“Happiness is the key to success”

Heyyyy, so how is my favourite person doing? Yes you. All of you! I couldn’t quite help myself write this little mini reminder as to why I started writing in the first place.

So now I have your undivided attention I’m now going to get a lil personal and emotional. Not too much though I don’t want anyone asking to pass the Kleenex.

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, a year seems to have gone so quickly! When I first started writing all I wanted to do was write about what makes me happy and what makes a difference in life as we see it.

I want to go back to the basics in this blog post. Because its the roots of my blogging and why I do it that keep me going. People ask me: Do you do it for the followers, for the likes, for money, for the freebies? Well all of that’s great additional stuff but none of it would matter if it didn’t make me happy.

Happiness has been the fruit of my journey through blogging and I couldn’t have kept going if I wasn’t writing to personally fulfill my personal happiness. But don’t you write for other people? Yes this too is why us bloggers write but You have to believe in yourself and feel passionate about your writing topics. I mean, if I can’t read them myself and enjoy them why would someone else?

Humour, tips, make-up reviews, hotel reviews, success, food, fashion, travel, more food… I’ve got no clue when it comes to any of these topics but I give it a bloody good go and along the way I’ve learnt so many things and met some incredible people.

So I want to pass onto you, yes you, sat there on your mobile telecommunications device reading this little chapter of my life, that you too can do something that can make you happy.

People spend years upset and moaning about their current life/ their work etc but then it is up to you to change this. Change is scary and the thought of messing up is ever scarier but take the risk because you never know. Find your passion and take the risk to do something you’ve always loved.  I am far from being a successful blogger but do you know what? I love it! The truth is, I just so happen to have a full time job on the side so I am not going to jump into blogging full time until I conquer it feet first but everyone has to start somewhere. Besides I love my job!

Happiness is the key to success.

Albert Schweitzer “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

There you go short but sweet 🙂

I would love love love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, show some love! Oh and is it actually almost Christmas?!

Lots of love Sheps!

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