It’s remarkable what a common cold can do to one’s brain after having lots of sleep and drowning in scrunched up used bog roll. (Gross I know)

New Year’s Day. Always a funny one in my eyes. I always imagine the nation in complete zombie mode after the festive season has put them through, some people might say, a ravenous period of indulgence.

Nevertheless, our poor souls have sat slumped in front of the telly watching shit films and compiling a productive New Years resolution list together. Which looks something like this:

1. Join gym

2. Eat healthily

3.Dry January (attempt)

4. Drink lots of water

5. Save save save …

6. Self-love

Yeh I know right? January has always been a bit of a dull month, not to mention half my family has their birthdays in January so number 5 can come off my list for another month.

It’s crazy to think that this time last year I was in Australia with my boyfriend and his family. I was a little worse for wear but that hangover definitely beats the cold and chest infection I currently have this year. I saw 2019 in stone cold sober which was a surreal moment for me seeing as the last few years I’ve woken up not remembering a thing. But hey, at least I didn’t have my head in a bin this year regretting the percentage of alcohol consumed.

The reason I thought I’d write this is that I’ve noticed a lot of us speaking about self-love. Whether you found it last year or you’re only just putting it into action for 2019, I too am on the path to find self-love.
2018 has been an insane year for me. I’ve learned a lot. Gained some lifelong friends via the out favorite and most loved social media platform… Guessed it? Oh, you’re too clever! Of course, Instagram has become a portal for many opportunities for me. I’ve gained a part-time job as well as some people I’d call some of my best friends, I’ve found that I have a niche for creating Lightroom presets and I bloody love taking photos and creating content.

One thing I never found really was self love. I mean, I am happy. I am very happy and I have never been in a place before within myself to say that I am fully content. However, I also seem to have got so warped in this little app that I have forgotten to look after my physical and mental health.

Self-love isn’t about looking in the mirror at the vanity. To me, it’s working out who you really are and where you see yourself in 5 years time.
This year I am looking forward to reading a good book and putting my phone down after 9 pm without fail.

This year I am looking forward to heading down to the gym after work and at the weekends and looking after my body.

This year is the year I will travel. I want to look up from my phone and see the world more.

This year I will fill my bullet journal up and educate myself.

This year I will find self-love before anything.

I wrote a blog post this time last year about social media and how our generation has become so involved in these tiny little squares. A parallel universe between expectation and reality. I am smacking myself for almost forgetting my own words I wrote!


Upon reflection, 2018 has been a rather eventful one to the day the least. I moved in with my two best friends, boogied at festivals, I started earning money through my blogging and even switched jobs.

It’s been a crazy year for every one of us.

Brexit has swamped news headlines, whilst we had the beast from the East back in March and thank fuck he left! Will we experience the beast from the east part 2 March 2019? In Summer we encountered quite the sweatiest heatwave in recorded history. We even saw 12 boys rescued from a cave back in June… I bet you forgot that one didn’t you!

We almost made football history since 1966 as we played Croatia in the Semifinals…

We had ANOTHER Royal wedding, which made most watched tv history. Although it didn’t quite grip me, I think I was preoccupied with a glass of Prosecco at Pergola on the roof in Paddington.

Turning 25:

2017 seems so very far in the past yet it seems that only yesterday myself and my best friend Zoe said that turning 25 would be our year. A year to remember and a year of big things.

So I sit here this evening writing for the first time in just over a month (bad me) thinking about what 2019 will bring.

Note to self:

I want you to read this back at the end of the year (set reminder on mobile for a years time with funky alarm tune) and write a list of everything you have achieved just like the below list for 2018 and give yourself a round of applause.

I’d like to hope that you’re reading this in the same spot that you wrote this – In the comforts of your bed. Here are a few of your achievements:

You started earning money through your passion

You moved in with your two best friends

You hit 10K then 15K by your birthday

You’ve started a new job in social media marketing which you love

You didn’t learn Spanish like you said you would in 2017 but you gave it a good go! You can order 5 beers and that’s okay!

You’ve learned to keep organized

Thank goodness, that little savings bank has finally started to fill up!

Through blogging you’ve made some lifelong friends

It’s the first year you haven’t struggled for money or been in debt

You’ve found a new hobby keeping a bullet journal and have got back into art.

Finally got to go to Reading Festival

So what will 2019 bring?

