A step out of my comfort zone… And why it was one of the best life choices I’ve ever made.

Taking a step out of my comfort zone was most probably one of the best things I have ever told myself to do. Also the craziest.

I sky dived about 2 years ago now. It seems to have flown by, literally, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

The feeling was out of this universe. Free falling for, from memory, about a minute seemed to have lasted a life time. Falling through clouds as light as a feather, so fast the wind gave me whip lash on my little cheeks. It was the craziest feeling, I felt alive again in my time of darkness (to put it dramatically.) Then suddenly, poof! The toggle is pulled and you’re flown back up into the clouds and you make a gentle, surreal, decent to the ground.

It was at that moment I felt a calmness about myself. If every positive emotion could fill one head at any given time it would have been that exactly then.

Lols to these pics:

I almost forgot I was strapped onto a funny looking man, who had moments before chucked us out of an aeroplane which now circled above us. 20,000ft to be precise. I remember being somewhat pissed off with him at first for doing so then realised it was myself that had got me into that situation.

(Above: Made it safely to the ground with one big grin)

If anyone ever asks what made me do it, well I simply wanted to challenge myself. I stepped outside my comfort zone for the first time ever.

This little post today is about how I will never look at situations the same again. I’ve learnt to not be afraid of my fears and to tackle them face on.

It is pushing ourselves to the next level which helps us develop and learn new things.

So go on take a step outta your comfort zone 🙊

Sheps x

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