I GOT HAIR EXTENSIONS – With Great Lengths and Matthew Curtis Rosewood Hotel/Salon

Hello, you lovely lot!

Read on if you’re thinking about getting hair extensions!

Happy Sunday Funday 😝

Never did I ever think that when I was a little girl I’d wish for longer hair. I’ve missed my long hair so much and the day I got hair extensions was literally a game changer.

Before I start, I’m not saying that you need long hair to feel confident at all. I’m saying, from a personal opinion, it’s made me feel so much better about myself!

“You know when it feels like a part of you is missing?”

I’ve been going to Matthew Curtis Hair Salon for around 6 months now and I honestly would hate to change both hair stylist and salon.

Everything about this Salon is a 10/10. The interior, the service, the food, the location, even the prices are extremely reasonable. I’d almost compare them to some of your high street hair salon prices but with such a personable service.

From the fact it’s within The heart of The Rosewood hotel is unbelievable. It’s completely hidden away, which is why I guess I am sat here writing about it. It’s a gem not wanting to go missed. From my lovely hair stylist to the welcoming of the doorman, everything is so personable.

My last visit was my longest one yet. I came in with short, dark brown hair and left with long luscious dark blonde locks!

I thought long and hard about where would be best to get my hair extensions from.

I even looked at going out of town but the convenience and relationship that I have with my hair stylist fully settled my decision. I went with Great Lengths for my hair extensions and they honestly can’t disappoint. If you have a stalk through my latest posts on my Instagram feed you shall see why!

The second great thing about Great Lengths is the charity you support when it’s time to part ways with your long locks.

Your hair is carefully removed and given to The Little Princess Trust. A charity that provides free wigs to people who experience hair loss, cancer or other conditions.

The fact that there is a charity involved made the decision a lot easier and without a doubt is one of the loveliest ideas I have heard of instead of the hair going to waste at the end.

So here is the finished look!

Because I had a full head, the process took around 4 hours. I have been told they will also last between 3-5 months depending on how well you look after it. So far so good and 2 months in!

This year is going so fast!

Each strand is sealed to your hair with protein bonds so the time dedicated is super important.


I must say, Sophia has patience. (My hair stylist) but oh my goodness I can’t thank her enough!

If you’re wanting a change or fancy popping in for a free consultation, please do feel free to message @hairbysophiahamid or me at @matthewcurtisrosewoodhotel to book a free consultation!

This has been a gifted experience but a very honest review and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

A huge thank you to:




Love L xxx


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Being a tourist at home with Stranded international Hair extensions {AD}

I don’t know about you but I have never been one to explore my own home. I’ve been very quick and lucky enough to be able to jump on a plane and travel to some amazing places of the world.

However, it struck me the other day that I hadn’t seen Buckingham palace since I was 4 years old. Wow. I mean that’s a poor show from me. Not very patriotic at all if I say so myself!

So off I went with and a friend. We headed early on Sunday, It was her idea to get up at the crack of dawn not mine (cry face), we got the tube up to the Buckingham palace. It was the perfect day for shooting photos and having an explore around the city. My advice is listen to your friend when they say travel up early to see the palace because you’ll beat the main bulk of the crowds and queues. What a postcard picture we saw.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was all the day I tried out hair extensions for the very first time. I’ve been trying out Stranded International hair extensions for a few weeks now and I must say, they have lasted so well.

When I received them, I thought the colour matching prices would be quite tough because my hair colour has a fair few different tones. I was so surprised and impressed when the beautifully paid large box arrived at my door and the hair was perfectly colour matched. Not to mention the swanky name of my hair colour… Vanilla Bomb.

They sustained a whole day of touring around London. I was able to style them in the morning, tie my hair up without them falling out all throughout the day, by the end of the day they kept their exact appearance as they looked when I took them out the box.

Everything I’d expect from purchasing hair extensions.

Not only that, their site was quick and easy to choose from with long/ short styles that cater for different hair types.

A huge thing for me was being able to shoot in them. As you know I love a hair swish, needless to say they passed the test!

