What’s in my wash bag


NOTICE this is not a promotional post just love and sharing!

In the recent weeks a lot of you have been asking me questions about my skin care routine over messages and saying that my skin looks like it glows. I mean it doesn’t literally glow… Glowing makes me sound like my face is the bottom of a fire-fly. But thank you it really means a lot for everyone’s comments.

I have been wanting to post this for a while. I’m super excited to tell you all about my skin care routine and what products I use in order to maintain healthy looking skin.

I have been extremely privileged over my teenage years that I have had very few spots. And now being in my early twenties I think it’s so important for us girls and ladies to be confident with our appearance. That’s why I really want to share with you some of the products I have been using over the years to help maintain clearer skin.

These products won’t work for everyone as we all have different skin types. Luckily enough – my skin type tends to chop and change, depending on how my diet is at that point.

Please do share with your friends and family the products I use! They’re all super affordable and from the bottom of my heart- they work!

Boots Time delay face oil:



Oh Em Gee! Too spell it out literally. This serum I cannot live without. It can easily be added into your regime for just £5 a bottle.

It’s so simple to use. I’d recommend this for anyone who’s skin needs that healthy glow or is a little bit dry. This is my favorite product. It smells of chocolate orange 🍫🍊 and makes my skin look and feel like a Victoria Secret model. (Or how I’d imagine their skin would feel anyway!



So moving onto my hair quickly… I’ve tried out of a few of WOW’s hair products and I must say, I’m a huge fan of some of their range.

“I can’t believe how good these products are. I only used them for the first time two nights ago but I am already starting to notice the different – even after one wash!”The Kale Cocktail: Has been my favorite emergency hair product when it comes to soft/ nourished hair. My hair went from frizz-bomb too Herbal- Essences advert in only one use. You only have to use a coin size amount of this stuff on towel dried hair to see and feel the difference. It smells INCREDIBLE but it does say on the bottle, “not the drinking kind of cocktail”. Out of all their products – Kale Cocktail is the goddess of hair products. Now that says something.

Speed dry: Adding this bad boy into my life has been a total game changer. Working 11 hour days isn’t fun, so making sure you save your time is vital. Speed dry not only works as a heat protector but it also helps shorten dry time!

WOW is certainly my new go-to hair guru.


Urban Veda – My little travel buddies So I haven’t really had a chance to write about these until now. Their products are so fresh and light for your skin. Perfect travel essentials. They’re small to pack and their scents remind me of being in a spa in the country side!

My favourite is there Radiance face cream. I use this after I have cleansed in the morning before using my face serum. They’re well priced and easy to chuck in your hand bag or travel bag for an unexpected getaway.