My ultimate royal wedding celebration check list:

So it’s finally come! The Royal Wedding is moments away from us. English bunting has been hung from every pub, beer garden and shop front, fridges filled with beer and prosseco. It’s an excuse to drink right?

So I thought I’d put together and share with you my essential “royal wedding check list” for the ultimate party this Saturday.

1. Bring the booze! Haha, obviously this is number one. Over 18’s only please! What’s a party without the booze right? How about a few jugs of fresh Pimms to awaken the summer.

2. Something to watch the Royal Wedding on: Obviously you can’t have a royal wedding party without actually watching he royal wedding! I have just received the new Amazon Fire Stick which has come just in time for the Royal Wedding. I’ll be watching all the gossip and Harry and Megan Wedd straight from my new Fire Stick!

3. Friends and family: Don’t be a Larry no mates, watch the wedding with a room full of friends and family!

4. Popcorn, chocolate and all things nice: Spruce up the coffee table with “lardy dah” nibbles royally fit for the queen. I’m going for popcorn, posh chocolates and perhaps some crustless sandwiches!

5. Party hats and party poppers: Well why not? We are all children at heart so throw in some decorative final touches. British themed party hats, gold party poppers and British flagged bunting!

Get set go!

I hope everyone enjoys their fun filled weekend celebrating the Royal Wedding of Harry and Megan!


So what did Lauren do next you say?

On Tuesday 17th October, Kris and I attended the ACCESS ALL AREAS VIP screening at Proud Camden in support of Teenage Cancer Trust. We attended the premier representing Luxuria Lifestyle.

Starring Edward Bluemel, Ella Purnell, Georgie Henley and Rizzle Kicks’ Jordan Stephens, the film was fantastically British with a happy-go-lucky story line. Without saying too much, the film is a must see. Four teenagers head off to a summer music festival to escape their parents. Fun, free and full of comedic monologue, I recommend this film to anyone who wants to reminisce the days of falling over, dancing in the mud and drinking endless cans of strongbow to your favourite musician in a field with thousands of fellow music lovers. After all, rhythm is a dancer.

The event itself had a, laidback, festival-like ambiance. Haystack chairs and sofas covered in hippie styled cushions. Canapes made their way through the event and with every passing waiter I found my hands full. Hopefully I didn’t look too greedy… Mini Burgers, Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta, Mac N Cheese, Cocktail sausages with honey sesame glaze and Proud veggie burgers. Yum.

After the film we socialised with the cast and production team with bubbles to hand. Needless to say, we might have had a flute too many. Soft lighting gave the room a chilled vibe making it easy to integrate with the stars of the movie who were more than willing to do so. We were able to briefly converse with the lovely Georgie Henley, who plays Natalie in the film.

Such an amazing night for such an amazing cause, Teenage Cancer Trust. Some of you may be affiliated with certain charities but if any of you are feeling particularly generous, please delve into the depths of your pockets for an online donation for such a worthy charity. You can find directions to do so on the following site

Overall, what a smashing evening. The film will be released this Friday 20th October. So get your Saturday night cinema tickets booked and prepare yourself for a lot of laughter and light-hearted entertainment.

A big thank you to Mia Micozzi and the team behind the event who helped run such a lovely evening.

Vienna tourist board event


Have you ever done something totally out of your comfort zone? I did this week!

The Vienna tourist board showcased Viennese Modernism at the Somerset House on the 11th October 2017. The event marked the 100th year anniversary of the deaths of historical modernist artists;  Klimpt, Scheile, Wagner and Moser whom broke out in modernism for a brave change to Viennese art.

Toms Kitchen: If you’ve been wading my blog from the start then you’ll know that I’m a lover of anything edible. Culinary delights were served throughout the evening. Starters consisted of warm feta cheese and beetroot hugged by filo pastry, chipolata sausages marinated in sticky maple and honey sauce, floral bowls of pomegranate and pine nut salad garnished with rocket and edible flower petals.

More you say?

Two mains. Haddock and clams with infused saffron risotto rice. The other dish – shredded lamb, creamy mash and hot lamb gravy…. mmm.

Desert anyone? Fine and delicate triangle chocolate brownie with miniature scoops of sorbet topped with pistachio shavings. God I always make myself hungry writing these things.

The event:

Being oh so new to this I had no idea what to expect! So turning up and entering a room full of intellectual people was very overwhelming. Sip… that was me hiding my nerves with some of the Viennese wine they had handed around. Thank you very much! After a glass or two I felt my nerves settle and started to explore what the event had in store for us.

The installation was magnificent. Covering three countries already and seven more to go, it was an honour to be part of the board meeting discussing such great historical artistry.

One artist I had previously crossed prior to the event was Gustav Klimt, famously renowned for his painting of Adele Bloch- Bauer, The Lady in Gold. I had heard the story and later watched the film which clearly modernises the emotional story of the infamous paintings theft, and the law suit filed by Maria Altmann that followed it. A truly emotional story, just one of thousands like it.

After the speech we found ourselves immersed in conversations with some extraordinary people. I got into a deep conversation with a lady who was very informative and gave me some great advice on writing style. At this stage I’d never felt so lucky to be at a place like this. Only a few hours ago I was at my day job, then, at an art event speaking with a lifestyle writer who happened to write for Forbes. I felt honoured to get such great advice.

Being so nervous about what to expect, I never thought I would be in a situation like this. I now always live by, “feel the fear and do it anyway” because I feel that I’ve got something to gain. Imagine if I’d said no to going to such an inspiring event.

I’d love to know what you’ve done recently to step out of your comfort zone, please comment below your thoughts! Or maybe you’d like to subscribe for my next little adventure?

What did Lauren do next…


With thanks to my supportive best friend Zoe who came with me to my first event.

Thank you to Luxuria Lifestyle, who I was honoured to represent at the Vienna tourist board event.

Thank you to Charlotte Fox who made our time at the Vienna Tourist board event all the more special.

Please do head over to their page Luxuria Lifestyle for even more interesting reads. X

Luxuria Lifestyle