My top tips for touring your home town:

  • Make a plan: before you set off on your day write an itinerary. It doesn’t have to be details but remember, you’ll be walking a lot so it’s good to have a route planned.
  • Search for events/ tourist attractions and coupons. See if there are any current deals on for tourist attractions you want to see! Like 2 for 1 deals or a free coffee to energise your day!
  • Start early or go during the week… Beat the crowd if you want to get some smashing shots of landmarks and historical architecture. I’ve arrived at both St Paul’s and Buckingham palace early on a Sunday morning and was able to take it in properly without all the front way wearing backpackers and tourists queueing and overcrowding the front.
  • Take a camera – Don’t miss those shots!
  • Pack a bottle of water as you’ll get bloody thirsty.
    Oh and don’t wear impractical footwear. 😂

The hair extensions I am wearing in my photos around London is the 18 inch three-piece flicks clip set in vanilla bomb.

Link here: Click here

Which I actually couldn’t believe were only £21.99?!?

I can’t even begin to tell you how soft and sustainable quality and finish is.

I’ve added their fall site for you here: Click here

My final honest review:

I never thought that having hair extensions could make me feel more confident within myself. I know we should all be happy with who we are but having long hair has been something which isn’t easy for me. My hair takes years to grow and Stranded International, although an ad, I’ve been wearing the now for a few weeks and will definitely continue to purchase from them when I need to renew my currently set. If you’ve seen my Instagram feed you’ll see they’ve made a few appearances already, including Halloween!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you end up purchasing one of these sets! Please do drop me any questions if you have any 🙂

Seeing as Christmas and new year is coming Stranded International have issued me a discount code for anyone who wants 20% off until December 31st so use:

LAUREN20 at the checkout 🙂

Have a lovely rest of your Sunday!



How I get back into work and eliminate those Holiday Blues

“Getting back into that dreaded ‘routine’ after holiday doesn’t have to be so boring and to be frank exhausting straight after a holiday. Whether that’s a summer or winter holiday, I always get the holiday blues without fail on my return back to work.” 

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my job but there’s noting better than sipping strawberry daiquiri poolside listening to cheesy Spanish music. (Okay minus the cheesy Spanish music) 

So I have come up with my own plan to eliminate those holiday blues every time I get back from a mini break.

Clear space = Clear mind

First things first, I’m a true house wife at heart. I love a good spring clean and sort out after holiday. I feel it really clears my head and gets me on track for just focusing on earning money. I work from home over the weekends so having a my own space where I feel comfortable in really makes the difference. I will be writing up a blog post showing you my new room details soon… So if you like home decor kind of shit, keep a look out for one of my next posts.

Work and need food on the go? /AD

I have recently been following the SO Shape health and nutrition guide and drinking the SO Shape shakes for breakfast most mornings just because I’m simply too bloody lazy to make breakfast and I get up fairly early. Having an on the go drink means I get more beauty sleep in the morning and in my books, that’s a yes from me. These work perfectly if you pop them in the blender for a few seconds as the powder doesn’t then stick to the sides of the flask. The ice ones are my favourite. Salted caramel and cookies and cream go down a treat and are a thumbs up from me.

Another on the go ritual I follow is fruit infused water. It sounds daft but, its such a simple way to have organic fruit juice, instead of artificial fruit juice which I find can be bad for your stomach. I use my SO Shape shaker for my infused water.

Favourite infused waters:



Top up your favourite beauty products 


Ultimately, we all want to keep our sun-kissed glow and bronzed goddess look after holiday but it was seems to fade within a week of being back home. Depressing right? We also need to be conscious about our sun exposure , especially after a long holiday in the sunshine. I use a few products to keep my skin feeling, not only well moisturised but also still tanned. I am a huge fan of gradual tanning moisturiser. My favourite one at the moment is the Garnier along with the new range from BOD (Body on Demand) BOD had a variety of moisturiser including my go to, to remove cellulite and give you a stronger golden tan (currently writing this and its pissing it down outside my bedroom window. All the more to use gradual tanning products because the suns decided to bugger off.

You might have seen in my summer essential blog post me raving on about the Garnier Hydration day cream. I can’t go on about how light weight and dewy the formulae is. I’ve recommended this now to a few of my friends and they’ve all agreed how it doesn’t sit heavy on your face. It’s really great if you have combination skin like me.

