Find a statement piece that makes you feel like THE statement


It’s actually my new all time favourite colour. I realised when anything red would catch my eye, I would automatically be drawn to it. The colour of love. It’s bright it’s bold. Ok so if there’s one colour I could wear for the rest of my life. It would be red.

As I south of mentioned in my previous blog post, I think it is so important to feel confident within your body, Now that doesn’t matter what shape, height or size you are, what matters is that deep down? You’re a happy bunny,

I always used to opt for blacks, greys, browns and dark khaki colours (shades…) I’d always feel that I was hidden. I mean, Its absolutely fine to wear whatever bloody colour you want but find YOUR statement piece which makes you feel like the bees knees.

It could be, pink blue, green, RED, aqua or even yellow! For me, it just makes me feel brighter and happier and its certainly a step outside my comfort zone.


Love Sheps x

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