Why I love the blogging community so much

Hello my moon beam!

Can we just begin by talking about this rancid weather! What on earth is going on, news reporters are having a field trip when they say, “the beast from the east”, every time on the television it’s making me think its some kind of scary monster. I mean, I’m not going to lie, its pretty god damn magical out there at the moment, also a tad irritating when you look like you’re auditioning for Disney on Ice every 2.5 minutes.

Can you tell I like to talk about pointless stuff? If you enjoy it you should come over some time and I’ll wack the kettle on for a green tea or a hot chocolate. Note: I do not like tea… NOPE I actually hate the taste. I find it strange how us brits have gained this “one loves tea persona”.

Annnywayyyyyy, I should probably fill you in as to why I have chosen to speak about this topic of conversation shouldn’t I. Or, I could sit here rambling on all bloody day!

Why do I love the blogging community I here you say?

The first meet up:

A lot of people who aren’t in this social hub are beyond baffled when I tell them that I’ve met a lot of my blogging friends over the internet. It is pretty strange. You talk so much online, share interests, posts, you even start to tag each other in memes and then three months down the line you meet for the very first time sat at a table for brunch. Yep, we blogger brunch, Its an actual thing I came to realise this weekend! But that’s the beauty of it. It’s kind of like a modern society sport or a dance club. You all share something in common, as strangers, you meet for the very first time and just like that you’re friends.

You both don’t feel silly for getting excited about ‘the’ shot:

Sounds daft doesn’t it? I mean a lot of us do it already when we take a good pic for the gram we let out a little scream. No? Ok just me then. But doing this with with fellow bloggers just seems to be the norm. It’s so exciting when you get a good photo, ok its probably too much to say it makes your day, but it kind of does!

Everyone supports everyone:

So this might not apply to everyone but I honestly feel that within my little blogging community everyone is so supportive of everything you do. It can be from just liking someones content they have creative, shout outs on a story or writing a beautiful comment. Everyone needs their daily slice of confidence and if that doesn’t help then I don’t know what does.

Tips and advice is thrown about like confetti:

I don’t really know if that sub title made any sense but I like confetti so it will have to do. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the showering of tips and advice I have been given by other bloggers. I look back a year on and I am so grateful for everyone who has given me help along the way.

We can meet up for content days. Say what?!

This is just one of my favourite things. Getting up in the morning knowing you have a group of enthusiastic bloggers to shoot with, all with some crazy ideas for photos is so so handy. Its great! You all look silly as you stand there in shorts in the freezing cold whilst you have you photo taken holding some fairy lights and a cupcake AND feeling like its totally normal to do in public because you’re altogether doing the same thing? Bloody hell that was a mouth full.

Everyone is so different but so alike!

One of the last things I wanted to point out is how everyone is so different, different backgrounds, different lives, different creativity skills, different likes and dislikes but all in one bloggers community. That’s what makes it so brilliant. Being able to speak to and meet such different personalities is something I never even thought would happen when I started blogging.

And that’s that! I could probably carry on and write more but lets face it no one actually likes to read too much do they!

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