Sometimes all you need is a breath of fresh air

After a year of hard grafting, it’s always a good idea to get yourself on a mini weekend break for some quality me-time and relaxation.

So where did Lauren go next? 


I haven’t done something like this for a long time. Country walks, hot chocolates, afternoon tea, a cottage in the middle of nowhere. It felt like a scene out of the movie The Holiday. Well and truly needed. I set off on my travels Friday evening by train, away from the hustle and bustle of London, 2 hours north, to a small town called Eccleshall. I took the train to visit my godmother Lucy and can I just say that we had the perfect weekend together.


Giving myself a change from the usual urban scenery has been a breath of fresh air. Literally. The rural life has always been something I’ve favored. I mean, who doesn’t like a bit of greenery and the smell of freshly made coffee in the morning?

We started it off right with cups of coffee in iconic Emma Bridgewater half pint mugs. The factory in which they’re created is located just 12 miles away in Stoke in Trent. I definitely recommend visiting here if you ever get the chance. We fueled ourselves with free range organic farm eggs, scrambled, on wholemeal granary.

You can shop her collection by clicking here

Once our tummies were full we suited up in glamorous heels… Sorry, wellies and headed out around Copmere for a 2 hour walk in the countryside. Fresh air, autumn colours, and hundreds of cows made the walk all the more scenic. Although, I can’t say I was at one with nature when the cows almost came charging toward us 🐮

Two hours later we switched our wellies for something more appropriate and headed to the nearest town for the perfect mug of Hot chocolate and of course some scones, jam and clotted cream was needed. Like a child, I was thrilled that marshmallows and white chocolate sprinkles covered the top of my hot drink.


Eccleshall village x If you’re ever visiting 🙂

Saturday afternoon was spent well. We snuggled up on the sofa watching a chic flick with a bottle of prosecco. My choice was, ‘13 going on 30’ which my godmother had never watched before and I hadn’t seen in what felt like forever so it was the perfect choice. We clinked our glasses together to cheers our reunion and sipped bubbles in front of the cutest little log burner. To accompany our prosecco Camembert and Humous also made a welcoming appearance much to my delight. What a perfect afternoon. I mean what more could a female want? Prosecco AND food. Spoilt rotten.

Tips to maximise a weekend of relaxation:

1. Switch off social media: A tough one and I can’t say I’m great at sticking to it but shutting off from the virtual world can really lift a weight off your shoulders. Whilst your on your weekend getaway switch off your phone or leave it at home.

2. Go somewhere that comforts you: Whether that’s your parents house for the weekend or a trip to the countryside. Visiting a place that brings you pure comfort can be the best therapy. I mean, it could even be your favourite restaurant or your own bed! It doesn’t have to be far away or exspensive . Just comforting. Ahhh.

3. Drink lots of water: Studies state that water is not only good for your physical health but also for your mental health and if you don’t drink enough your brain feels shrivelled which, in-turn, creates stress. Drink your water kids!

4. Do something you love: A hobby? My go to therapy is photography. Another great escape can be drawing, painting, gardening, baking or maybe even is a good bit of sport. Not into sport? Then long walks are great and refreshing.

5. Listen to feel good music: Yep! I always find the feel good Friday playlist on Spotify is always a good shout. Even if you don’t have time for a weekend away, a bit off uplifting music can always change the way one feels.

So there you have it. My escape to the country along with my top five ways too my, ‘feel good about yourself weekend’. I would absolutely love for you to share your own in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed my little post. If you are looking for a little getaway, I can certainly recommend this quaint little village. It couldn’t have been made more special by my godmother. So, hoping that she’s giving this a read, thank you for giving me such a wonderful weekend filled with peace, laughs and a whole lots of bubbles 🥂

In two weeks I will be escaping back out to the countryside with Luxuria Lifestyle to the lovely Corsham be sure to keep an eye out for my next blog post!

P. S. And of course how can I forget this bundle of joy. Meet Pina. 21 in doggy years but a bounding 3 year old puppy at heart. Pina (Pineapple) was named after my godmothers Italian made bike a, Pinarello. Isn’t she just adorable? She made the trip even more enjoyable.

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