After a new phone case?

Ideal of Sweden

I found this company near enough about 1 month ago and hands down they are my favorite company for phone cases.

Not only are they utterly aesthetically pleasing, they have saved my phone from smashing about four times now!

Definitely go check them out!

Use my code lauren20 for 20% all purchases!

Their patterns are super cute and make a great accessory.

Love Sheps xx

The last of the summer days and the little things

I’m really excited for Autumn but summer is near to its end and I must admit, I’m getting a little sad it’s almost over.

So I have to tell you about the day I had the other week. We sat in the sizzling sun, had mountains of Costco brought salad and topped it off with a make shift pool side BBQ, making smore’s. Yum.

I was in my element. With family, the sun and ‘food glorious food’.

My post today is about the little things in life and how we should embrace life and appreciate these little things.

I often forget how lucky I am. To have a wonderful family, amazing friends, a secure job, a healthy/ balanced diet and a roof over my head. It’s days when it’s raining and you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed that sometimes you forget about these wonderful simplistic things.

So when your next feeling a little down, or your day might not be going to plan. Remember to tell yourself how great you’re doing. You’re not failing. And the life you’re living at the moment is filled with so many amazing things.

Remember, that your family love you. Your job let’s you learn everyday. You have a roof over your head. And tomorrow is another day.

So how did your Sunday go?

Today or tomorrow, when you get out of bed and you’re not feeling 100% positive. Remember that you are great and you are amazing. If today is a bad day don’t worry. Because tomorrow will be better. Give yourself your own confidence boost.

Sometimes I worry about what I look like and stare aimlessly into the mirror. I look down at my bloated stomach thinking, “that’s it, I’m so unhealthy, I must go to the gym EVERYDAY or I’m going to die”. (Sorry.. Who invited the drama queen) Everyday which gets thrown at you just learn to embrace it! We all have bad days but these are over ridden by the good days.

I know this post is super SUPER cheese but I wanted to remind everyone that we are all in the same boat. I hope this post reaches out to you. Some of us might panic and think we haven’t got a life plan, we have no savings, or simply we feel like we have failed.

Ladies and Gents. None of us have! I met a girl the other day who reminded me that we are all still so young and that the world really is your oyster.

So don’t forget. When you have one of those bad days, remember what I said! Get up and keep going.

Lots of love Sheps x

Blankcanvas cosmetics

I have been SO excited for my Blank canvas cosmetics products to arrive in the post and when they did, I jumped right out of my seat.

Master Series Palette:

I didn’t hesitate to try this out. I’m not great at make up but I gave the Master Series palette ago first. The colours are just to die for.

Just like the Urban Decay palettes, this one has about the same number of shades. Unlike the Urban Decay eye shadows, I actually find that I can use every single colour which makes them even more desirable. The retail price is also £10 less than the £39.50 designer label. All the more reason to add this one to your make-up collection.

Dimension Series Brushes:

I’m no makeup artist but these brushes make applying make-up an absolute breeze! Soft but firm these brushes are the ideal additional to your makeup brush collection. They are also hand-made with easy to clean synthetic fibres.

I am yet to collect the whole range but so far I have, what I would say, five of the main brushes.

F08 – Dome buffing brush: This is probably my favourite brush seeing as it’s the most universal. You can use this for; foundation, conceal, blush and contour application.

F02 – Double ended foundation/ conceal brush: So the good thing about this brush is it is a 2 in 1.

F19 – Tapered Concealer/ contour pencil brush: For the finer details over your face; thus brush is used for concealer and highlight and can be used with cream products as well as powder.

F11 – Large eyeshadow brush: Used for applying eye shadow on a larger surface from the eye lid to the brow. Super effective and really picks up colour pigmentation.

E32/33 – Double ended tapered crease/ blender/ smudged brush: For easy eye shadow application. I love this one because it makes blending colours together super easy.

I hope I haven’t bored you all too much with the technical side! I really have enjoyed using these brushes. They are well worth the purchase. Especially the Master Series Palette. Every single shade is wearable and perfect for all occasions.

Make-up shown in photograph the Master Series Palette in natural light.

Lots of love Sheps x

La Lune Noire 🌿

White teeth… We all want those sparkling pearly whites but not everyone has the money to get there. Over the years I have tried using a number of teeth whitening products but they were either bad for my teeth or they simply didn’t work.