Next up with have my little pot of dream from Alya Skin. I have been using this natural clay mask for around a month now and I really can feel and see a difference in my skin. Its cleared my pores and just makes my skin feel tight and refreshed.

Lets talk hair…. Anyone else’s hair feel and look like a bleached Brillo pad after they get back from holiday? No? Ok well, listen anyway. I use two products and two products only. Heat protection from the Kérastase new range. It has vitamins and thermal protection which both protects and rejuvenate’s bristle and broke hair. My last hair product which, I have used for around 3/4 years on and off is the OGX nourishing coconut milk anti-breakage serum. Its thick clear serum which spreads easily through your hair and smells absolutely divine. The scent reminds me of being back by the beach sipping milk from fresh coconuts and it really does put life back into your hair. This isn’t an ad or sponsor just pure love and honesty so go buy it here and let me know your thoughts! it’s a relationship for your hair in a bottle… I’ve linked to the whole collection but you can easily pick them up in Boots and Superdrug.



To be honest with you, it’s a rare sight to see a book in my hand and if anyone ever caught me reading, well, it’s never. Except the odd spot of poetry. I only really read poetry when I’m in bed and have nothing to do or I need a break from the computer screen. (All this talking to you does get tiring sometimes ;)… I joke, that was mean of me) Rupi Kaur’s poetry books came into my life around a year and a half ago. I have always been intrigued by her words of wisdom and how she creates beautiful poetical sentences from them. If your feeling down, need motivation, inspiration or have holiday blues, her books a pure simplistic and beautiful. I’ve even convinced my house mate to give them a read… Zoe? What are your thoughts! Accompanied by a good candle and the Spotify essential piano album goes without exception with these two charming books.

These are all little things that help me get back into a daily routine both with work and post holiday blues.

Lastly, one of the main things I find really works is booking some super exciting adventures to look forward to for when you’re home. Summers not over just yet, even with autumn fast approaching, its always a great idea to plan ahead and book out your diary. I find weekends away to the countryside are idyllic. Spa weekends, festivals or even a weekend away  playing tourist and exploring your favourite European country can put a sprong back into your step. Being organised and pre planning can mean you can pick up flights super cheap. I’m jetting off to Amsterdam for my Birthday in a few months for just £25 each way…. It’s a no brainer really! Sometimes I’m told I’m too organised at times but it always works out well when I manage to bag cheap flights and accommodation. Got no money? I also struggle with this sometimes and it can be tough finding things to look forward to. Sometimes my friends and I enjoy long walks in the parks, take a picnic to an english beach or explore the new forest and meet wild horses. You don’t have to brake the bank account to book up your diary with fun things to look forward to.

So there we have it On the go foods, getting booking out your diary and stock up your beauty cupboard and keep that tan on! I hope I haven’t rambled on for too long but nevertheless, have a wonderful rest of the week.

Peace out beautiful people x


Hey you, what a lovely surprise to see you back at the Lovelace diary again!

A few of you have commented on my Instagram about my skin being pretty glowy recently so I thought I would share with you one of my little secrets as to how I keep my skin appearing so fresh in all this groggy London air.

It’s only recently that I found out about this sensational skin peel that my skin feels as if it has a new shed of life (pardon the pun). Dr Krystyna is to thank for this.

Cosmetic Dentist & Facial Aesthetician.

What is a Glycolic skin peel?

Now this is no facial, don’t get me wrong, when I lay down on the treatment bed I initially thought it would be your typical bog standard face massage, room scents and facial oils, so I was in for a treat when I found out what was really install.

The peel works by gradually peeling old/dead skin cells away from the top layer of your skin. All those commuting days you spend on the tube and in Londons polluted streets you can kiss goodbye. Gradually, you feel the Glycolic peel working it’s magic as it tingles your skin and fizzes away all the bad skin cells and in return helps stimulate the growth of new skin cells. But don’t worry! The tingling on your face is skin friendly. I have super sensitive skin so naturally I was a little nervous to try the peel but it has worked wonders.

But what’s the point of this peel you ask?Well In glad you have because I did to and I was so shocked at how much healthier my skin felt afterwards. The peel gently exfoliates a thin layer of your skin off which, as mentioned above, stimulates the growth of new skin cells and prevents sun damage and aging… Yes please I’ll take that! Even if your skin is spot and blemish prone this peel can work away the dirt and leave your skin and you feeling fresh as a daisy.

