I’ve taken sometime from blogging to discover who I am on the internet “Av a lil read”

As you’ve probably seen I haven’t really being “creating content” as such this summer. I’ve been enjoying my time in the sunshine. I’ve been on holidays, trodden through muddy fields at festivals, got stuck into my full time job, learning the ropes of it and improving on my photography skills along the way. It’s been a whirl wind. I moved in with the girls just over a month ago now and finally feel at home, settled into our crib. I’m really in a good place. It’s taken a while for me to feel the way I feel to be honest. I’ve had some rookie past times, like we all do, we learn from things and take the best from a bad situation.

I have taken the summer to really think about what I want to give to you guys as my audience. I love you all so much and I really am grateful to everyone of you for clicking the follow button this year and hope to see my little corner of the internet grow into a beautiful little flower 🙊

I have literally thought about everything, likes, dislikes, what’s trending, what’s just utter bullocks on the net right now. Nothing was sticking. I tried the whole bright and colourful blogger thing, the non theme and the I cba layout, fashion, lifestyle you name it I’ve been thinking about it this summer.

But then it struck upon me that actually I want something that appeals to me and to me mostly. That’s what Instagram and these social platforms are about right? Creating a platform to show case YOU. And then I started to really think. I thought about MY likes and dislikes, what appeals to ME and what I think is bullocks on the net right now.

I want you guys to see a bit of me. So here’s a bit about me to give you an idea on how I have come about my new theme and style of, well, me.

Let’s start with the fact I am fucking lazy. If I had it my way, I wouldn’t be working. I’d have a 40%/60% ratio of bed time and just doing what ever the hell I want time. Obviously the higher figure will be spent in bed.

I’m arty. Yeh, I love art. Old art, historical art. Art that tells a story and has emotional attachment to it. Not Mona Lisa type shit. Let’s be honest here, it’s rather small and sat in a museum in France. If you’re lucky enough you might even get into the room next to it to simply watch people’s dull expressions. I’m talking about the art you don’t see plastered all over billboards. Art from da soul. You get it. I like soulful art.

I love me time. Me time comes with great opportunities to write endless lists, I love reading poetry by Rupi Kapour (yes I am basic but please proceed) I hate baths but on the odd occasion it comes in handy for me time.

My friends are my family. I love them to bits and the fact I get to live with two of them has made me feel more at home than I have ever done before.

Coffee dates with old friends and cake in unknown cafes. It’s a thing I think most people like to do. Catching up with an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time like you only saw them yesterday. One of comforts best attributes.

I’m wild and a bit nocturnal.

“Lauren why are you so tired?”

“Oh I was up until 2am.”


“I fancied a plain bagel as a midnight snack”.

I’m rarely asleep but like I have a relationship with my bed. Fact. If you catch me on a blue moon the term Wild is probably loosely used to depict a night out with Sheps. It’s not an often occurrence but I don’t like to take like too seriously. Motto: You only live once and my personal favourite. You can get money back but never your time. Live up your 20’s like it’s your last frolicking day.

I am fucking weird. I have a weird sense of humour. I can’t comment much here. Ask my friends.

I’m a bit moody if I don’t get my own way. HA. Definition of a pre Madonna in the making maybe? Nah I’m not a diva at all but I don’t like when something doesn’t go my way.

Comfort and cuddles win all.

I like wine.

My wardrobe has had a total transformation into a 90’s Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Anniston fashion line. Watch out for neutral tones galore and a dash of editorial.

So I hope that gives you a bit of an insight into the mind of Lauren and I do apologise for the atrocious foul language in this blog post. I just felt it made it a bit more dramatic seeing as my vocabulary isn’t exactly inspiring.

So here it is…. Welcome to me and welcome to my new space on the Internet ⭐️🌙✌🏽


Dress is Loavies – Tap here

Bag is Vintage Gucci – Unknown soz

Hair is Daniel Galvin – Tap here

Necklaces are Pretty Little thing – Tap here

All photos are credited to the wonderful @sarahellen_photogrpahy – Sarah Treacher

All Lightroom Presets are credited to @laurenhannahshepherd and will be launching soon…

Desenio giving my room the personality it needs

Literally got these prints now about 2 months ago and the fact they have only just gone up on my wall is very very bad of me! Reason why you ask?

Because they’ve given my room a soul to say the least! I’d heard of Desenio previously but wasn’t too fazed by them as I’d never really thought to put a load of random prints up on my wall.

But when someone approached me and said each print chosen is personal to you because you choose them, I was right on the band wagon!

I’m not one to usually hype about things I’ve received from brands this much but they’ve totally given my room the character it needed.

Find a statement piece that makes you feel like THE statement


It’s actually my new all time favourite colour. I realised when anything red would catch my eye, I would automatically be drawn to it. The colour of love. It’s bright it’s bold. Ok so if there’s one colour I could wear for the rest of my life. It would be red.

As I south of mentioned in my previous blog post, I think it is so important to feel confident within your body, Now that doesn’t matter what shape, height or size you are, what matters is that deep down? You’re a happy bunny,

I always used to opt for blacks, greys, browns and dark khaki colours (shades…) I’d always feel that I was hidden. I mean, Its absolutely fine to wear whatever bloody colour you want but find YOUR statement piece which makes you feel like the bees knees.

