Post bank holiday rejuvenation: My go-to’s for a happy, healthy and fitter me. Featuring Water Rower Uk

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When life gives you lemons… Come on, realistically you just want to give up, scream, cry and curl up in a ball. Your feeling down in the dumps, your tummy looks 3 months pregnant and all you can think about is that bikini you fitted into last summer, you’re certainly not fitting into it again this year.

It’s post bank holiday and everyone’s feeling a little err… Shattered! So I wanted to spread the love this Tuesday evening with my goto’s which get me back on track to feeling rejuvenated.

Get back into Exercise:

First things first, get back on the grind! Truth be told, I am useless at gymming so I like to take smaller steps. Either way, these things I find fun and it’s definitely better than just sitting there like a couch potato.

Jump to it:

SKIPPING! If you pardon the pun. It something I have always found, easy, fun and a great work out. It’s a great way to let off steam, hit the cardio and work your core muscles. I personally own a pink skipping rope…

Home weights:

I recently started working out with a new brand called Water-rower. Now before I go onto write this section of my post, yes it is sponsored but that doesn’t stop the fact that I have finally found a gym buddy in the presence of my own comfort zone that I can easily use.

Unless you’re a gym freak, fitness fanatic or generally know what you’re doing instead of aimlessly walking around the gym like me, going to the gym can be a difficult task. Especially after a long day of work.

Water-rower products came into my life a few months ago now, a friend of mine recommended them a while back but I never thought too much into it until the brand eventually approached me asking me to try out their new gym apparatus.

Since using their naturally made weights from the comfort of my bedroom I’ve slowly started to gain back my conference, motivation and drive to get my body and mental health back into shape not only for the summer but all year round.

Key features about Water Rower that are useful to know:

  • They are made from genuine leather
  • The sacks are filled with iron granulated pellets
  • The shape supports physical performance and resilience
  • Support the dynamic imbalance of the movement
  • Easily works your joints, muscles and connective tissues

An honest opinion about how I find using them:

  • They don’t hurt the palms of your hands when picking them up
  • Aesthetically they look nice in your home
  • They are pricey but a worth while investment for you to keep for many years, durable and of a higher quality than your every day weights.
  • The banana like shape makes balance easier when training your muscles (believe it or not)
  • They’ve been the perfect gym substitute for me on those busier days.

If you are keen on these weights in particular, I have add the link HERE so you can browse their site! They also have other equipment too.

Infuse your water:

Ah, one of my favourite things to do!

Heres a list of amazing and easy infused waters which can turn your H20 into a both cleansing and tasty drink:

  • Cucumber and water
  • Strawberry, lemon and basil
  • Orange and blueberries
  • Strawberry, lime and cucumber
  • Honey, ginger and lemon (best hot)

Trust and thank me later 🙂

Listen to what food your body wants:

It’s not bad to eat carbs but take whole grain instead of white and top up with plenty of greens! It’s so easy to pig out on fast food whilst we are feeling like poo but swap these foods for healthier alternatives and you will be feeling right and rain in no time:


My number one rule when I’m feeling tired. Umm duhhh Lauren. No but seriously. Switch off that phone, TV and laptop. Time for bed!

And that’s that!

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Now go and eat that bag of crisps 😉 xx