I’ve tried; Oil pulling, teeth whitening strips, non-peroxide whitening gels, even baking soda In the hope that my teeth would be as white as my celebrity idols.

None worked and it wasn’t until I came across La Lune Noire that my whole teeth whitening experience changed.


It seems bizarre. How does black charcoal make your teeth white? I’ve been using La Lune Noire for a week now and I wanted to share with you how fast the results really are.

How to use:

  • Ideally, using La Lune Noires own branded toothbrush; dip your (slightly wet) tooth-brush into the pot so it covers the surface of the bristles.

I find that the fine combed  toothbrush is gentle so it doesn’t destroy the enamel whilst cleaning.

  • Work the charcoal around your teeth, carefully targeting everywhere, accept your gums.
  • Once completely black, thoroughly rinse out your mouth with water and brush gently with normal toothpaste to clear out the remaining charcoal.

Seeing as Activated Charcoal hasn’t really been fully researched by dentists, the soft bristled tooth-brush works really well and keeps this method safe and low abrasive.

I found that after only three uses I could already really feel and see the difference. My teeth felt cleaner and my breath more fresh.

100% Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free, Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening – Removes stains from the surface of your teeth to significantly brighten your smile!

Usually, when I read these descriptions, they’re posted all over Instagram, I’m one to judge quite quickly. I think, are you just saying all of this just to make a sale?

From using La Lune Noire I have found that a They really do mean what they say on the tin and at an affordable price. This means I can spend the rest of my money on other things on the wish list.

I’m will definitely be using La Lune Noire in my daily routine from now on. A fully trusted brand for life.

Price list:

  • La Luna Noire Activated Charcoal powder: £14.99
  • La Lune Noire tooth brush: £4.99
  • La Lune Noire oil pulling mouthwash: £14.99

Anyway, I hope you can also give La Luna Noire a try. So worth it and so affordable!

Lots of love Sheps x

How to Thailand in two weeks

I’ve wanted to share with you my trip to Thailand for a while now and how we managed to Island hop in just two weeks but I’ve only had until now to type it all up. So here we go…

Not everyone gets to go travelling for 6 months or even a year, so a short trip had to make do and this holiday was just incredible. Although It was only two weeks we managed to visit quite a few places. We made sure we really made the most of exploring this beautiful country.

We decided to go on a budget but only with our hotels. The first night we made sure we had booked a hotel. We stayed right in the center of Koh San Road. Once we arrived, we literally chucked our stuff into our room and dashed out the door. Very over whelmed, we headed to The Beach. A bar at the end of Koh San Road. It was lively, there were loads of travelers, great music and yummy food. Just what we needed after a 15 hour flight. Once our tummies were full we headed out onto the main road and purchased our first bucket! Two buckets later… We ended up in a club dancing to EDM, then in Seven Eleven.

Following on from this, I managed to burn myself on a ham and cheese toasties…. I cried.  Waking up was painful.We got up at 13:00, severely jet lagged from our flight the day before. We ventured out and literally, ‘shopped until we dropped’. I’d definitely say Bangkok is the place to go in Thailand if you want to fill up your backpack with obligatory Thai pants. I think I purchased three pairs.

OFF TO Ko Pha-Ngan

One tip I would say to anybody flying to Thailand for just two weeks is: DON’T GET THE NIGHT BUS. We learnt that Thai people work on what travelers call, “Thai Time”. So when they say the journey is 8 hours, add on an extra 10 hours and a sore back. The bus was pretty painful but we got there in the end!


Finally we arrived. We stayed at a fab Hostel called Echo Beach. The rooms weren’t great and we had bunk beds but we met two amazing girls who we stayed with for most of our time with on the island.



Of course, you have to go here if you’re in Ko Pha-Ngan. Covering ourselves head to toe in glitter, we started at Echo Beach pre-drinking. The hostel was brilliant. There were deals on buckets, UV paint, music and games. I’m pretty sure that by the time we left for the actual full moon party, we were already a little merry.

The full moon was unbelievable. Full of color, lights, music, topped with 10,000 travelers all in high spirits and under the full moon. I one thousand percent recommend this. Especially if you enjoy the party scene. It was my second time and both times have been an experience I will never forget! Definitely a memory I will keep forever.


This island is breathtakingly beautiful. We spent our time here relaxing. We ate copious amounts of food, mountain and jungle trekked, snorkelled, watched fire dancers and the sunset every night … Then we ended up at a bar crawl. We won’t talk about that!

