My holiday must haves

What’s in my holiday bag and the essentials

Every-time I go on holiday, without fail, I’ll always get into a tizz about what the heck I’m actually bringing with me. Especially on a hand luggage only flight.

I thought I’d write this little post for you seeing as I’m actually a bit bored on the plane without a good book in hand to read. So without further delay (like most plane flights) here we go!

The bag. Most girls tend to take a hand bag with them on  the flight however, that’s not really my style. I opt for a mini rucksack large enough for my on flight reads, beauty products, camera (s) and obvs those naughty duty free snacks when you’re in the departure lounge.

Essential technology:

Instax: So usually this would go in my suitcase, but seeing as I am on a handling luggage only flight, in the rucksack it goes. It just means a can snap some really special photos up whilst I’m on my travels, it’s small, handheld and you can pre fill it with Instant photo paper ready to capture those special moments.


Digital travel camera: I ALWAYS have a camera with me to be honest. At work, at home, on the plane, at the beach. I never want to miss a good photo opportunity. I’ve always used the Canon Power Show G7 Mark ll. The photo quality is beaut and there’s a flip screen which means you can get plenty of family friendly selfies along your trip!


Never leave without a face oil: So for this specific holiday I am bringing my new Sun Kissed face oil. It’s not as oily as most but it does give your skin that holiday glow it needs as it’s filled with collagen and vitamin C which evenly toned your skin and gives you a fresh tan. It’s also not too heavy on the face in all that heat!


Mini make up: I always carry compact makeup with me on my travels. They’re easy and light. My favourite colours on holiday are bright pinks and orange shades which boost your tan. If you have blue eyes they also bring out the colour in them 🙊🌺

TROPIC Vitamin Toner: To be quite Frank, this face spray comes in handy, not just in holiday, but after a hangover or a good session at the gym (rather contrasted scenarios) It’s made up of organic aloe Vera extract, vitamin C and Cranberry extract to re hydrate your face and cleanse your pores. The spray is also cool on your face if you haven’t moved from sunbathing all day.


Sunnies for the other side: Usually I take an assortment just in case one decides to get lost or, depending on my mood, I’ll change my Sunnies to suit. For my holiday sun glasses I actually shop online at jeepers peepers. I now have 5 sets. Both brought and gifted and the quality of them along with their style is always on point!

My Water resistant Speakers and headphones: Pre holiday I was lucky enough to get gifted these and they’re definitely the latest edition to my holiday essentials check list! By the pool or hitting the gym both are water resistant. They come in so many colours and are reasonably well priced. Speakers aren’t something I’ve ever owned but I don’t think I could live without them now.


Garnier Hydrating moisture cream: This isn’t in no way a sponsored post I just can’t get enough of how it makes my skin look and feel. I actually use this as a day and a night cream as I’m not too fussed on the types. As long as it’s making my skin look and feel radiant it’s a winner. You can grab these from any Superdrug or boots store. Its around £10 and probably lasts about 2 months so definitely worth the small investment. I’m now in my second pot and I can really feel and see the difference. It leaves my skin feeling dewy and rehydrated after a long day.


Holiday checklist

◦ Passport

◦ Travel makeup

◦ Money

◦ A good reading book

◦ My laptop (key for editing and watching movies whilst travelling)

◦ Headphones/ speakers

◦ Moisturising face oil, mask and face cream

◦ Body moisturiser

◦ Haribo for take off

◦ Always take a spare outfit/bikini just in case your suitcase goes missing!

◦ Face wipes

◦ A decent rucksack to hold all your shit in