The most Instagrammable diner ever?!?

Big Moes diner!

Today was insane! Rather productive also as I seemed to smash out three campaigns this morning AND filmed my everyday make up look for you all which I’ll be posting on my IGTV in the week!

Angee and I headed over the Big Moes diner in Whitechapel today for some lunch!

Now if you haven’t ever seen an Instagramers dream, then you haven’t visited Big Moes diner yet! Oh my goodness!

This place is filled with 60’s style decor, American diner, red leather, booths, a juke box and a cut out old retro car which, we ate our cheat day lunch in!

The food was proper American style burgers, shakes (pretty much every flavour covered) , stick BBQ chicken wings, ICE CREAMS! They even catered for vegetarians. I opted for the sharing platter of nachos and a large veggie burger and sweet potatoes friends! Currently writing this on the sofa and resemble something of a couch potato. Pardon the pun.

A worthwhile experience and could imagine this place being epic for a birthday party as they kept dropping 60’s bangers on the speakers.

Fully content this Sunday.

Happy Sunday my loves xxx

*This was a gifted experience. But I highly recommend going if you fancy re living a scene out of Grease!

The most instagrammable boutique cafe in London

Hello to you! You may have wondered what I got up to last weekend especially if you have been snooping around on my instagram page as it’s very pink to say the least.

On Saturday morning, representing Luxuria Lifestyle, I headed over to the most instagrammable cafe everyone has been talking about. Elan Cafe shouldn’t just be renown for its iconic flower wall and it’s picturesque and flowery decor but also for its unique and elegant menu. So let me tell you about Elan.

About Elan:

Elan Cafe was founded Alexandra Miller only recently. Her love and passion for Elan is truly visible and it is embedded within the petals on the wall. Alexandra’s attention to detail is visible from the moment you step through Elan Cafes doors. From its Blossom trees to the elegantly laid cupcakes and slices of mouth-watering goodness across white marble tops- you really get a sense of Home coming. The smell of fresh pastry fills the air with sweet aromas.

It’s a bloggers dream. Yes I said it. If you fancy taking a few snaps you aren’t short of choice for a backdrop. We were very lucky to sit against the iconic flower wall but other back drops such as hundreds of takeaway coffee cups with little quotes across the front of them were just as dreamy.


Elan isn’t short for food choice as it caters for gluten free and also those who are vegan. A big tick if you ask me. Each dish is styled beautifully with a contemporary finish. There is an art to the final piece as Edible flowers are sprinkled over the top and intricate patterns are intertwined within the froth of Ruby Lattes.

I opted for a sweet and savoury dish to maximise my palettes taste buds and to really get a feel of the chefs style.

  • Avocado on toasted Sour dough bread, flaked hot smoked salmon and poach eggs.

The avocado was fresh creamy, perfectly ripe and unlike other cafes, they weren’t afraid to layer it into the freshly toasted sough dough. The poached eggs were show offs as they oozed richness with a bright orange yolk. The smoked salmon seemed as if a river run out the back of the cafe and was cut and smoked right on he door step.

  • Açai bowl with banana, passion fruit, pomegranates and gluten free coconut and granola.

Presented like no other, this Bali themed breakfast desert was made of dreams. The banana complimented the granola and coconut flakes so well it flooded a beaming smile across my face with each scoop that entered my mouth. The red berry smoothie was a perfectly blended sauce. I have a craving for anything sweet so this was just divine.

Both dishes were faultless and each was presented with a unique and chic style.

Other food choices: A range of Açai bowls, hot breakfasts, roasts, flat breads, sweets, sharing platters, bites, soups, plates and desserts.


The drinks were something out of Charlie and the chocolate factory.

  • Hot Chocolate:

There is a selection of hot chcolate you can chose from. Praline, Nutella, Chilli, dark, milk and white.

My choice was recommended to me by the waitress and an exquisite choice she made! Nutella hot chocolate. This has to be the best hot chocolate I have encountered. Ever. I’d like to think that I can have a go at making this at home but I don’t think it will live up to the sweet and creamy taste set in my memory. Kind of fancy one now actually…

  • Raspberry and Blackcurrant smoothie:

A heavenly sweet concoction which tasted like it should give you a guilt trip once drinking but it’s safe to say I could have tried the whole smoothie menu. Hats of to the chefs downstairs.

Other drinks include a range of: Ice teas, Smoothies, Fresh coffees, alternative Lattes, Frappes and freshly squeezed juices.


