La Lune Noire 🌿

White teeth… We all want those sparkling pearly whites but not everyone has the money to get there. Over the years I have tried using a number of teeth whitening products but they were either bad for my teeth or they simply didn’t work.

I’ve tried; Oil pulling, teeth whitening strips, non-peroxide whitening gels, even baking soda In the hope that my teeth would be as white as my celebrity idols.

None worked and it wasn’t until I came across La Lune Noire that my whole teeth whitening experience changed.


It seems bizarre. How does black charcoal make your teeth white? I’ve been using La Lune Noire for a week now and I wanted to share with you how fast the results really are.

How to use:

  • Ideally, using La Lune Noires own branded toothbrush; dip your (slightly wet) tooth-brush into the pot so it covers the surface of the bristles.

I find that the fine combed  toothbrush is gentle so it doesn’t destroy the enamel whilst cleaning.

  • Work the charcoal around your teeth, carefully targeting everywhere, accept your gums.
  • Once completely black, thoroughly rinse out your mouth with water and brush gently with normal toothpaste to clear out the remaining charcoal.

Seeing as Activated Charcoal hasn’t really been fully researched by dentists, the soft bristled tooth-brush works really well and keeps this method safe and low abrasive.

I found that after only three uses I could already really feel and see the difference. My teeth felt cleaner and my breath more fresh.

100% Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free, Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening – Removes stains from the surface of your teeth to significantly brighten your smile!

Usually, when I read these descriptions, they’re posted all over Instagram, I’m one to judge quite quickly. I think, are you just saying all of this just to make a sale?

From using La Lune Noire I have found that a They really do mean what they say on the tin and at an affordable price. This means I can spend the rest of my money on other things on the wish list.

I’m will definitely be using La Lune Noire in my daily routine from now on. A fully trusted brand for life.

Price list:

  • La Luna Noire Activated Charcoal powder: £14.99
  • La Lune Noire tooth brush: £4.99
  • La Lune Noire oil pulling mouthwash: £14.99

Anyway, I hope you can also give La Luna Noire a try. So worth it and so affordable!

Lots of love Sheps x