even a year, so a short trip had to make do and this holiday was just incredible. Although It was only two weeks we managed to visit quite a few places. We made sure we really made the most of exploring this beautiful country.

We decided to go on a budget but only with our hotels. The first night we made sure we had booked a hotel. We stayed right in the center of Koh San Road. Once we arrived, we literally chucked our stuff into our room and dashed out the door. Very over whelmed, we headed to The Beach. A bar at the end of Koh San Road. It was lively, there were loads of travelers, great music and yummy food. Just what we needed after a 15 hour flight. Once our tummies were full we headed out onto the main road and purchased our first bucket! Two buckets later… We ended up in a club dancing to EDM, then in Seven Eleven.

Following on from this, I managed to burn myself on a ham and cheese toasties…. I cried.  Waking up was painful.We got up at 13:00, severely jet lagged from our flight the day before. We ventured out and literally, ‘shopped until we dropped’. I’d definitely say Bangkok is the place to go in Thailand if you want to fill up your backpack with obligatory Thai pants. I think I purchased three pairs.

OFF TO Ko Pha-Ngan

One tip I would say to anybody flying to Thailand for just two weeks is: DON’T GET THE NIGHT BUS. We learnt that Thai people work on what travelers call, “Thai Time”. So when they say the journey is 8 hours, add on an extra 10 hours and a sore back. The bus was pretty painful but we got there in the end!


Finally we arrived. We stayed at a fab Hostel called Echo Beach. The rooms weren’t great and we had bunk beds but we met two amazing girls who we stayed with for most of our time with on the island.



Of course, you have to go here if you’re in Ko Pha-Ngan. Covering ourselves head to toe in glitter, we started at Echo Beach pre-drinking. The hostel was brilliant. There were deals on buckets, UV paint, music and games. I’m pretty sure that by the time we left for the actual full moon party, we were already a little merry.

The full moon was unbelievable. Full of color, lights, music, topped with 10,000 travelers all in high spirits and under the full moon. I one thousand percent recommend this. Especially if you enjoy the party scene. It was my second time and both times have been an experience I will never forget! Definitely a memory I will keep forever.


This island is breathtakingly beautiful. We spent our time here relaxing. We ate copious amounts of food, mountain and jungle trekked, snorkelled, watched fire dancers and the sunset every night … Then we ended up at a bar crawl. We won’t talk about that!

If you aren’t scuba diving in Koh Tao, this is my list of things to do and places to visit:


Mango Bay view point:


We did this on a rainy day because I think if we climbed 210 meters into the sky in the blistering heat, I would have died. To get to this view point, you have to go past the Fitness gym near Sairee Village and just keep going up. It’s steep. And the bugs up there are monstrous. But my goodness is the view worth it. There’s a mini Village at the top and they do charge you 100 baht so make sure you bring some cash and a water bottle so you don’t pass out.

Snorkelling day trip:

We ended our holiday on a high with this trip. The service was great, we visited four colourful reefs which we were able to snorkel around. The best part was that we saw so much sea life! Sharks, turtles and millions of tropical fish. Nang Yuang is another island we visited and it’s just so picturesque. When you’re here, make sure you climb the mountain for the view point! This was by far the best snorkelling spot as well. The short clip above just shows some of the fish we saw.


I think we ate at this restaurant five times? But there was a reason for it! The food is to die for and for only £5?! After a full day of snorkeling, jungle trekking or even if we were hungover, this place invited us in with warm and welcome arms. By the time our holiday had finished we had pretty much tried the whole menu. My personal favorite was the sausage and mash. Smooth and creamy mash with rich beef gravy and a side of buttered spinach. It also would have been rude if we didn’t try the Barracuda. One of the best fish dishes I have ever tasted. Very light and fluffy, slightly sweet but ‘oh so’ fresh. Tempting you? Who says you lose weight when visiting Thailand?

Hippo Burger Bistro:

My goodness these were burgers I can only fantasise about back at home. They had a menu of about eight to nine burgers all filled with fresh and juicy ingredients. I opted for the Dirty Harry which was filled with blue cheese, medium rare beef, tomatoes, caramelised onions, potato shredding and fresh salad, side of fries and sauce. OH EM GEE!!! Located just off Sairee main road. Getting hungry reading this yet?


Fizz Bar:

The perfect spot for an early dinner before heading off to the famous bar crawl. Here, we watched the sun set and dug into fresh Caesar salads, Nachos, morning- caught prawns on sourdough bread and freshly squeezed fruit juices. Nothing beats yummy food and a pretty views. OK, I’ll stop with the food posts now.

Fire dancing:

This seemed to be the early evening entertainment which everyone watches. Set right on the beach, the sea washing up to shore, Thai men show off their talents with fire breathing and throwing flames into the air.

Koh Tao Bar crawl:

We weren’t going to do this and in fact we didn’t end up getting tickets (450 baht) but we did end up going and joining in. It starts off pretty civilised but give it an hour and welcome to, BRITS ABROAD… I make it sound horrendous. It wasn’t. It was HILARIOUS. A definite must do if you are on Sariee Beach. At the end of the night we ended up playing beer pong in Fishbowl – A bar at the end of the beach filled with travellers. Considering I’d had a fair bit to drink, I amazed myself and won!



Pamper yourself:

Yes ladies, the spas here are lovely and it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket! We spent our rainy days mooching around here. We had manicures and pedicures. We even had time for a Thai massage. A definite trip worth making after all the travelling around. Rest those little paws of yours.





A little bit of a soppy end.

If you ever read this George, I had the best time with you and I know we had to put up with the horrendous night buses and long journeys but I wouldn’t have done it with anyone different! Love you tonnes!

Being able to write about my trip and share with you so many memories has made me realise, even more, how much of an amazing time I had. I wish In could do it all over again. For now, it’s onto my next adventure!

December, I will be spending just under a month in Australia with my boyfriend and his family and I cannot wait! Blog post to follow.


Lots of love Sheps xxx