This was an absolute 10/10. With the queue building up fast at the front door the whole team at Brompton Road were on their feet and all hands on deck at all times. They kept the elegant and relaxing ethos stable throughout the room which in turn made our time having brunch at Elan Cafe one of the most enjoyable experiences to date.

Tips is you are planning a visit:

  • If you can, visit Elan during the week when it doesn’t get as busy. Its popularity already makes getting a table over the weekend very difficult. If you are visiting over the weekend, early morning from 8am is best where we skipped the queues outside. Queues vary but when we arrived it started getting busy at 10:30am.
  • Nearest tubes South Kensington is about an 8 minute walk.

Best photo spots:

  • The blossom tree
  • The flower wall located to the very back
  • The Coffee cup wall located at the middle/back
  • The white marble tops are perfect for table lays and great when taking shots of the food.
  • The green and pink velvet sofas positioned out the back
  • The Elan Cafe canvassing at the shops front

Let me guess, I now have you at the edge of your seats wanting to book your train ticket for the next possible opportunity to step through the doors of Elan Cafe. So I’ll see you there next week?

Elan Cafe:

Join us for more Luxury at:

  • Lastly don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the Luxuria Lifestyle Bloggers event February 25th. You can purchase your tickets here but hurry as only the last few remaining!

Love Sheps x

More photos to come…

Remember remember the 5th November @ YoSushi 🍣🍱

YO peeps! Its it’s been a little while since something food orientated has made its way onto my blog, so I thought it was probably about time that I tell you about one of my all time favourite food places, and what’s more is I got to venture here with one of my closest friends!

Today we rolled down to Yo Sushi on the Tottenham Court Road for a bit of Sunday Funday therapy, courtesy of Luxuria Lifestyle as one of their brand ambassadors.

October 2017 has marked the 20th anniversary of Yo Sushi. With over 66.7 million customers over the last 20 years enjoying over 533.6 million pieces of sushi, and we were lucky enough to be invited to the Tottenham Court Road restaurant.

Being a bit of a foodie myself, Sushi and Japanese street food has always been my go-to dish. From the age of 8 I would walk up to the end of my street and order 20 prawn nigeris from the local Japanese store. My mother then thought it be best to introduce me to my first sushi restaurant. YO Sushi! So it was so fantastic to be a part of celebrating its 20th birthday.

YO Sushi offers food for a range of occasions; a quick pit stop after a day of shopping, a lunch option at work, taking the children out for something different, or even if you fancy something a bit more sophisticated, YOsushi can cater for all.

Each dish is freshly made and carefully handcrafted. It was great getting to chat with the chef to find out what training goes into working at YOSushi. He’d told us he’d been taking classes for 6 years! I’m thinking of enrolling myself on to a class and giving it a go!

The actual restaurant was spacious both indoor and alfresco. It was a bit chalky today so we opted for the indoor seating!

What brought back memories was the iconic ‘kaiten’ conveyor belt which floated round fresh hand made dishes. These ranged from mini sashimi, sushi rolls, the most gloriously tasty seaweed covered in soya sauce and sesame seeds, Nigeri and other Japanese delicacies.

After finishing our starters we moved our eyes onto the hot food section on the menu. Our waitress Emily recommended some of the street food including the hoisin duck Bao, NEW furikake fries (which by the way I TOTALLY recommend) and lastly the chicken katsu curry.

  • NEW Ferikake fries: Japanese style fries coated in sriracha mayo and sprinkled with yuzu furikake, sesame, aonori and smoky bonito akes. 523 kcal
  • Hoisin duck Bao: Hoisin duck with house pickled cucumber

in a u y bun.

226 kcal

  • Chicken Katsu: Juicy chicken thigh in Japanese panko, drizzled with fruity tonkatsu sauce. 164 kcal

Robin Rowland, CEO of YO sushi said: “20 years after we opened our first location we are thrilled to open our latest restaurant in the heart of central London. Situated on Tottenham Court Road we are bringing something new and fresh to the area, giving nearby businesses and city shoppers a more exciting way to enjoy their meal.”

If you fancy a visit here are the opening times:

YO! Tottenham Court Road serves food from 11:30am – 10pm Monday – Saturday and 11:30am – 9:30pm every Sunday.

You can also click here to view their new scrumptious menu!

For more exclusive reviews and a chance to enter into some amazing competitions head to Luxuria Lifestyles website. I promise you it’s worth it.

Also, if you have time check out for more of Lauren’s lifestyle!