It could be, pink blue, green, RED, aqua or even yellow! For me, it just makes me feel brighter and happier and its certainly a step outside my comfort zone.


Love Sheps x

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Floral is my new game changer

I NEVER write up look books but I thought it was about time since your comments have been so amazing, especially about all my floral prints that have been making an appearance in lately. Seeing as we have just had international woman day theres nothing better to talk about our confidence.

Theres something about finding an item of clothing and LOVING it that makes you feel ultra confident and super sexy (at times). I think its so important that we maximise feeling positive in any situation. For example; if your having a bad day, rock it with some vibrant colour or a new lip stick (animal cruelty free though) Rain or shine, if I’m feeling down, my go-to pick me up will always be making myself feel good again. Confidence is key in some aspects and although I am I not always the most confident of people I like to make the most of it when I do feel like super woman.

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Comfortable and confident with Jack Wills 🇬🇧

Comfortable and Confident

This weekend I took a step out of my comfort zone and I shot for Jack Wills’ gym clothes for women collection. This clothing brand has had a huge part to play in what I wore and felt comfortable in whilst growing up. From about 12 years old it was the first clothing brand I knew of as what some people call “fashion”, so being able to share with you their new clothing line whilst talking about my progression with self-confidence, has been something I’ve been excited to share with you for a while now. Being confident has been a huge part of me, especially whilst starting this blog over this last year.  It continues to be a huge part of my development as a person. So, I want to share with you some of my tips and tricks I have learnt this year in becoming confident in my own skin. After all, who doesn’t want to feel a little better about themselves? I sure do! I do want to say that people will secure self confidence in different ways. Find out what makes YOU confident, and then everything that follows is down to you and making yourself feel happy. So, without further ado let’s get started! Comfy? Read on 🙂

1. Stand tall: I have horrible posture, so this is a bit hypocritical for me to give this advice however, I’m taking a leaf out of my own book. Your posture can change instantly how you are perceived, so make sure you’re not slouched like an ape when you meet someone. I promise it’ll change the way you feel. It does for me when I remember!

2. Take Risks: Say yes to that night out, the work event or maybe a spontaneous holiday. Who’s to say you don’t meet the person of your dreams, meet someone who can help you with your passions or take you to a place you’ve never been to. Ooo exciting. But this isn’t going to happen if you keep saying no! It can if you let it, so just say yes.

3. Positive Visualisation: Have goals and achievements pictured in front of you. Imagine yourself where you want to be in life and however big or small your goal is, tell yourself that you can get there.

4. Dress well: Feel comfortable in what you want to wear. No one told you that you had to wear the same thing as everyone else just to fit in so why do we create this ideology that we are almost restrictive in our fashion sense these days. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. For me, I‘d rather be in a pair of joggers and a hoody. Why should I have to wear heels on a night out? I mean let’s face it they’ll only end up ruined, covered in mud (somehow) and off your feet in the local kebab shop at the end of the night.

5. Exercise: To be honest, I write this as if I exercise all the time. I really don’t. Awkward. But when I do head to the gym, I always come out feeling restored and feeling much better about myself. Release those endorphins! Yehhhhh.

6. Positive people: Surround yourself with positive people. We all have bad days, so occasionally you can’t help feeling a little down. But, we can help who we chose to be around. Be around people who motivate you and push you further. There’s nothing better than my friends and family telling me I’m going to make it one day. What a confidence boost that is! Thanks guys it means a lot.

And most importantly…

7. Be you: Don’t compare yourself to others, social media plays a huge part in our millennials failures because we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Do what makes you happy and just be yourself. We don’t see Gordon Ramsay entering worlds strongest man do we? Not only because he probably doesn’t have the genetics nor the elbow grease and a can-do attitude… But because he cooks a ******* insanely scrumptious dish… Because that’s what he’s good at!!! Be yourself, learn to feel confident in your own skin by doing what you love.

You can find everything I am wearing by clicking here. Go from working out to winding down in Jack Wills new season Sporting Goods range. This collection combines technical gym kit and contemporary casual wear that’ll have you winning at all times. Certainly, my kind of attire! I hope you like! Please comment your own ways below about how you conquer self confidence. I’d LOVE to know. x

Photographs taken by @ollymfawcett give him a follow!

Click here for the new Jack Wills gym wear.

After a new phone case?

Ideal of Sweden

I found this company near enough about 1 month ago and hands down they are my favorite company for phone cases.

Not only are they utterly aesthetically pleasing, they have saved my phone from smashing about four times now!

Definitely go check them out!

Use my code lauren20 for 20% all purchases!

Their patterns are super cute and make a great accessory.

Love Sheps xx

First time for everything

So a lot of people would judge what me and the girls got up to today but we had so much fun. Getting behind and I front of the camera was a huge confidence booster for us all. I have collaborated a few favourites of the shots from today’s shoot below.

Location: We ventured over to Notting-Hill Gate and found some obligatory white pillared houses as our setting.

Clothing in today’s shoot: Jacket – Zara £25,99 Dress – Top shop £29 Shoes – New Look £15,99 Sunglasses – Amsterdam boutique