Dr Krystyna is based in Blush + Blow Fulham. Booking is super easy and I promise you’ll feel refreshed after a visit with her expertise. By clicking here you can book an appointment.

“Treatments take place at Blush and Blow – Fulham’s newest blow dry and beauty bar, located in Parsons Green. It’s a relaxed, luxurious and fun environment where you’ll be looked after you from the moment you walk in. Plus, if you’re a busy mum, there’s a safe, fun and friendly place for your children to play, free of charge, while you’re being treated.”

Daniel Galvin – London’s go-to hairstylist sensation

December the 6th marked a life changing event for my hair to say the least. As a VIP international ambassador for Luxuria Lifestyle I attended London’s top hair salon in Mayfair for a cut, colour and blow dry. I entered the salon feeling a little embarrassed about the abysmal situation that was hiding under my hat…

To show how truly amazing the team behind the salon really is. And to give you an idea on how ghastly my Barnet was… Here it is:

The team welcomed me in, took my coat and hat (reluctantly I removed my hat from my frizzy hair/ dull looking hair) and sat myself down in front of a very shiny mirror.

I was lucky enough to have the fabulous Ellie who has been styling and colouring hair for 10 years, so it was safe to say, that I was in good hands. She talked me through my colour consultation and got me excited for my new hairdo.

The whole process was very relaxing; the staff were exceptionally organised. In total, my hair was done and I was looking glamorous in the space of three hours, which flew by thanks for the all hands on deck team.

Ellie and I opted for my hair back to blonde which I was super excited about. She used a technique called ‘brick work’ which meant the colour was naturally blended into my usual hair colour.

A toner was then used to calm the brightness down, along with a gloss, to shine my once gloomy hair. Washed, massaged and treated by the lovely Callum I was finally ready for the last chapter. Stephanie chopped and styled my hair back to a healthy length after 3 months split ends and disastrous roots the girls saved me.

I have never walked into a salon and felt so welcomed and I have never walked out of a salon feeling so confident and knowledgeable about my hair.

Facts that you should know about your shampoo by Daniel himself:

Most products will have three nasty ingredients most of us wash our hair with on a daily basis. I was shocked to hear that these three horrible chemicals are in most everyday hair “care” brands.

SLS – Commonly found in oven cleaner.

Propylene Glycol – Commonly found in antifreeze

Parabens – Preservatives known to be carcinogenic

No thank you!

The good news is Daniel has eliminated these chemicals from his new Highlighted hair range.

“Highlighted hair needs customised products that nourish the more absorbent highlights. I have formulated my products to be kind to hair; we use the mildest ingredients possible to achieve the simplest effect for your ultimate beaut asset.”

It was an absolute pleasure to finish my evening by meeting the man himself. He is a true inspiration to his team, all trained through his own personalised academy. It was lovely to see every one of his team so passionate about their job at the salon and every client that strolled passed me had smiles beaming across their faces.

And that was that! You can book an appointment via the contact details below… My hair is finally friends with me again.

Click here to book into the salon for the perfect pampering session

If you have enjoyed reading this review, head over to https://www.luxurialifestyle.co.uk for more luxury reads on Beauty, Food, Travel and a chance to enter into some exclusive giveaways.

Thank you again to everyone at the salon who was brave enough to tackle my hair!


Can I just say that I am NOT  a makeup artist or, in any way, have a hand like Charlotte Tilbury. I am a complete amateur when it comes to applying makeup, but like anyone, I do my best! If you haven’t already invested in the Iconic range, I hope what I’m about to say changes your mind… Or not but either way I love their products.

I’ve always been curious about their highlighters and especially their foundation sticks. But it wasn’t until last week, when I received the BEST parcel at work, my make up game was changed forever.

So here’s me. “Hey me“, no make up, I’d just got out the shower ready for full pre-going out prep. Excuse the slightly crossed eyes. That sun was bloody blinding.

I don’t really use a lot of make up and I try to not 🎂🍰 myself too thickly in foundation but I have quickly made friends with ICONICs foundation sticks. They’re so light but the coverage t gives you is so natural looking it makes me want to cry. Ladies if you haven’t already purchased you need to now.