Now if I can recommend any restaurant it would be DRUNCH. Five star service and impeccable hospitality, I’m going to say now, I spent 5 hours at this place. Each course lured me into staying for the next. First came the cocktails, then the mains and then out came that heavenly cheesecake.

I didn’t even know I liked cheesecake until I devoured the whole thing in one. Well… with a little help from my friend who sat enduringly hungover in the corner next to me.

So let me set the scene for you. Soft jazz music, velvet buttoned sofas and on tables perched crystal glasses. It felt like Gatsby took a step into the millennium. I positioned myself in the far corner. This way I could observe my surroundings. Art hung on the wall and outside fellow Londoners were enjoying shish which filled the air with fruity aromas. A very idyllic Instagram setting.

Okay. Hope fully I’ve grabbed your attention. Listen to this whilst you finish reading to immerse yourself a little more: 🎵 Iris Mohammed Loren’s dance.Listening? Great I have your attention.

The food you ask? Oh well be patient! Let’s talk cocktails first. Now if you enjoy your picturesque photos and need a good Instagram snap, DRUNCH has it sorted for you. Take a look below:

I mean who doesn’t want a lil painting of Mona Lisa floating in a pretty pink drink. Cute right? And yes, that is Candy floss with a tiny origami swan on the next! I think that bartender deserves a round of applause for his skills in mixology.>

Wearing a little PLT number: Skirt and dress knitted Co-ord- Darling. £25<<<<<<<<<

DRUNCH: Please can we just appreciate the name of this restaurant for a second. Us millenniums are super lazy but this abbreviation has us covered. DRUNCH– Drinks/ Lunch/ brunch Lets have it altogether.

Phenomenal eggs royal. Perfectly cooked and exquisitely scrumptious.

There’s first for everyone, I tried an Acai bowl for the first time. Delightfully light and full of flavour. 10/10 for both dishes. I’m easily pleased but it’s certainly a restaurant I’d feel comfortable bringing my mother too. She’s a woman of fine taste.

Ideal of Sweden phone cases making a little appearance 🇸🇪

Don’t go yet! You’ll miss the best part! Did someone say Cheese cake earlier???

So I will admit. The only cheesecake I’ve EVER liked has been my dad homemade blueberry cheesecake. It wasn’t until today I found my new love. Salted Caramel Popcorn Cheesecake. Oh my… I mean. Sorry to sound clique but this cheesecake was a match made in heaven. I highly recommend this as a desert when you finally decide that DRUNCH is also your new favourite lunch spot.

“Isn’t he gorgeous ?”

Well, if I haven’t made you want to visit DRUNCH after showing you how mouth-watering celestial their food is then give me your address because I’m taking you there now.

Book now to reserve:

DRUNCH is the new way to Brunch x

Berry Blast Breakfast Smoothie 🍓🍇🍒

Let me tell you about my little scrummy secret…. The hint is in the name.


Oh mother this is good!

I absolutely used to HATE breakfast. Let’s face it, no one really can be bothered to make a nutritious breakfast in the morning unless it’s cooked and put in front of you. I’m lazy okay?

So I’m about to let you into a little secret of mine. My go-to breakfast smoothie which keeps me going until lunch time. For me, this smoothie has made such a change in, not only my diet, but it helps give me the right nutritional balance I need to help set my day up correctly.

So your now wondering what’s in it right? Ok. Let me tell you….


  • Handful of Strawberries (Cut their little green hair off)
  • Handful of frozen Blueberries/ Blackberries and raspberries – They don’t have to be frozen but I tend to put them in the freezer once brought to keep them fresh.
  • Half a banana – if you like it sweet this is a must!
  • 5 Seconds worth of coconut milk. You heard, literally carefully pour 5 second worth in.
  • Two scoops of your favourite protein powder (Mine being Cookies and cream by Cute nutrition.)

Make sure it is all nicely fitting into a blender and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE senora!

Blend the smoothie until completely blended (Ya don’t want any unwanted chunky bits of fruit!) Pour into a smoothie glass or on the go? Protein shaker (Usually £5 from any health store or supermarket).

Bobs your uncle! No he’s not…

Honestly, I wouldn’t be up writing at 7am before making it myself if I didn’t think it was worth it! So if your reading this post this morning and have some time after… Give it a try you will thank me later. Have a super amazing day and enjoy your week wherever you are or whatever you’re doing.

