Finally somewhere to call Home

Home. It’s one of the most sentimental things we have in life. Bar our family, our friends and loved ones there is nothing better than after a long day or a long week coming back to your own bed.

So what’s on the agenda for Lauren next?

Finally, I get to say I am about to step into one of the most exciting parts of my life so far. I’m moving in with my two best friends! We’ve been prepping and planning our home decor, colours, themes for each room, who’s buying what and the cleaning rota… So help me we are actually adulting. WHATTTT! I don’t even think “adulting” is a word but we will go with it because it kind of makes sense.

Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh yes home! July 28th marks our official move in day. We have been waiting for this day since last year when the thought came about in a drunken girls chat in the bathroom somewhere in London.

We have so much planned so I really want to share with you some of our super organised plans for the big move in day. Always worth having some knowledge before moving in with your best friends.

First things first, Zoe and I have been madly visualising our days spent together. Waking up in the morning, having breakfast and dinner together, themed parties you name it we will probably be planning to do it.

I honestly cannot wait to enter this new chapter of my life with two amazing girls. I will be writing up a post about how to create the Ultimate room set up when living in a house share once I’ve settled in so I can’t wait to show you around! If you have any ideas for my new room I’d love to hear them so comment any links below or send me a direct message 🙂

Anyways, that’s a little update on my life 🙂

Have a lovely day and speak soon!

Love Sheps xx