I GOT HAIR EXTENSIONS – With Great Lengths and Matthew Curtis Rosewood Hotel/Salon

Hello, you lovely lot!

Read on if you’re thinking about getting hair extensions!

Happy Sunday Funday 😝

Never did I ever think that when I was a little girl I’d wish for longer hair. I’ve missed my long hair so much and the day I got hair extensions was literally a game changer.

Before I start, I’m not saying that you need long hair to feel confident at all. I’m saying, from a personal opinion, it’s made me feel so much better about myself!

“You know when it feels like a part of you is missing?”

I’ve been going to Matthew Curtis Hair Salon for around 6 months now and I honestly would hate to change both hair stylist and salon.

Everything about this Salon is a 10/10. The interior, the service, the food, the location, even the prices are extremely reasonable. I’d almost compare them to some of your high street hair salon prices but with such a personable service.

From the fact it’s within The heart of The Rosewood hotel is unbelievable. It’s completely hidden away, which is why I guess I am sat here writing about it. It’s a gem not wanting to go missed. From my lovely hair stylist to the welcoming of the doorman, everything is so personable.

My last visit was my longest one yet. I came in with short, dark brown hair and left with long luscious dark blonde locks!

I thought long and hard about where would be best to get my hair extensions from.

I even looked at going out of town but the convenience and relationship that I have with my hair stylist fully settled my decision. I went with Great Lengths for my hair extensions and they honestly can’t disappoint. If you have a stalk through my latest posts on my Instagram feed you shall see why!

The second great thing about Great Lengths is the charity you support when it’s time to part ways with your long locks.

Your hair is carefully removed and given to The Little Princess Trust. A charity that provides free wigs to people who experience hair loss, cancer or other conditions.

The fact that there is a charity involved made the decision a lot easier and without a doubt is one of the loveliest ideas I have heard of instead of the hair going to waste at the end.

So here is the finished look!

Because I had a full head, the process took around 4 hours. I have been told they will also last between 3-5 months depending on how well you look after it. So far so good and 2 months in!

This year is going so fast!

Each strand is sealed to your hair with protein bonds so the time dedicated is super important.


I must say, Sophia has patience. (My hair stylist) but oh my goodness I can’t thank her enough!

If you’re wanting a change or fancy popping in for a free consultation, please do feel free to message @hairbysophiahamid or me at @matthewcurtisrosewoodhotel to book a free consultation!

This has been a gifted experience but a very honest review and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

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