Love Sheps x

You could also try making an Acai bowl (not my image) by chopping up fruit, adding a scoop of peanut butter and some oats) YUM

The perfect day

I woke up Monday morning with positivity flooding out of me. The sun was shining, I felt refreshed, I had so much planned to make it the perfect bank holiday Monday.

Brunch at The Chiltern firehouse:

If you’re looking for class The Chiltern Firehouse is your new favourite hangout.

My grandparents and I made reservation here Monday morning for Brunch. My granddad, being a local, knew the doorman so we were greeted and looked after superbly.


The Chiltern is Alfresco dining at its best. Little tables and sofas with crystal drinking glasses placed on top, covered by flowered foliage. The sunshine gave it the perfect setting for a spot of brunch.

Half an hour later we were seated inside.

The Chiltern Fire house is famously known for being an old fire station and was established in 1889 and converted in 2013 into one of London iconic hot spots.

The food was exquisite. As we went for brunch, I couldn’t resist the Eggs Benedict. Fresh ham, gluten-free bread – just for me, the BEST hollandaise sauce which was super rich in flavor and super creamy. This was topped off by a freshly squeezed OJ.


Off for some shopping!

I planned on browsing Zara’s latest collections however found myself in Bershka! A first time for me visiting this shop. I picked up some mega cute outfits. Of course, I kept it all within my monthly spending. Come on now, let’s all admit, we need to treat ourselves once in a while but not all of us are made of money. Right?

Items purchased below:

Jumpsuit: £22.99 // Blazer: £29.99 Matching shorts: £15.99

Poolside fun:

Lastly, a dip in the pool along with some family time. Well needed. It’s so lovely seeing my younger siblings. Watching them grow up and become the most amazing of women.

Pamper time:

Annnnnddd wind down. Skin routine, green tea, television and an early night. It’s the little things that count remember?

Talking of skin routines, a lot of you have asked what skin products I use to have such clear skin.I’m thinking that in my next blog post I need to show you! Watch his space because I’m so excited to share with you my skin care routine! So yes, another personal post. I love to share with everyone what makes me happy in the hope that it brings a smile to your face as well!

Love you all

Shep’s xxx

Melt in the mouth gooey chocolate brownies

So I really wanted to share with you my very own recipe for making the most mouth watering chocolate brownies. I was at home yesterday and was somewhat inspired test out my cooking skills for the afternoon.

I ventured onto the ‘Tastey’ YouTube page. A new, easy to follow, vlogger who has hit the nations screens and become a cooking sensation.

I found their own brownie recipe and started to follow the steps except I slightly tweaked the ingredients to suit my sugar cravings that afternoon. So here it is! I promise you won’t regret giving this recipe a go. I’m not a cook at all and this was my first attempt ever but my goodness these brownies are an emotional piece of heaven.


  • 8oz chocolate- make sure you use dairy milk chocolate chunks.
  • Butter: 3/4 cup (I used 6 large table spoons)
  • Sugar: 1 1/4 cup
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 3/4 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup Bourneville cocoa powder
  • 180C for 25 mins

Note: A pint glass is the equivalent to 2 cups. So half a pint glass is 1 Cup. Metric measurements in link below:


  • Pre heat the oven to 180C conventional and cover a baking tray in grease proof paper.
  • Melt half your Diary milk over a sauce pan filled with boiling water, in a China heat proof bowl, on the stove until completely melted. (Please use an oven glove to remove the bowl)
  •  Meanwhile mix up your butter (pref melted) and sugar until you have formed a creamy mixture.
  • Add the two eggs and continue to stir until a frothy formulae has formed.
  • Now siv in the flour and Bourneville cocoa powder into the mix. Slowly stir the mix whilst pouring in. The mixture should now look quite thick. (Note it is supposed to look thick, this will give the gooey texture at the end so don’t try adding water!)
  • Finally, add the remaining, individually chopped, chocolate chunks into the mix and stir in.
  • Pour the goodness onto the baking tray and smooth down the surface. Feel free to add Malteser toppings for a crunch, or your own fancy, for an extra dose of heaven.
  • Let the baking commence- Place it on the middle shelf of the oven. Wait 25 minutes. Dip your prodding stick (knife) into the mix once the 25 minutes are up. It will look uncooked and some will stick onto the knife however, it is finished so no more cooking!
  • Let it cool for a while…
  • EAT – served well with milk and strawberries. You may cry a little.

I really do hope this has been easy to follow. If you have any questions please do write in the comments as would love for you do try this recipe out!

Lots of love and happy eating!

