The truth behind phones and social media and how they can affect your health. (My Story)

Do you get caught up over Instagram? Not everyone can relate to what I’m about to write about but I can assure you that the majority of our generation are hooked on their mobile phone and social media with just the click of a button. Yikes!

I can easily spend hours scrolling through Instagram comparing photos, getting inspired by content but the eye awakening truth is that it does sometimes get me down. I think my thumbs will one day will need their own sabbatical from all the typing and scrolling i do. Sounds dreamy.

The real world:

Last week, I took the time to spend it off Instagram and just have a break from the business side it is slowly turning into. It’s been quite a strange yet calming experience which leads me into why I am writing this blog post because I also felt anxious that I would lose so-called “engagement” in the week i speant off of it. And you know what? I did! I was so down in the dumps, I was stuck in a rut but it made me stop and think. I thought about ‘real’ life and what truly is important. The stuff which isn’t behind a glass screen. The real stuff. Really likes, real love, real friends and family and real conversations. I took the time to message old friends and focus on clearing my head. It’s strange how one man created such an intense global social media platform that it almost runs this world. Crazy in fact! I thought, what would happen if they just took away instagram? From speaking with a number of people nowadays, Facebook is now just used for watching funny videos and laughing about endless memes. Wasn’t Facebook’s sole purpose to connect with friends? It’s doing the opposite now and I light of the recent news has repelled most users away from it due to being an untrusted platform.

We had pretty good weather last week so I sat outside to eat my lunch for a second before going back into the office. I put out my phone in my bag for once instead of having it glued to my hand and I looked up to notice the world go by around me.

The sun was shining, everyone was in a good mood, BBQ aromas filled the air, the park commons in London were filled with endless picnic groups. I heard laughter and saw people playing football. And then I realised and said out loud, “holy shit”. To my surprise an old lady turned around and gave me a ghastly look of disapproval for my fowl mouth but I didn’t care too much.. I thought, had I have been on my phone, I wouldn’t have taken this all in. I would have been munching away at my sandwich liking endless photos of girls in bikinis, making myself feel even more self conscious about my body, but I didn’t need to. Instead I was seeing the real world with real likes and real laughter and it made me feel so happy.

I think sometimes I can forget about these small things and having moments of realisation like this is a real eye opener. If you haven’t already, you should try it some time.

Content block:

A real bug bare of mine. I have spoken to a fair few people who have been in the same situation on a number of occassions. For those of you who don’t know what content block is, it’s when you just cannot for the life of you think of post ideas, blog posts, where your next job is coming from or even how to get inspired. You get yourself into a rut and my god do you end up feeling like an anxious pile of shit. But why do we do it to ourselves? This weekend I have taken a step back and have decided to just let my posts come naturally. If I want to have a week off to clear my head then I will. Self love and happiness is so Important. In my opinion, I think a lot of us post photos because we want everyone else to like them. But what about you liking them? Is it really what you like or are you doing it to please others. To me, posting something that I like, when I want and where I want is far healthier than making yourself worry about how many likes a photo can achieve. I’ve seen a lot more bloggers/ people take a step back recently and as a result it’s helping them create some insane content. So I think, let it come naturally. Don’t force it and just have fun. When you take a step back and relax the ideas will naturally come flooding in.

Taking time for yourself:

Since writing full-time along with a full-time job I also pursue and love, it becomes quite pressuring to meet deadlines, clear my inbox and just generally relax. Its is so important in this day and age to stop saying “I am so busy” all the time because the truth is, I’m not! Social media can also tie me down due to infinitive blog posts and collaborations. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love doing it and it is a passion of mine but sometimes hitting the “off” button is well and truly needed.

Is Instagram the cause of my insecurities?

The answer is most likely. I used to compare my body for hours to thousands of girls plastered across the internet in bikinis and perfectly contoured faces. Over my first year of blogging I have learnt that it’s one of the most unhealthy traits in this day and age that any young person can have. I used to become jealous and resent my own body and the tiniest of flaws. I would sit there feeling sad and uncomfortable in my own shell just because I was, ‘too small’, or I thought my ‘teeth were too big’ HA! The truth is I still do sit there like ‘Mr grumpy Gills’ sulking about how I feel but I’m quick to snap out of it. As do most other girls, there is nothing wrong with any of us! The internet has become a judgmental place of stereotypical airbrushed, photoshopped, waist sucked in models. All I ask for, is for you to take a step back and rid these comparisons from your feed and only follow what inspires you. It’s a pure and simple health trick and life change I made and damn I feel good about eating this cupcake right now. We need to feel good about ourselves, don’t compare yourself to someone who is completely different to you. You are unique and beautiful in your own way.

Put your phone away! 

Now this is getting super honest. The other day I ended up feeling bad because I know my dad really hates it when me and my sisters sit there on our phones whilst its family time. He got a tad angry with us. He will probably be reading this post right now thinking,  “yep I sure did get mad”, so I’m sorry! He is bloody right though. Family time happens only once a week, if that, as all of us are extremely busy most of the time. Leaving our phones in the hallway (including mum, yes you!) is sometimes the best thing   and I have come to learn. Family is everything and technology can get in the way sometimes. Unless it’s for a funny family selfie of course!

So thats that. I thought I would share my personal experiences and hiccups with social media and technology in the hope that people don’t feel so alone and know we all expoericen very similar situations in life. So on that note I will leave you with one scary question that I mentioned at the beginning. What if one day technology and social media disappeared. Could you live without it?

Much love, now get back to your instagram stalking! xxx

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