How I edit my photos (FT my universal preset for £5!)

Oh my goodness finally I am writing this post! It has taken a while to build up a photo gallery to show you but I am so excited to finally share with you my secrets into how I edit my photos and take you through a day in a life of shooting content.

As you have probably already noticed, creating content is one of my all time favourite thing to do. I’d actually probably put it above blogging. Just! I still like writing for you 😉

My editing process is actually all vey similar with every single photo I post, so I’ll take you through step by step which techniques and the apps I use to finalise and create my edits.

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This has to be my all time fave editing platform as it allows me to turn the most dull and dreary of photos into colour popping master pieces. The first thing I do is add one of my pre-created presets that I have made from scratch. The main one I used if LS little edit which will be available for you to purchase on my Gum road at the bottom of this post! This preset is the most basic of my filters that I have made. It naturally tunes your photo and gives it a slight glow. I have kept the grain off this preset as I actually add my grain in after the next few apps if needed. I always make general adjustments to every single photo I post. Turning the highlights right down and bringing the shadows up will accentuate detail in hair and clothing whilst changing the white balance can create different mood lighting on the overall photo. Lastly, and the best part, is that you can make individual colours stand out through Lightroom. if you have a red top or a horrible blue/grey sky, you can alter the colour toggles to create some really exciting colours which make your photos really pop! Yes, I know I use the word ‘pop’ too much. *I pay £9 per month for Lightroom but its one of the best investments I made for my editing process.
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The next stage of my editing process will come at a surprise to you as I actually use acetone to blue my images and also add detail/ clarity into areas of my post. I love this part as it can really give your photo a focal point and brings in some beautiful depth of field. Adding detail to fashion posts is ideal as you can highlight certain aspects of your post such as bags and shoes which need extra attention. And no I don’t use face tine to “tune my face”.
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The last and final touches go onto my image in Snapseed and it is a simple addition of tonal contrast which give me images that HDR finish.

Here is the before and afters at each stage of editing:

The original:

Lightroom: Colour correction

Facetune: Blur and detail

Snapspeed: Tonal contrast and finishing touches

You’ll notice that I only make slight adjustments in the final two apps and that the majority of editing happens within Lightroom. Lightroom is my bible when it comes to editing. It’s where the magic happens.

Here are some before and afters using my new Preset for Lightroom. If your happy with what you see, click on here —->>>  Buy my product ,to purchase for just £5! You’ll see that this preset works on an all round basis and you can use it on pretty much any photo with slight tailoring.

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Lastly, here are some before and after images using my latest preset! I hope you enjoy 🙂


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