As 2018 free to an end I’ve learned one huge thing. Self-love. I sometimes forget to love myself. A lot of the time I’m hard on myself and forget about all the things I have achieved and all the things I am working towards.


Join the gym

Eat more greens

Drink more water



Head off to more events

Spend more time with loved ones and friends

Switch off from Social media at 9 pm


Be blogging part-time

Get to 50K by the summer

Find your niche – Could it be editing and inspo? Could it be happiness and self-love?

Pre plan more flat lays for lifestyle work
Expand my preset catalog


Save £10,000 by the summer

Utilise more vouchers

Travel funds?

– Set to separate savings account for that future mortgage


Take every day as it comes

Count your blessings

Be positive

A problem shared is a problem halved


Not important.

Work and blogging are great and has helped with a lot of things but I always need to remind myself why I started in the first place.

To spread positivity and happiness but to also share real experiences and stories and to create a bank full of memories.

So really this message is a reminder to myself but also to everyone and anyone.

Don’t forget to love yourself first and the rest will follow.

Right, so I am off!

Time to unblock my nose and take some of that awful night nurse and hit the hay…

Sweet dreams and here’s to 2019! X

It’s okay to fail multiple times

Hello Chickens

Well isn’t it a divine Monday morning! Suns out, let’s all have a kickass week!

This is something I’ve wanted to discuss with you for a while now. Only because failing and changing my mind seems to come second nature to me. Might as well eat the two phrases for lunch and dinner. (I don’t like breakfast).

For years I had no bloody clue what I wanted to do with my life. When I was younger, all I wanted to be was a vet. I loved animals (I still do) As a teenager, it was all about learning a musical instrument, guitar, piano… I quit them both. I turned to sport and genuinely thought I’d found my forte in cross-country, then hockey came along, well I quit those too. Nothing stuck. I thought I was failing, people never took me seriously because I always had a different game plan, a new adventure I wanted to explore. (Miss Dora the explorer over here)

But it wasn’t until recently that I realised, it’s okay to try out new hobbies and have new career aspirations. Why? Because we aren’t at the finish line yet. The beauty of it is we are all learning things about ourselves every single day. We adapt, we change, we mould into the people we are.

Now, I’m no wise old man but I know I have learnt one thing growing up. Its damn right okay to fail. It’s what makes us stronger, try harder with what we want to succeed in.

We spend years working it all out, we stress and worry over exams, our grades, schooling, that part time job. We think fuck it I don’t have a clue what I want to do with my life. But that time comes with trial and error and each time we fail and try new things we broaden our horizons and open new doors.

Today I sit writing this smiling, smiling about the fact that I will still fail at things in years to come but in years to come I will have also developed and progressed so much more than the person sat here today.

It’s like with writing. I scrolled to the bottom of my blog this evening and decided to read my very first post. It made me emotional, proud of my present self and how far I’ve come. (NGL it was also quite humorous to read little novice me’s first blog post). Never did I think I’d be sat over a year on writing about my progression. I am ever so happy about it. My personal note to you is:

You should be too.

I sit in a community of bloggers and friendships that have grown alongside me doing what they do best and I’m grateful to see everyone succeeding in what they love.

So remember this week, next week and whenever you think to yourself, “I have failed”. Take a step backwards and look at how far you’ve come. And more importantly, how far you will go.

Happy Monday chickens x

A little reminder…

I’ve been through some life experiences recently which have reminded me how lucky I am and how lucky a lot of us out in this day and age.

Although it’s tough to get a mortgage and rather expensive to purchase the local groceries these days, I wouldn’t say I’m hard done by at all.

I sat sunbathing in the park, magazine in hand, packed lunch and gossiped under the sun with Zoe (Hey Zo if you’re reading this) We spoke about how lucky we were. We are moving in together, we can put food on the table, we have jobs which we love, a great bunch of friends and a loving family. We have days like today where we can engross ourselves in deep conversation.m and enjoy living in the moment. (Rahhh I sound like I’ve been hanging out with Eyal from Love Island) It’s these things which I feel lucky about today.

Everything else on top is just an added bonus 🙊💗

I hope you all have a lovely week and look forward to speaking soon xxx

A social media holiday you say?

So… What did Lauren do next?

