When it all just goes wrong…


So mega drama week…

Do you ever feel like everything is just going horribly wrong? Yep! I did this week. A nightmare. I mean, who cries at work over a bit of a cold? Me obviously.

I’ve been sat here for about an hour now procrastinating over my day at work today. It consisted of taking rather tedious phone calls and filing LOTS of paperwork. Long day.

I then came to the decision that I’d share with you how emotional my week at work has been because it’s actually quite funny coming to think about it.

Apart from the lovely evening with my dad last night who actually put everything into perspective, my weeks been a total disaster. Woke up late Monday full of cold, Tuesday I managed to get myself into a sulk with my flat mate (we’ve made up now, thank goodness, I love her dearly). Wednesday I spent my day deteriorating and moaning all day, Thursday I’d just about had enough then Friday it all got a bit much and I burst into tears over having a blocked nose. My manager brought me lemsip then gave up and sent me home to rest. FEW!

But it’s Saturday now and next week is a new week packed with exciting things! It’s also going to be my Birthday! I’m attending an Art Launch next Wednesday and then following this this my boyfriend is whisking me away somewhere. He’s feeling rather smug not telling me the location bar giving me outfits details. “Please pack a swimsuit, nice outfit, day clothes and an over night bag…” Ok. Now your as excited as me to find out where he’s taking me too! I’ll reveal all to you next week. I’ll also be modelling for a new clothes company next Sunday morning, my Birthday. That should be an experience and a half!

And SIGH. I actually let out a huge sign whilst in mid-type here. One hell of a week to put behind me and one exciting week to look forward to!

Yep! We all have good and bad days, there’s no point hiding behind a glossy photo pretending my life’s picture perfect because it’s far from it. But I’m a working progress and what I have right now I am so so grateful for! Including the meal I had last night which is so totally irrelevant but look… It was yummy.

Anyway, signing off now because I actually need to try and have a life this evening. Everyman cinema and pizza it is! Oh and by the way, if you’ve never visited the Everyman cinema I highly recommend. It’ll change your cinema experience for ever!

Love Sheps x

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