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Well hello there

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Some of you are most likely thinking, “nice of you to drop by Miss Shepherd!”

I am SO sorry I haven’t been active over on my blog however, I have had a rather eventful few weeks and I just haven’t stopped. But alas I’m back!

Which leads me onto telling you about a rather sexy diary that I think you need to get your hands on ready for 2019.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across what is quite possibly the most beautifully presented planner I have ever picked up.

I’ve always been a diary user. It wouldn’t feel like it was nearly the end of the year if I didn’t go and pick up some sort of bible to arrange next year in.

I’ve tried them all, those old leather back ones (too boring), my phone (get distracted), endless lose bits of paper (life starts to turn chaotic and I forget my shit)

Ella Iconic’s diary/ planner range has so much to give and so much to get out of.

I want to talk you through each page before you go investing in any form of diary this year.

The look

Let’s start out the shape and style. In the version I have, there are two styles. A weekly planner which is slightly smaller and doesn’t has as much of the bulky stuff in it or you can opt for the full size planner. This is the one I opted for as I really do like to keep myself organised. They vary in colour, so if you’re not as bland as me the range comes in coral, I’ve also seen a beautiful teal and Midnight blue. My favourite thing about all these planners is they are dripping in gold leaf… I’m an absolute sucker for gold so there we have it. In the famous words of Jerry Maguire, “You had me at hello.”

The pages

The main reason of loving this planner so much is because of how finally detailed yet easy to use the pages are. Each month is blessed with its own page to fill out your adventures, health notes, to do lists, shopping lists, a career progression plans. There are even motivational quotes that set you up for the day.

“Don’t limit yourself…”

It’s not just a planner its a book of memories 


You really can’t limit yourself with how beautifully structured this diary is. I cannot wait to fill up the pages and look back at the end of next year and see how much I have achieved. My favourite aspect about this diary and is why I am writing to you to say, go and get that as your loved ones Christmas gift is because of the memories it will hold. I’m going to call it a book of positivity.


Now I didn’t want to write too much as I know sometimes reading on a Sunday can be a little long when you’ve got a roast dinner to attend to or a hangover dominos order you need to collect from your front door. But when you have sometime, have a mooch around the site, I’ve linked below short cuts to both this diary and Ella Iconic’s new 2019 collection which is just to die for. Filling this diary out is going to be so satisfying, not to mention, it makes perfect for a little instagrammable flatly. And let’s face it, if its instagrammable it’s worthy.

The book I went for: TAP HERE

The new 2019 collection: TAP HERE

The main site: TAP HERE

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The wait is over! I have actually not been lazy for once and I have filly published my most favourite presets of all time. 1. because they can be downloaded to the Lightroom mobile version straight from your desktop and 2. I have used these on all my latest instagram posts.

I hope you like what I have made, I am so pleased to finally have these launched as I have been working on these for a long time.


*Once a purchase is made it is irreversable. All presets are under copyright of their rightful owner. Basic Lightroom knowledge is needed. Not all presets work perfectly with one click. Skin tones almost always need altering.

Click the below link to an older blog post for tips and tricks and basic Lightroom knowledge:

Read this is you are buying my presets 🙂

About these presets:

In this preset pack you will find my most favourite up to date filters that I have been using all over my instagram feed.

You get a total of 6 presets. Three strong and two subtle.

LS MILK – Great for everyday use. Bright, light and milky? It takes out yellow tones and gives your photo a creamy effect.

LS MILK BAHAMAS – Ready for holiday? this is the same as the above but puts back blues and turquoise into it for those holiday tones.

LS MILK BRIGHT BAHAMAS – A slight adaptation to the first one but better for original images with a lower exposure (darker images)

LS MILK STRONG BLUE – Works really well on deep ocean photos but play around with them all as they work on other sceneries not just the ocean!

LS BAHAMAS EVENING EDIT– Make a subtle, glossy different to your portrait photos. It tones down greens and gives the image a warm evening effect. (Can be used over other presets)

LS AQUA – Like the colour blue? This will naturally darken your tan and really bring out the turquoise waters on your holiday pics.