If you aren’t scuba diving in Koh Tao, this is my list of things to do and places to visit:


Mango Bay view point:


We did this on a rainy day because I think if we climbed 210 meters into the sky in the blistering heat, I would have died. To get to this view point, you have to go past the Fitness gym near Sairee Village and just keep going up. It’s steep. And the bugs up there are monstrous. But my goodness is the view worth it. There’s a mini Village at the top and they do charge you 100 baht so make sure you bring some cash and a water bottle so you don’t pass out.

Snorkelling day trip:

We ended our holiday on a high with this trip. The service was great, we visited four colourful reefs which we were able to snorkel around. The best part was that we saw so much sea life! Sharks, turtles and millions of tropical fish. Nang Yuang is another island we visited and it’s just so picturesque. When you’re here, make sure you climb the mountain for the view point! This was by far the best snorkelling spot as well. The short clip above just shows some of the fish we saw.


I think we ate at this restaurant five times? But there was a reason for it! The food is to die for and for only £5?! After a full day of snorkeling, jungle trekking or even if we were hungover, this place invited us in with warm and welcome arms. By the time our holiday had finished we had pretty much tried the whole menu. My personal favorite was the sausage and mash. Smooth and creamy mash with rich beef gravy and a side of buttered spinach. It also would have been rude if we didn’t try the Barracuda. One of the best fish dishes I have ever tasted. Very light and fluffy, slightly sweet but ‘oh so’ fresh. Tempting you? Who says you lose weight when visiting Thailand?

Hippo Burger Bistro:

My goodness these were burgers I can only fantasise about back at home. They had a menu of about eight to nine burgers all filled with fresh and juicy ingredients. I opted for the Dirty Harry which was filled with blue cheese, medium rare beef, tomatoes, caramelised onions, potato shredding and fresh salad, side of fries and sauce. OH EM GEE!!! Located just off Sairee main road. Getting hungry reading this yet?


Fizz Bar:

The perfect spot for an early dinner before heading off to the famous bar crawl. Here, we watched the sun set and dug into fresh Caesar salads, Nachos, morning- caught prawns on sourdough bread and freshly squeezed fruit juices. Nothing beats yummy food and a pretty views. OK, I’ll stop with the food posts now.

Fire dancing:

This seemed to be the early evening entertainment which everyone watches. Set right on the beach, the sea washing up to shore, Thai men show off their talents with fire breathing and throwing flames into the air.

Koh Tao Bar crawl:

We weren’t going to do this and in fact we didn’t end up getting tickets (450 baht) but we did end up going and joining in. It starts off pretty civilised but give it an hour and welcome to, BRITS ABROAD… I make it sound horrendous. It wasn’t. It was HILARIOUS. A definite must do if you are on Sariee Beach. At the end of the night we ended up playing beer pong in Fishbowl – A bar at the end of the beach filled with travellers. Considering I’d had a fair bit to drink, I amazed myself and won!



Pamper yourself:

Yes ladies, the spas here are lovely and it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket! We spent our rainy days mooching around here. We had manicures and pedicures. We even had time for a Thai massage. A definite trip worth making after all the travelling around. Rest those little paws of yours.





A little bit of a soppy end.

If you ever read this George, I had the best time with you and I know we had to put up with the horrendous night buses and long journeys but I wouldn’t have done it with anyone different! Love you tonnes!

Being able to write about my trip and share with you so many memories has made me realise, even more, how much of an amazing time I had. I wish In could do it all over again. For now, it’s onto my next adventure!

December, I will be spending just under a month in Australia with my boyfriend and his family and I cannot wait! Blog post to follow.


Lots of love Sheps xxx


So I’m not one to post about products but I have to tell you about this amazing make up collection I’ve recently collaborated with. If your someone like me, who works 5-6 days every week for 12 hours a day, then this long lasting, well priced make up is definitely the perfect addition to your hand bag!

I wanted to share with you my favorite products from the Technic range, as I think they are must-haves and are so affordable.
FX Strobe highlighter cream: Firstly, I’m a sucker for highlighters so getting to try this was great. Unlike powdered highlighters, the application is a liquid cream and light on the skin, which means I don’t feel caked in make up all day. It’s also great with almost every skin colour so anyone can use it!

Matt Lipstick pen: I never usually stray further than a nude lip, but this colour is just gorgeous! It’s easy to use and because it’s like a pencil, it doubles up as lip liner! What’s great is you can wear it thick or thin depending on if it’s night or day, you can apply to your preference. I’m definitely going to be collecting more of these pocket pencils!

