A week of content

Hey peeps!

Yes I’m a typical Brit. Who doesn’t like a coffee and a Sunday Stroll?

Today we promenaded around Hampton Court Palace. The grounds there are magnificent. Rich with architecture and history Hampton Court was a brilliant Sunday activity. Oh so British. Not to mention the weather was perfect for an autumnal walk. A sharp breeze complimented the warm autumn sunlight.

It’s nice to sometimes not be too adventurous. Hampton Court is right on my door step and I forget how truly beautiful this place is. The last time I was here was about 6 years ago so it was nice to take a lil trip down memory lane.

Prior to our Palace tour we found ourselves at the cutest little coffee shop.

Alfresco dining is simply divine at Dish Wine bar and coffee shop situated on Palace Road in Hampton.

* Freshly baked croissants, jam and a Latte for me…Well they do say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. Super ready for this week at work! All the more so, Halloween is next weekend so I best get planning a Halloween outfit… Any suggestions?

I hope you have a fabulous week. Make sure you roll out of bed tomorrow morning with a smile on your face, pop your fave jam on and smash those work targets.

Gosh… Sometimes I think I should listen to my own advice! Maybe I will for this week.

Love Sheps x

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