The highlighter is just a little bit of a girls dream come true. I’m a sucker for a pretty highlighter and I have come across sooooo many OTT ones which, to be quite frank, make me look like a unicorn on popping candy. 🦄🍭 It’s never a great look when you have too much on. But this one! The cute little packaging it comes in makes it all the more fun to put on.

So, drum roll please!!!! Rather impressed with my makeup skills here! But ladies, don’t forget, although make up can transform your face and can give us a little bit of self-confidence. Don’t forget how beautiful you are naturally 💗

What’s in my wash bag


NOTICE this is not a promotional post just love and sharing!

In the recent weeks a lot of you have been asking me questions about my skin care routine over messages and saying that my skin looks like it glows. I mean it doesn’t literally glow… Glowing makes me sound like my face is the bottom of a fire-fly. But thank you it really means a lot for everyone’s comments.

I have been wanting to post this for a while. I’m super excited to tell you all about my skin care routine and what products I use in order to maintain healthy looking skin.

I have been extremely privileged over my teenage years that I have had very few spots. And now being in my early twenties I think it’s so important for us girls and ladies to be confident with our appearance. That’s why I really want to share with you some of the products I have been using over the years to help maintain clearer skin.

These products won’t work for everyone as we all have different skin types. Luckily enough – my skin type tends to chop and change, depending on how my diet is at that point.

Please do share with your friends and family the products I use! They’re all super affordable and from the bottom of my heart- they work!

Boots Time delay face oil:



Oh Em Gee! Too spell it out literally. This serum I cannot live without. It can easily be added into your regime for just £5 a bottle.

It’s so simple to use. I’d recommend this for anyone who’s skin needs that healthy glow or is a little bit dry. This is my favorite product. It smells of chocolate orange 🍫🍊 and makes my skin look and feel like a Victoria Secret model. (Or how I’d imagine their skin would feel anyway!



So moving onto my hair quickly… I’ve tried out of a few of WOW’s hair products and I must say, I’m a huge fan of some of their range.

“I can’t believe how good these products are. I only used them for the first time two nights ago but I am already starting to notice the different – even after one wash!”The Kale Cocktail: Has been my favorite emergency hair product when it comes to soft/ nourished hair. My hair went from frizz-bomb too Herbal- Essences advert in only one use. You only have to use a coin size amount of this stuff on towel dried hair to see and feel the difference. It smells INCREDIBLE but it does say on the bottle, “not the drinking kind of cocktail”. Out of all their products – Kale Cocktail is the goddess of hair products. Now that says something.

Speed dry: Adding this bad boy into my life has been a total game changer. Working 11 hour days isn’t fun, so making sure you save your time is vital. Speed dry not only works as a heat protector but it also helps shorten dry time!

WOW is certainly my new go-to hair guru.


Urban Veda – My little travel buddies So I haven’t really had a chance to write about these until now. Their products are so fresh and light for your skin. Perfect travel essentials. They’re small to pack and their scents remind me of being in a spa in the country side!

My favourite is there Radiance face cream. I use this after I have cleansed in the morning before using my face serum. They’re well priced and easy to chuck in your hand bag or travel bag for an unexpected getaway.

Blankcanvas cosmetics

I have been SO excited for my Blank canvas cosmetics products to arrive in the post and when they did, I jumped right out of my seat.

Master Series Palette:

I didn’t hesitate to try this out. I’m not great at make up but I gave the Master Series palette ago first. The colours are just to die for.

Just like the Urban Decay palettes, this one has about the same number of shades. Unlike the Urban Decay eye shadows, I actually find that I can use every single colour which makes them even more desirable. The retail price is also £10 less than the £39.50 designer label. All the more reason to add this one to your make-up collection.

Dimension Series Brushes:

I’m no makeup artist but these brushes make applying make-up an absolute breeze! Soft but firm these brushes are the ideal additional to your makeup brush collection. They are also hand-made with easy to clean synthetic fibres.

I am yet to collect the whole range but so far I have, what I would say, five of the main brushes.

