Planning your year

Hello again and a super duper Happy new year to you!

It’s been a few weeks since I last typed up some gibble gabble but seeing as it’s now 2018 how about a lil something to motivate you to get planning your unbeatable year of YOU

Now I’m no life coach but I’ve written up my own list of challenges, things to do, things to see, New year ressies and really really wanted to share them with you so here they are!

I also know it’s super easy peasy to trail off after the first paragraph but have no fear! As usual I’ll keep it short and sweet.

1. Happiness pad:

All girl bosses have one. In fact I think I have about four notepads one for blogging ideas, my goals, general daily life, inspirations, where can you see yourself next month… I think you get the picture. This might not be for everyone but I find that writing everything down, my plans and goals, gives me a super clear head. With a busy year ahead of me it means I can really focus on all the extra bits without missing out on anything along the way.

2. You don’t need to be in your phone all day errr’ day take a breather:

Yep that’s right! We spend hours and hours subconsciously scrolling through our social media feeds. At work, on the tube, sat in the sofa, making dinner… in the bath!!! Allow yourself a certain amount of time each day for your phone then put the darn thing away! Read a book, enjoy the scenery, find out what new dishes you can cook this year from a cook book! Don’t get yourself trapped in the world of social media when there’s so much more out there. I have been putting my phone down more and it’s amazing how much more you can get done in the day!

3. Unfollow negativity:

This is something I’ve always stuck to. What’s the point following accounts that make you feel down in the dumps. Those modelling accounts and super ‘skinny minis’ that are ALWAYS airbrushed are actually affecting your self-confidence. I still get so caught up in comparing myself to other girls on social media when, in reality, I should be focusing on me. No one likes to feel insecure about themselves and we all have different personalities, shapes, sizes. We should love us for who we are and not compete with or follow people who put us down.

4. Be kind:

I follow a few bloggers who swear by this. “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all”. Why should we go round publicly slating other girls for what they do and who they are. It’s not needed. We should be supporting and empowering one and other. That’s what I love about the community I have within my little hub on social media, kindness is sprinkled everywhere. Spread that shit.

5. Take up something new:

Last year mine was to start a blog… Do I start a YouTube at 10K? I have no clue yet what my ‘something new’ will be. It was about a year ago today that I started writing. How crazy is that?! I am so proud for everything I have achieved this year and want you to know that it’s never too late to start something you love. “Never say never”, in the famous words of JB!

6. Read more to unwind:

I picked up my first book of 2018 from the airport the other day. I am incredibly elated to get stuck in. In 2017, I don’t think I saw the end to any book, so this year I am taking the plunge and becoming a wise old owl. Story time! Where’s The bear in the big blue house when ya need him?

7. You don’t need to spoon your phone at night:

Put it outside your door or on the other side of the room- my mums old trick for a gooodnjghts sleep! Of course I thought she was being mean 😉 It’s works a treat, earlier nights mean more productive days. Revert yourself back to my last point and pick up a book instead of your phone before bed. Or just sleep. That works to.

8. Spend more quality time with family:

This was something I focused on last year and it’s staying with me forever more. There’s nothing better than spending my free time watching my siblings grow into beautiful beings.

9. Eat yo greens and go for a run:

Healthy eating is something I really want to push myself harder at. Last year I welcomed smoothies and protein shakes into my life along with a gym membership but didn’t really get myself into a, so called, ‘good’ routine. This year I want to start feeling good about myself and push myself to the next level of fitness. I’m not fitness blogger but maybe I’ll document my progress over the next few months along with a few recipes I conjure up along the way. I’ve read a lot of books and blog posts about learning how to look after your body and knowing when to rest up.

10. Be you:

I don’t need to explain this one to much as it simply just is what it says. Be you and don’t care about what others think. If you want to do something new just do it! Take up a new adventure, listen to the music you like, read when you want, say no if you don’t want to do it, start a blog, start a vlog… If people laugh? Well who cares! At the end of the day there will be more people who admire you.

And there we have it! See, not to long winded was it? I really do wish you personally a happy new year. I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing 2018 with some amazing people including you. So go smash the hell outta this year and make it yours.

Happy new year!!!! 🎊🎉

P. S. Don’t forget to stay a fruit loop 🍭

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  1. WITHFARRAR says:

    This was FAB honey, literally everyone I read I was like YESSSS! So with you on every single point, and girlll – don’t spoon your phone 😂 Stop it hha!

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