A little reminder…

I’ve been through some life experiences recently which have reminded me how lucky I am and how lucky a lot of us out in this day and age.

Although it’s tough to get a mortgage and rather expensive to purchase the local groceries these days, I wouldn’t say I’m hard done by at all.

I sat sunbathing in the park, magazine in hand, packed lunch and gossiped under the sun with Zoe (Hey Zo if you’re reading this) We spoke about how lucky we were. We are moving in together, we can put food on the table, we have jobs which we love, a great bunch of friends and a loving family. We have days like today where we can engross ourselves in deep conversation.m and enjoy living in the moment. (Rahhh I sound like I’ve been hanging out with Eyal from Love Island) It’s these things which I feel lucky about today.

Everything else on top is just an added bonus 🙊💗

I hope you all have a lovely week and look forward to speaking soon xxx