F08 – Dome buffing brush: This is probably my favourite brush seeing as it’s the most universal. You can use this for; foundation, conceal, blush and contour application.

F02 – Double ended foundation/ conceal brush: So the good thing about this brush is it is a 2 in 1.

F19 – Tapered Concealer/ contour pencil brush: For the finer details over your face; thus brush is used for concealer and highlight and can be used with cream products as well as powder.

F11 – Large eyeshadow brush: Used for applying eye shadow on a larger surface from the eye lid to the brow. Super effective and really picks up colour pigmentation.

E32/33 – Double ended tapered crease/ blender/ smudged brush: For easy eye shadow application. I love this one because it makes blending colours together super easy.

I hope I haven’t bored you all too much with the technical side! I really have enjoyed using these brushes. They are well worth the purchase. Especially the Master Series Palette. Every single shade is wearable and perfect for all occasions.

Make-up shown in photograph the Master Series Palette in natural light.

Lots of love Sheps x

La Lune Noire 🌿

White teeth… We all want those sparkling pearly whites but not everyone has the money to get there. Over the years I have tried using a number of teeth whitening products but they were either bad for my teeth or they simply didn’t work.

I’ve tried; Oil pulling, teeth whitening strips, non-peroxide whitening gels, even baking soda In the hope that my teeth would be as white as my celebrity idols.

None worked and it wasn’t until I came across La Lune Noire that my whole teeth whitening experience changed.


It seems bizarre. How does black charcoal make your teeth white? I’ve been using La Lune Noire for a week now and I wanted to share with you how fast the results really are.

How to use:

  • Ideally, using La Lune Noires own branded toothbrush; dip your (slightly wet) tooth-brush into the pot so it covers the surface of the bristles.

I find that the fine combed  toothbrush is gentle so it doesn’t destroy the enamel whilst cleaning.

  • Work the charcoal around your teeth, carefully targeting everywhere, accept your gums.
  • Once completely black, thoroughly rinse out your mouth with water and brush gently with normal toothpaste to clear out the remaining charcoal.

Seeing as Activated Charcoal hasn’t really been fully researched by dentists, the soft bristled tooth-brush works really well and keeps this method safe and low abrasive.

I found that after only three uses I could already really feel and see the difference. My teeth felt cleaner and my breath more fresh.

100% Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free, Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening – Removes stains from the surface of your teeth to significantly brighten your smile!

Usually, when I read these descriptions, they’re posted all over Instagram, I’m one to judge quite quickly. I think, are you just saying all of this just to make a sale?

From using La Lune Noire I have found that a They really do mean what they say on the tin and at an affordable price. This means I can spend the rest of my money on other things on the wish list.

I’m will definitely be using La Lune Noire in my daily routine from now on. A fully trusted brand for life.

Price list:

  • La Luna Noire Activated Charcoal powder: £14.99
  • La Lune Noire tooth brush: £4.99
  • La Lune Noire oil pulling mouthwash: £14.99


Anyway, I hope you can also give La Luna Noire a try. So worth it and so affordable!

Lots of love Sheps x


So I’m not one to post about products but I have to tell you about this amazing make up collection I’ve recently collaborated with. If your someone like me, who works 5-6 days every week for 12 hours a day, then this long lasting, well priced make up is definitely the perfect addition to your hand bag!

I wanted to share with you my favorite products from the Technic range, as I think they are must-haves and are so affordable.
FX Strobe highlighter cream: Firstly, I’m a sucker for highlighters so getting to try this was great. Unlike powdered highlighters, the application is a liquid cream and light on the skin, which means I don’t feel caked in make up all day. It’s also great with almost every skin colour so anyone can use it!

Matt Lipstick pen: I never usually stray further than a nude lip, but this colour is just gorgeous! It’s easy to use and because it’s like a pencil, it doubles up as lip liner! What’s great is you can wear it thick or thin depending on if it’s night or day, you can apply to your preference. I’m definitely going to be collecting more of these pocket pencils!

Technics Professional blusher brush: This brush is perfect when using highly pigmented blush, because it is so soft and light it gives easy application. The angle of the brush means I can create a nice contoured look (which believe me I cannot contour).

