Who still uses journals? ME!

Hello my beautiful moon beam! So the last time I wrote to you I spoke in my first paragraph about having a ten tonne of diaries, journals and notepads just because I like to keep, ‘hella’ organised. – No, I’m not over exaggerating, I genuinely have three pads I write in.

One of the three notebooks is quite possibly my blogger baby. She comes with me everywhere, I flick through her in the evening and in the morning I make sure she’s ready for the day…

My Happiness Journal!

Now before I go on, this is not an ad or any sort of collaboration what so ever. I brought this sassy little lady with my own pocket money and she’s been treasured since the beginning of this year.

Sorry… Why on earth am I referring to a book as a female? No clue. But she’s mine and I love her so I’ll let you read on.

Meet the Happiness Pad by KIKKI. K… Oh my wow, as I like to say because, no likes blasphemy!

This book is just your step away to realising how great your life has been and how great it’s going to be. There are different chapters/ fun exercises, prompts, planners. You can write a reverse bucket list; this is a list of everything you have already achieved which has brought you great happiness.

If you’re after a pad which will help you set your monthly goals and achievement, make you more aware about how great you are, because sometimes it’s nice to be reminded by you, then this book is so perfect for you.

I mean, I love this book so much we had our photos taken together. Cute but sad Lauren.

Happy Sunday!

Oh, and here’s the link to buy it 🤫