Floral is my new game changer

I NEVER write up look books but I thought it was about time since your comments have been so amazing, especially about all my floral prints that have been making an appearance in lately. Seeing as we have just had international woman day theres nothing better to talk about our confidence.

Theres something about finding an item of clothing and LOVING it that makes you feel ultra confident and super sexy (at times). I think its so important that we maximise feeling positive in any situation. For example; if your having a bad day, rock it with some vibrant colour or a new lip stick (animal cruelty free though) Rain or shine, if I’m feeling down, my go-to pick me up will always be making myself feel good again. Confidence is key in some aspects and although I am I not always the most confident of people I like to make the most of it when I do feel like super woman.

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