Technics Professional blusher brush: This brush is perfect when using highly pigmented blush, because it is so soft and light it gives easy application. The angle of the brush means I can create a nice contoured look (which believe me I cannot contour).

Mega nudes, Natural Eyeshadow pallet: Oh my goodness!!!! The pigmentation in this pallet is insane! For daily use, I would probably compare it to Urban Decay! Unlike the urban decay palette, I would actually use every single shade and at a cost effective price I will definitely use again!

Mega Lash waterproof mascara: So I have only used this once so far so I am unsure on the lasting product life. However, so far the results have been amazing! Again, I work long hours so having a mascara which doesn’t fall down my face after a few hours is really important.

So, like I said, I’m not one to post about products, but definitely make a few purchases yourself and you’ll see what I mean at how worthwhile this make-up is!

Lots of love Sheps x

Melt in the mouth gooey chocolate brownies

So I really wanted to share with you my very own recipe for making the most mouth watering chocolate brownies. I was at home yesterday and was somewhat inspired test out my cooking skills for the afternoon. 

I ventured onto the ‘Tastey’ YouTube page. A new, easy to follow, vlogger who has hit the nations screens and become a cooking sensation. 

I found their own brownie recipe and started to follow the steps except I slightly tweaked the ingredients to suit my sugar cravings that afternoon. So here it is! I promise you won’t regret giving this recipe a go. I’m not a cook at all and this was my first attempt ever but my goodness these brownies are an emotional piece of heaven.


  • 8oz chocolate- make sure you use dairy milk chocolate chunks.
  • Butter: 3/4 cup (I used 6 large table spoons) 
  • Sugar: 1 1/4 cup
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 3/4 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup Bourneville cocoa powder
  • 180C for 25 mins

Note: A pint glass is the equivalent to 2 cups. So half a pint glass is 1 Cup. Metric measurements in link below:


  • Pre heat the oven to 180C conventional and cover a baking tray in grease proof paper.
  • Melt half your Diary milk over a sauce pan filled with boiling water, in a China heat proof bowl, on the stove until completely melted. (Please use an oven glove to remove the bowl) 
  •  Meanwhile mix up your butter (pref melted) and sugar until you have formed a creamy mixture.
  • Add the two eggs and continue to stir until a frothy formulae has formed.
  • Now siv in the flour and Bourneville cocoa powder into the mix. Slowly stir the mix whilst pouring in. The mixture should now look quite thick. (Note it is supposed to look thick, this will give the gooey texture at the end so don’t try adding water!) 
  • Finally, add the remaining, individually chopped, chocolate chunks into the mix and stir in.
  • Pour the goodness onto the baking tray and smooth down the surface. Feel free to add Malteser toppings for a crunch, or your own fancy, for an extra dose of heaven.
  • Let the baking commence- Place it on the middle shelf of the oven. Wait 25 minutes. Dip your prodding stick (knife) into the mix once the 25 minutes are up. It will look uncooked and some will stick onto the knife however, it is finished so no more cooking! 
  • Let it cool for a while…
  • EAT – served well with milk and strawberries. You may cry a little.

I really do hope this has been easy to follow. If you have any questions please do write in the comments as would love for you do try this recipe out! 

Lots of love and happy eating! 

Sheps X

Spontaneous day trips are always the best! 

So I thought I would tell y’all about my fab day I had with one of my good friends Shannon. We spent the day exploring Shoreditch and pretty much ate our body weight in food. I’m now In bed with a belly full of cookie dough!

Our first trip was to The Blues Kitchen. Basic, but a must when visiting East London. We started off with cocktails – A Bloody Mary and a Mojito. The Mojito was fresh, not too much ice and tasted how I’d like it. The Bloody Mary was a recommendation however, we each reluctantly  sipped the infused tomatoe juice and had no more… It was over done with too much pepper.

We both ordered a selection of appetisiers. Chicken Wings in Blue cheese Sauce, Tortilla Chips with Spinach, Artichoke and Parmesan dip, Sweet Potatoe fries and Calimari. The service was speedy and the food was hot. My personal favourite was the Tortilla chips. The sauce was hot and had a slight pesto twang to it. I love Pesto- Shannon enjoyed tucking into the calimari.