MILK has been created for everyday use along with additional holiday presets which, I created these during my trip to the Bahamas so, as blue is my favourite colour, it is stronger than other colours in these presets.


£35 for 6 presets. 


  1. Using Gumroad should be super easy and straight forward. Click the to buy option and then download the files onto your desktop. (Max or windows) These will be called DNG files which mean you can transfer them ( with the edits) straight onto your mobile.
  2. You need to have the mobile Lightroom version in order to use these filters so make sure this is downloaded first.
  3. Once they are on your phone, you will find that they are in your camera roll.
  4. Now open up Lightroom on your phone and open the DNG files into the editing screen on your mobile app.
  5. At the bottom you will find all of your editing tools. Scroll all the way to the right where it says [PRESETS]
  6. Click on the three … at the top right of your screen and click [CREATE PRESET]
  7. Name the preset what they are and click SAVE.
  8. You will now have your presets saved forever under the [USER PRESETS] section.



Read this if your buying my presets: Terms and Conditions and Q&A’s.

I thought I wold post this up for anyone wanting a little more information about my presets 🙂 I will add to it every time I get a new question!

T’s&C’s and how to’s:

**Please read this if you are purchasing any Preset Packs and individual presets.**

Terms and Conditions:

  1. To install presets you will need Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic CC in order for them to work. Lightroom Classic CC is the best as you have more control over your editing. Lightroom CC is a more simplified version.
  2. Once purchased, presets are non-refundable as presets can’t be uninstalled from a computer.
  3. A Simple knowledge of Lightroom is needed as each photo will need its own slight alterations in order for the preset to fit. 
  4. Not all presets work on all photos. Some colours are better suited for certain subjects.
  5. Payment is via GumRoad through a secure payment method. If you have payment or website issues, please contact Gum Road direct.

How to Q+A’s:

  1. Once purchased, how do I install your presets? Please use this link to see how presets are installed onto MAC or Windows: https://www.lightgram.com/install-lightroom-presets/
  2. I look Orange, how do I adjust my skin tone? For best results use Lightroom Classic CC. Scroll down to the colour toggle section > You will see an array of colours which look like this: > Move to the Orange tabs and drag the luminance up or down depending on how tanned you want your skin. 
  3. I have shot on my phone and the presets are too grainy. How do I stop this? Scroll down to both the sharpness and the grain tabs. Drag these both right down. In some cases you need to completely remove the grain as Iphone images will have a smaller resolution, this might not need grain added. You can add grain back into your image once you have uploaded the photo back onto your phone.
  4. Will you be creating more presets? I will be working on a Bahamas preset pack in July along with a few other singular presets. 
  5. Will your presets go up on price? I have made my presets affordable for everyone as I feel that once you have the hang of Lightroom, you will be well on your way to creating your own presets. These should help get you going. I won’t be increasing the prices of my current presets.
  6. How do I get your presets onto my mobile? I have found this link which should help you. I only use my laptop to edit and haven’t tried downloading my presets onto my mobile as of yet.
  7. Your preset doesn’t work on my photo, how come? All presets will be different on each photo. Each photo will need slight adjustments. Depending on the subject of your photo, some presets work better than others.

Click here to purchase my universal preset LS little edit: UNIVERSAL PRESET

Click here to purchase my colourful boosting preset pack: Colour Boosting Preset Pack

Furthermore, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have anymore questions.

How I edit my photos (FT my universal preset for £5!)

Oh my goodness finally I am writing this post! It has taken a while to build up a photo gallery to show you but I am so excited to finally share with you my secrets into how I edit my photos and take you through a day in a life of shooting content.

As you have probably already noticed, creating content is one of my all time favourite thing to do. I’d actually probably put it above blogging. Just! I still like writing for you 😉

My editing process is actually all vey similar with every single photo I post, so I’ll take you through step by step which techniques and the apps I use to finalise and create my edits.

