My Preset Pack is finally here!

So for a while I have promised you that I would finally sell my presets. And they are finally ready! I am super nervous but I hope you like them and most of all have fun with them 🙂 Make sure you’re happy and you’ve read the below before scrolling down to purchase 🙂

These presets are designed to bring a pop of colour into your images and for those who like a tan, I got you covered!

I want to go through a few outlines before you go purchasing them as not all presets work on every photo. I have 14 available presets for just £20! I didn’t want to charge so high like other editors as I think they are honestly just as easy to make once you get the hang of Lightroom  but I wanted to share with you the ones I use to make my instagram full of colour. Most of which come with a slight grain, give you a tan and if you love adding a splash of colour to your imagery, it’ll turn the vibrance up so your images pop!

Each preset is labelled according to the original photo I did the very first edit on. For example, LS J1 Blue to Turquoise/ Add tan… Well you get the picture. Literally.


  • Presets are not refundable
  • Basic knowledge of Lightroom required!
  • Each preset will need slightly adjusting according to the image used.
  • Presets work best in RAW but also work on JPEGs
  • You need the desktop Lightroom version for windows or MAC which is about £9 per month from Adobe. Trust me though, its a worthwhile investment if you want groovy photos. I will look into how to add them onto the free Lightroom mobile app!
  • Skin tones can be adjusted in the colour adjustments section to change the shade of your skin (Use the orange luminance tool for best results by shifting the colour up for less tan and down for a darker more prominent glow) Other colours can be altered here too.
  • If the image is too grainy, you can turn the strength down using the grain adjustment tool.
  • Using the individual brush tool will allow you to manipulate certain sections of your image with out altering the rest. E. g bringing the subject to the front field (usually works by bumping up the exposure a bit and turning down the highlights.
  • Most of all, have fun and enjoy creating!!

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Below are some before/after shots of my presets in action.

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Buy my preset pack here