Read this if your buying my presets: Terms and Conditions and Q&A’s.

I thought I wold post this up for anyone wanting a little more information about my presets 🙂 I will add to it every time I get a new question!

T’s&C’s and how to’s:

**Please read this if you are purchasing any Preset Packs and individual presets.**

Terms and Conditions:

  1. To install presets you will need Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic CC in order for them to work. Lightroom Classic CC is the best as you have more control over your editing. Lightroom CC is a more simplified version.
  2. Once purchased, presets are non-refundable as presets can’t be uninstalled from a computer.
  3. A Simple knowledge of Lightroom is needed as each photo will need its own slight alterations in order for the preset to fit. 
  4. Not all presets work on all photos. Some colours are better suited for certain subjects.
  5. Payment is via GumRoad through a secure payment method. If you have payment or website issues, please contact Gum Road direct.

How to Q+A’s:

  1. Once purchased, how do I install your presets? Please use this link to see how presets are installed onto MAC or Windows:
  2. I look Orange, how do I adjust my skin tone? For best results use Lightroom Classic CC. Scroll down to the colour toggle section > You will see an array of colours which look like this: > Move to the Orange tabs and drag the luminance up or down depending on how tanned you want your skin. 
  3. I have shot on my phone and the presets are too grainy. How do I stop this? Scroll down to both the sharpness and the grain tabs. Drag these both right down. In some cases you need to completely remove the grain as Iphone images will have a smaller resolution, this might not need grain added. You can add grain back into your image once you have uploaded the photo back onto your phone.
  4. Will you be creating more presets? I will be working on a Bahamas preset pack in July along with a few other singular presets. 
  5. Will your presets go up on price? I have made my presets affordable for everyone as I feel that once you have the hang of Lightroom, you will be well on your way to creating your own presets. These should help get you going. I won’t be increasing the prices of my current presets.
  6. How do I get your presets onto my mobile? I have found this link which should help you. I only use my laptop to edit and haven’t tried downloading my presets onto my mobile as of yet.
  7. Your preset doesn’t work on my photo, how come? All presets will be different on each photo. Each photo will need slight adjustments. Depending on the subject of your photo, some presets work better than others.

Click here to purchase my universal preset LS little edit: UNIVERSAL PRESET

Click here to purchase my colourful boosting preset pack: Colour Boosting Preset Pack

Furthermore, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have anymore questions.