This little snippet is about taking a break from social media and how it’s been one of the best holidays I’ve had this year. So go on have a read 🙂

Sounds daft right? One of the best holidays I’ve had this year? Get a life Lauren. No literally. Social media can wrap you up so tightly in your own little world, it can do some serious suffocating to your mental and physical health.

This week I took a break from Instagram. I shut down everything and deleted the app from my phone. POOF! I came to realise over the week how much I really did rely on instagram from the moment I started to pointlessly check my phone out of habit to click onto the home screen page of the social media hype IG.

On the first day of my Instagram ban I found myself pick my phone up to check the app over 10 times. Wow. Unhealthy right? And for that reason I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the whole Instagram saga. For however long it lasts, instagram will forever be a part of most people’s lives and for bloggers such as myself we are forever grateful for what the app has been able to do for us.

But, there’s always a but. As Instagram plays that huge role in what we do for work, we can never have a break. It becomes a huge part of life. Which is why at the beginning of last week I made the decision to delete the app off my phone and well and truly go social media free for the week.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough and I’ve had PR agencies and brands emailing me with new contracts that i have turned down because I just need a screen free time.

And what an amazing week I have had. For a start, I’ve made healthier meals, I’ve gone to the gym, signed up to my local library (hey, don’t laugh), I’ve even picked up a sketch pad and pack of pencils and started drawing again for the first time in 7 years. Bearing in mind I also work Monday to Friday so I am also cramming all of this into my evenings which, can I say, felt so free.

So what I am trying to get at is, blogger or no blogger, instagram fanatic to Twitter whizz, having a break from social media can actually feel like a mini holiday.

It’s crazy to think our generation 10 years ago lived with dial up internet and a Motorola sliver and still managed to meet up with our friends. I mean, we did have bebo and MySpace but were we really as wrapped up in those as we are in today’s social apps?

My top tips to having a mini social media holiday:

• Delete all social media apps.

• Set a start and end date.

• Start a new hobbies in-between. Maybe head to the gym or do some art? Or even learn a new cooking recipe!

• See friends more in person instead of on a screen.

• When your break is over, still spend less time on the apps.

At the beginning of last year I took the plunge into blogging and voicing my thoughts and opinions across social media and instagram became my largest way of broadcasting my messages and brand awareness and I will forever be grateful for the app. But I will always remember to look after myself and keep a balanced lifestyle.

Instagram has ways of getting many of us down in the dumps. For example, the recent engagement algorithm. Instagram just isn’t pushing posts out and I have had a lot of conversations with girls, including myself, saying are my photos just not good enough? Am I not pretty enough? Instagram shouldn’t be making our generation feel anxious and negative. It was originally designed to make people smile, to share creative content for all our followers to see. The issue is too many people are abusing the system and it’s now become a following game for a lot of people. Which is why we shouldn’t take it too seriously and step out the negativity ring.

I have learnt a lot about the app from working with brands and speaking with bloggers and friends over this year and if there’s one thing I will always remember, Is to always keep the fun element at the front of your mind. Do it because it makes you happy and make sure you lead a balanced lifestyle.

Ps this is me happy about the fact I live my life how I want and it feels goooooddddd 🙂

A letter to my best friends 🍓

Caution this is about to get ultra soppy but really real.

Some of the best days I have ever spent alive are with my best friends. I only have a handful but who needs hundreds of good friends when you can have a few super duper human beings in your life.

Some of of you who are reading this will know that this message is for you.

Here’s what makes a best friend in my eyes:

Dear Best friend,

A best friend is someone who is your soul mate, your mirror image. They know when your happy or sad, angry or elated. Hurt or lying. They know what your saying by just the blink of your eyes. They laugh at your unfunny jokes and are just as weird as each other.

You share private jokes, secrets and share memories that will last a lifetime. Memories that are only special between you.

When your drunk, they’ll hold your hair back but then film your drunken self to show you the next morning. They’ll feed you crumpets to sober you up and you’ll make them breakfast in the morning.

They’ll go wild on a night out and spend hours talking nonsense and about all your future plans you have together to travel the world.

You’ll make mistakes and learn from each other, be a shoulder to cry on, you’ll argue at times but both will always say sorry just because you just love them too much and can never stay mad at them.

You can draw art in the park, listen to the birds and walk for hours getting lost but you don’t care because your having he best of times.

Best friends are real, they’re the realest of loves and will be there through family fallouts, boyfriends and arguments between yourselves.