Mega nudes, Natural Eyeshadow pallet: Oh my goodness!!!! The pigmentation in this pallet is insane! For daily use, I would probably compare it to Urban Decay! Unlike the urban decay palette, I would actually use every single shade and at a cost effective price I will definitely use again!

Mega Lash waterproof mascara: So I have only used this once so far so I am unsure on the lasting product life. However, so far the results have been amazing! Again, I work long hours so having a mascara which doesn’t fall down my face after a few hours is really important.

So, like I said, I’m not one to post about products, but definitely make a few purchases yourself and you’ll see what I mean at how worthwhile this make-up is!

Lots of love Sheps x

Happy Hair 🐚🌞💦💇🏼

So I have spent years trying to figure out how to get healthy looking hair. I always want it longer than it is and I’m always searching for home remedies to get my hair looking like I’ve just bounced out of Leobancroft without the hefty price tag!

Healthy hair is one of the key things to a more confident and happy lifestyle and although it isn’t the be all end all, it’s a good place to start.
So I thought I would share with you my top tips on my journey to getting healthier looking locks.

Brushing: Ok so let’s start with the basics. I have ridiculously curly hair when I leave it to dry naturally and brushing it after a three day streak isn’t exactly what I call therapeutic. Reading through Cosmo mags and other resources, brushing your hair from the tip and upwards reduces split ends, tangles and unneeded stress to the scalp. Slowly brush out knots from the bottom upwards and you’ll notice a difference after just a few weeks of brushing.

In the shower: I hate cold showers but the less heat that gets to your hair the more glossy it will look. I have only just started doing this but, trust me, it works. It’s easier in the warmer months. Obviously don’t have to have your shower at Baltic temperatures but keeping the water Luke warm relaxes your hair and makes it less brittle. Hence the glossiness! There are also more benefits to cold showers such as healthier looking skin and a better mood. Have a read of this article I found:


A cold shower for a 7:30am start always helps me start my day!
Hair masks: I never believed in these. I’m not quite sure why but they work! You can purchase simple hair masks from stores such as Boots or Super drug and using one just once a week can really change your hairs attitude. Try to go for a hair mask that suits your hairs needs. Mine is quite frizzy at times so a thick/oil based mask usually is best. The packets usually say leave in for 5 minutes but scrap that! Have a bath, shampoo and rinse out the soap and then cover your hair in the mask, leaving it on for a cheeky twenty minutes to really notice the difference. Plus you get to relax in the bath.

Hair vitamins: I’ve searched high and low for a good hair vitamin and finally stumbled across Holland and Barrett’s own range. It is in a big blue tub containing 240 coated tablets. You need to take three a day, one with each meal. I’ve been taking these for about a month and I am already starting to notice the difference. There are 27 key ingredients which target hair, skin and nails. Of course, there are plenty of other hair supplements you can go for but this is just my personal favourite. Definitely add this onto your shopping list ladies! It is currently half price in stores but normally is about £33.49 so be prepared for the price tag.

Holiday hair: So this little trick was given to me by my younger sister. An absolute genius at just thirteen. If your a sucker for blonde beach waves follow this recipe and grab yourself a spray bottle.

  • 3 Large lemons
  • 2 bags of camomile tea
  • 1 tsp of ground cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp of almond or coconut oil
  • An empty spray bottle

You can find the full instructions below!


Wash wash wash: A lot of people I know wash they’re hair every day however, doing this reduces the natural oils in your hair and can, in turn, make your hair unhappy. Try washing your hair only two to three times a week. Only shampoo your scalp in circular motions and condition your hair from the bottom upwards. Some sources say to try and not shampoo every time however, unless I’m on holiday, I’m too scared to try this!

Chop chop chop: I’m so bad at knowing when to cut my hair but it is important to get your hair cut at least every 6-8 weeks to avoid breakage. Ironically, if you want longer hair, dusting off the split ends will only help speed up the process! Which, whilst writing this, I need to get me hair cut!

So they are have it! My top tips for healthier hair. I am currently trialling all of these and they all seem to be working for me but let me know your thoughts. Although my hair isn’t exactly how I want it yet it is certainly feeling and looking healthier with all these cost affective remedies. I am also feeling more confident and happier so it’s a win win situation!
If you have any more remedies I can add, please do let me know!

Adios Chicas X