The only down fall was that there was a hair in the spinach and Parmesan sauce so I couldn’t finish my favourite dish! Yuck yuck yuck… I was deeply sad. The Waitress was very professional and took money off our bill. Thank goodness!

I’d say 7 stars out of 10 for this place!

Our next trip was to Naked Dough. A pop up bar purley for somebody with a sweet tooth. The concept was diverse and brought out my inner child. The pop-up literally just serve cookie dough with different flavoured toppings. I believe they had milkshakes too but I don’t think my teeth could have handled the sugar intake for one day.


  •    Unicorn Food
  •    Emoji Poos
  •    Nak- Ed Sheeran
  •    Mud bath
  •    Nuttin better
  •    Hazels nuts

I opted for Unicorn food, Shannon went for ‘Nuttin’ Better. I could only have a few bites until the pudding got quite sickly but lids are conveniently provided so you can tuck back into it later.


Lastly, we ended up at the Magic Rounda

bout. It took me a while to realize that we were literally on the roundabout of Old Street station to understand that was why it had its name. Very swanky, the music has a chilled vibe and a very lovely bunch of people to surround yourself with. The alcohol was reasonable – £20 for a jug of Pims’ had me at hello so I couldn’t complain.

The pop-up venue has a sort of Balearic/ edgy vibe with upside down umbrellas, disco balls and water foundations- accompanied by fake grass. Overall I love themed bars but it could have done with another seating area.

There were also a series of pop up food stools which I quickly made friends with. I headed straight over to the burger stand “burger bears” and opted for the

“grizzly bear” – Fresh burger, bacon, cheese, bacon jam in a bun and lettuce. There was also a potatoes skin pop-up.

9 out of 10 – I give this place an extra point for the array of vintage/floral/s**** shirts I saw. And there we have it! So our spontaneous day turned into our very own food festival. Three places I would for sure go back too. I have even come up with an idea for my Birthday which involves everyone purchasing a funky shirt. So be prepared if ya know me!


Love Shep’s!

Be Yourself

So I have been lying around the pool all day thinking about what got me started with this blog. It wasn’t until I realised the only reason is because I love writing.

Age shouldn’t matter:

I never thought being 23 years old I would be lying here writing a blog about various life motives and, erm by the the looks of it, food. But here I am enjoying every bit of it. It’s not just writing that I love, photography, discovering new places and countries, trying new foods, trying out new extreme sports. Whatever age you are, try something new. 

Don’t let them judge you:

I always hear people say no don’t do that it’s so “cringe” or, “you can’t do that”… Why not? Ladies and gents if it makes you happy then do it. Doing what you love helps you build confidence in yourself. It also helps you release your full potential or a talent you thought you never had! I love what I do for fun and I solely believe everyone should be able to do what they love without being questioned.

The leap of faith: 
It doesn’t matter if your’e not good at what you do. It doesn’t matter if people comment. It doesn’t matter if you’ll never make it to be famous. But why should it? I’ve come to conclusion that just by being myself and doing the things I love makes me the happiest person alive. I used to be so fussy with trying new foods and my parents always used to say, “If you don’t try it you’ll never know”. As a child I refused to eat pizza… PIZZA! Because there were, “small green bits” over it (herbs). Seriously?!? What was I thinking! Pizza is now my favourite food and hands down I could live off it solely for the rest of my life. My point is, I would have never known if I didn’t try it. So take that leap of faith! A silly story but the outcome says it all. Try new things and never say never.

Write a bucket list:

So I am obsessed with my bucket list. It’s filled with weird and wonderful places, new foods to try, hobbies to give a go and places to visit. This is a must have and since I have written one I have started to scratch things off. I have noticed that, not only an I happier on the inside, I have the best stories to tell my friends and families and I can certainly point you in the right direction for a dreamy ice cream!

 So I hope my babbling has given a few of you some inspiration to get out there and do what makes you love and try new things. Write that bucket list. Do it and let me know what you end up doing.

Lots of love Sheps X

First time for everything

So a lot of people would judge what me and the girls got up to today but we had so much fun. Getting behind and I front of the camera was a huge confidence booster for us all. I have collaborated a few favourites of the shots from today’s shoot below.

Location: We ventured over to Notting-Hill Gate and found some obligatory white pillared houses as our setting.

Clothing in today’s shoot: Jacket – Zara £25,99 Dress – Top shop £29 Shoes – New Look £15,99 Sunglasses – Amsterdam boutique