Sheps X

Favourites for foodies 

Caution this post is for foodies!

Okay so I absolutely love food. I love food more than anything and I love finding new and exciting places to eat where, not only the food is good, but the experience is a blast too.

I thought I would collate together all my favourite places here in one post and tell you where they are so you can give them a try yourself. I will be adding them one by one as I visit each place. I hope you enjoy!


So I heard about this place via various Instagrammers and I couldn’t stop looking at their yummy posts. So I had to go myself. Located in Covent Garden just a little out from the main square 44 Bedford Street, London, WC2E. A short walk from Covent Garden tube.

The queue was a bit long but the fact customers were coming out the door with the most fabulous and sassy ice creams was a reason to stay and wait in line (A typical British symbolism- The queue)

At the door there was a menu, not too large so you don’t get lost for choices. Three flavours: Vanilla, Matcha and “Flavour of the day” which on the day I went was blueberry!

You can choose up to four toppings or anything from their pre made options.

  • Popcorn and Salted caramel
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Unicorn Sprinkles

I went for cookies and cream with added rainbow sprinkles. Then, the best until last, for an extra pound you can wrap around Candy floss if you’re feeling adventurous.



Now this place is so mouth watering you will want to try every single flavour. I normally opt for the Waffles but if you aren’t a fan, they have twenty flavours of ice cream, crepes, muffins, cakes, cookies galor!

My personal favourite is the marshellow surprise (Left hand side) you get a choice of white, milk or dark melted chocolate drizzled over the top, mini marshmellows and rainbow sprinkles. YUM

Locations for Wafflemeister are all over London, so where ever you are you will tend to find one on your door step.


Okay so I’m not a huge coffee tasting pro but, my goodness, they have just opened a beautiful coffee shop in Kingston Upon Thames. Sunday morning hangover? Head here for flavoursome goodness and fresh coffee beans.
Beanberry isn’t like Starbucks, Nero, Costa… YUCK! Beanberry coffee boast beans from over the world including Brazil, Ethiopia and Indonesia. Each favour has its own distinctive taste – best without milk. My favourite is Ethiopia as it tastes like berries! They also serve latte, hot chocolates and mochas. They have a yummy selection of fresh crossiants and cakes but I’m yet to try them!

Located in Kingston Upon Thames Fife Road KT1 1SZ it is worth a visit if you are doing a spot of shopping.


So if you don’t fancy fooding but fancy a lil “beveraaage”, pop down to Television Centre, Wood Lane, W12 7RJ, Pergola on the roof!

I have been here a few times now and every single time I have loved it.

The food is mouth watering. They have a series of pop up stools with some fine foods including Patty and Bun, Breddos Tacos, 8 Hoxton Square and ‘Salt n Sauce’. All pop up stools have their own bespoke menus just for Pergola. Platters are priced no more than £15.

The alcohol is well priced. We brought a Magnum sized bottle of Champagne for £60! So if your planning on day drinking in a group you definitely won’t feel like your splashing your cash!

My only downside to this place is the fifteen floors of stairs you have to climb. Great if your fit but don’t plan on wearing heels girls, it’s a long way up!

Pergola on the roof runs from May 3rd to October 1st in two locations. The original is on Wood Lane and the newest is Pergola Paddington which opens 24th May to October 1st.

The atmosphere is chilled with light jazz/ house music. When the sun is simmering its the perfect go too summer hide away.

Wicked day out.


Totally some of the best Sunday brunch I have feasted on. Only 7 minutes walk from Parsons Green tube station on the gritty Fulham road this has to be one of my favourite places.

Their breakfast menu is a beauty, not only affordable but you generally want to order everything you see.

The boys also offer a range of signature fresh boost juices, great if you are suffering from a stinking hangover. My personal favourites were Sweet green and Drop the beet.

We ordered four dishes off the menu:

1.  Poached eggs on Sough dough bread with avocado: So this was my dish. Verdict? Blooming scrummy. The eggs were light and fluffy and the egg yolk oozed out perfectly. Still warm, the sough dough tasted fresh, layered with cool avocado. The salmon wasn’t as fresh but it finished the dish pleasantly.

2. Pancakes, honey and seasonal fruit drizzled with chocolates sauce: One word for his dish – Naughty. Warm Pancake stacks topped with fresh banks slices and mixed berries. The dark chocolate sauce gave the end taste a nice kick to the tasting pallet. No criticisms here.

Love Sheps X

More places to come soon… X