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This has to be my all time fave editing platform as it allows me to turn the most dull and dreary of photos into colour popping master pieces. The first thing I do is add one of my pre-created presets that I have made from scratch. The main one I used if LS little edit which will be available for you to purchase on my Gum road at the bottom of this post! This preset is the most basic of my filters that I have made. It naturally tunes your photo and gives it a slight glow. I have kept the grain off this preset as I actually add my grain in after the next few apps if needed. I always make general adjustments to every single photo I post. Turning the highlights right down and bringing the shadows up will accentuate detail in hair and clothing whilst changing the white balance can create different mood lighting on the overall photo. Lastly, and the best part, is that you can make individual colours stand out through Lightroom. if you have a red top or a horrible blue/grey sky, you can alter the colour toggles to create some really exciting colours which make your photos really pop! Yes, I know I use the word ‘pop’ too much. *I pay £9 per month for Lightroom but its one of the best investments I made for my editing process.
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The next stage of my editing process will come at a surprise to you as I actually use acetone to blue my images and also add detail/ clarity into areas of my post. I love this part as it can really give your photo a focal point and brings in some beautiful depth of field. Adding detail to fashion posts is ideal as you can highlight certain aspects of your post such as bags and shoes which need extra attention. And no I don’t use face tine to “tune my face”.
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The last and final touches go onto my image in Snapseed and it is a simple addition of tonal contrast which give me images that HDR finish.

Here is the before and afters at each stage of editing:

The original:

Lightroom: Colour correction

Facetune: Blur and detail

Snapspeed: Tonal contrast and finishing touches

You’ll notice that I only make slight adjustments in the final two apps and that the majority of editing happens within Lightroom. Lightroom is my bible when it comes to editing. It’s where the magic happens.

Here are some before and afters using my new Preset for Lightroom. If your happy with what you see, click on here —->>>  Buy my product ,to purchase for just £5! You’ll see that this preset works on an all round basis and you can use it on pretty much any photo with slight tailoring.

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Lastly, here are some before and after images using my latest preset! I hope you enjoy 🙂


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My Preset Pack is finally here!

So for a while I have promised you that I would finally sell my presets. And they are finally ready! I am super nervous but I hope you like them and most of all have fun with them 🙂 Make sure you’re happy and you’ve read the below before scrolling down to purchase 🙂

These presets are designed to bring a pop of colour into your images and for those who like a tan, I got you covered!

I want to go through a few outlines before you go purchasing them as not all presets work on every photo. I have 14 available presets for just £20! I didn’t want to charge so high like other editors as I think they are honestly just as easy to make once you get the hang of Lightroom  but I wanted to share with you the ones I use to make my instagram full of colour. Most of which come with a slight grain, give you a tan and if you love adding a splash of colour to your imagery, it’ll turn the vibrance up so your images pop!

Each preset is labelled according to the original photo I did the very first edit on. For example, LS J1 Blue to Turquoise/ Add tan… Well you get the picture. Literally.


  • Presets are not refundable
  • Basic knowledge of Lightroom required!
  • Each preset will need slightly adjusting according to the image used.
  • Presets work best in RAW but also work on JPEGs
  • You need the desktop Lightroom version for windows or MAC which is about £9 per month from Adobe. Trust me though, its a worthwhile investment if you want groovy photos. I will look into how to add them onto the free Lightroom mobile app!
  • Skin tones can be adjusted in the colour adjustments section to change the shade of your skin (Use the orange luminance tool for best results by shifting the colour up for less tan and down for a darker more prominent glow) Other colours can be altered here too.
  • If the image is too grainy, you can turn the strength down using the grain adjustment tool.
  • Using the individual brush tool will allow you to manipulate certain sections of your image with out altering the rest. E. g bringing the subject to the front field (usually works by bumping up the exposure a bit and turning down the highlights.
  • Most of all, have fun and enjoy creating!!

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Below are some before/after shots of my presets in action.

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Buy my preset pack here