A social media holiday you say?

So… What did Lauren do next?

This little snippet is about taking a break from social media and how it’s been one of the best holidays I’ve had this year. So go on have a read 🙂

Sounds daft right? One of the best holidays I’ve had this year? Get a life Lauren. No literally. Social media can wrap you up so tightly in your own little world, it can do some serious suffocating to your mental and physical health.

This week I took a break from Instagram. I shut down everything and deleted the app from my phone. POOF! I came to realise over the week how much I really did rely on instagram from the moment I started to pointlessly check my phone out of habit to click onto the home screen page of the social media hype IG.

On the first day of my Instagram ban I found myself pick my phone up to check the app over 10 times. Wow. Unhealthy right? And for that reason I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the whole Instagram saga. For however long it lasts, instagram will forever be a part of most people’s lives and for bloggers such as myself we are forever grateful for what the app has been able to do for us.

But, there’s always a but. As Instagram plays that huge role in what we do for work, we can never have a break. It becomes a huge part of life. Which is why at the beginning of last week I made the decision to delete the app off my phone and well and truly go social media free for the week.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough and I’ve had PR agencies and brands emailing me with new contracts that i have turned down because I just need a screen free time.

And what an amazing week I have had. For a start, I’ve made healthier meals, I’ve gone to the gym, signed up to my local library (hey, don’t laugh), I’ve even picked up a sketch pad and pack of pencils and started drawing again for the first time in 7 years. Bearing in mind I also work Monday to Friday so I am also cramming all of this into my evenings which, can I say, felt so free.

So what I am trying to get at is, blogger or no blogger, instagram fanatic to Twitter whizz, having a break from social media can actually feel like a mini holiday.

It’s crazy to think our generation 10 years ago lived with dial up internet and a Motorola sliver and still managed to meet up with our friends. I mean, we did have bebo and MySpace but were we really as wrapped up in those as we are in today’s social apps?

My top tips to having a mini social media holiday:

• Delete all social media apps.

• Set a start and end date.

• Start a new hobbies in-between. Maybe head to the gym or do some art? Or even learn a new cooking recipe!

• See friends more in person instead of on a screen.

• When your break is over, still spend less time on the apps.

At the beginning of last year I took the plunge into blogging and voicing my thoughts and opinions across social media and instagram became my largest way of broadcasting my messages and brand awareness and I will forever be grateful for the app. But I will always remember to look after myself and keep a balanced lifestyle.

Instagram has ways of getting many of us down in the dumps. For example, the recent engagement algorithm. Instagram just isn’t pushing posts out and I have had a lot of conversations with girls, including myself, saying are my photos just not good enough? Am I not pretty enough? Instagram shouldn’t be making our generation feel anxious and negative. It was originally designed to make people smile, to share creative content for all our followers to see. The issue is too many people are abusing the system and it’s now become a following game for a lot of people. Which is why we shouldn’t take it too seriously and step out the negativity ring.

I have learnt a lot about the app from working with brands and speaking with bloggers and friends over this year and if there’s one thing I will always remember, Is to always keep the fun element at the front of your mind. Do it because it makes you happy and make sure you lead a balanced lifestyle.

Ps this is me happy about the fact I live my life how I want and it feels goooooddddd 🙂