Ella Iconic – A new Era of diary

Well hello there

(This blog post is an ad)

Some of you are most likely thinking, “nice of you to drop by Miss Shepherd!”

I am SO sorry I haven’t been active over on my blog however, I have had a rather eventful few weeks and I just haven’t stopped. But alas I’m back!

Which leads me onto telling you about a rather sexy diary that I think you need to get your hands on ready for 2019.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across what is quite possibly the most beautifully presented planner I have ever picked up.

I’ve always been a diary user. It wouldn’t feel like it was nearly the end of the year if I didn’t go and pick up some sort of bible to arrange next year in.

I’ve tried them all, those old leather back ones (too boring), my phone (get distracted), endless lose bits of paper (life starts to turn chaotic and I forget my shit)

Ella Iconic’s diary/ planner range has so much to give and so much to get out of.

I want to talk you through each page before you go investing in any form of diary this year.

The look

Let’s start out the shape and style. In the version I have, there are two styles. A weekly planner which is slightly smaller and doesn’t has as much of the bulky stuff in it or you can opt for the full size planner. This is the one I opted for as I really do like to keep myself organised. They vary in colour, so if you’re not as bland as me the range comes in coral, I’ve also seen a beautiful teal and Midnight blue. My favourite thing about all these planners is they are dripping in gold leaf… I’m an absolute sucker for gold so there we have it. In the famous words of Jerry Maguire, “You had me at hello.”

The pages

The main reason of loving this planner so much is because of how finally detailed yet easy to use the pages are. Each month is blessed with its own page to fill out your adventures, health notes, to do lists, shopping lists, a career progression plans. There are even motivational quotes that set you up for the day.

“Don’t limit yourself…”

It’s not just a planner its a book of memories 


You really can’t limit yourself with how beautifully structured this diary is. I cannot wait to fill up the pages and look back at the end of next year and see how much I have achieved. My favourite aspect about this diary and is why I am writing to you to say, go and get that as your loved ones Christmas gift is because of the memories it will hold. I’m going to call it a book of positivity.


Now I didn’t want to write too much as I know sometimes reading on a Sunday can be a little long when you’ve got a roast dinner to attend to or a hangover dominos order you need to collect from your front door. But when you have sometime, have a mooch around the site, I’ve linked below short cuts to both this diary and Ella Iconic’s new 2019 collection which is just to die for. Filling this diary out is going to be so satisfying, not to mention, it makes perfect for a little instagrammable flatly. And let’s face it, if its instagrammable it’s worthy.

The book I went for: TAP HERE

The new 2019 collection: TAP HERE

The main site: TAP HERE

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