You’ll talk about everything and anything in detail, get into trouble together and help each other when needed the most.

If you’re reading this now, and know I’m speaking about you, then it makes me one happy bunny that I get to have you in my life.

Here’s to more memories, laughs, cries, cuddles, fights, drunken nights and watching the stars together.

Here’s to the rest of our lives.

Lots of love


The truth behind phones and social media and how they can affect your health. (My Story)

Do you get caught up over Instagram? Not everyone can relate to what I’m about to write about but I can assure you that the majority of our generation are hooked on their mobile phone and social media with just the click of a button. Yikes!

I can easily spend hours scrolling through Instagram comparing photos, getting inspired by content but the eye awakening truth is that it does sometimes get me down. I think my thumbs will one day will need their own sabbatical from all the typing and scrolling i do. Sounds dreamy.

The real world:

Last week, I took the time to spend it off Instagram and just have a break from the business side it is slowly turning into. It’s been quite a strange yet calming experience which leads me into why I am writing this blog post because I also felt anxious that I would lose so-called “engagement” in the week i speant off of it. And you know what? I did! I was so down in the dumps, I was stuck in a rut but it made me stop and think. I thought about ‘real’ life and what truly is important. The stuff which isn’t behind a glass screen. The real stuff. Really likes, real love, real friends and family and real conversations. I took the time to message old friends and focus on clearing my head. It’s strange how one man created such an intense global social media platform that it almost runs this world. Crazy in fact! I thought, what would happen if they just took away instagram? From speaking with a number of people nowadays, Facebook is now just used for watching funny videos and laughing about endless memes. Wasn’t Facebook’s sole purpose to connect with friends? It’s doing the opposite now and I light of the recent news has repelled most users away from it due to being an untrusted platform.

We had pretty good weather last week so I sat outside to eat my lunch for a second before going back into the office. I put out my phone in my bag for once instead of having it glued to my hand and I looked up to notice the world go by around me.

The sun was shining, everyone was in a good mood, BBQ aromas filled the air, the park commons in London were filled with endless picnic groups. I heard laughter and saw people playing football. And then I realised and said out loud, “holy shit”. To my surprise an old lady turned around and gave me a ghastly look of disapproval for my fowl mouth but I didn’t care too much.. I thought, had I have been on my phone, I wouldn’t have taken this all in. I would have been munching away at my sandwich liking endless photos of girls in bikinis, making myself feel even more self conscious about my body, but I didn’t need to. Instead I was seeing the real world with real likes and real laughter and it made me feel so happy.

I think sometimes I can forget about these small things and having moments of realisation like this is a real eye opener. If you haven’t already, you should try it some time.

Content block:

A real bug bare of mine. I have spoken to a fair few people who have been in the same situation on a number of occassions. For those of you who don’t know what content block is, it’s when you just cannot for the life of you think of post ideas, blog posts, where your next job is coming from or even how to get inspired. You get yourself into a rut and my god do you end up feeling like an anxious pile of shit. But why do we do it to ourselves? This weekend I have taken a step back and have decided to just let my posts come naturally. If I want to have a week off to clear my head then I will. Self love and happiness is so Important. In my opinion, I think a lot of us post photos because we want everyone else to like them. But what about you liking them? Is it really what you like or are you doing it to please others. To me, posting something that I like, when I want and where I want is far healthier than making yourself worry about how many likes a photo can achieve. I’ve seen a lot more bloggers/ people take a step back recently and as a result it’s helping them create some insane content. So I think, let it come naturally. Don’t force it and just have fun. When you take a step back and relax the ideas will naturally come flooding in.

Taking time for yourself:

Since writing full-time along with a full-time job I also pursue and love, it becomes quite pressuring to meet deadlines, clear my inbox and just generally relax. Its is so important in this day and age to stop saying “I am so busy” all the time because the truth is, I’m not! Social media can also tie me down due to infinitive blog posts and collaborations. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love doing it and it is a passion of mine but sometimes hitting the “off” button is well and truly needed.

Is Instagram the cause of my insecurities?

The answer is most likely. I used to compare my body for hours to thousands of girls plastered across the internet in bikinis and perfectly contoured faces. Over my first year of blogging I have learnt that it’s one of the most unhealthy traits in this day and age that any young person can have. I used to become jealous and resent my own body and the tiniest of flaws. I would sit there feeling sad and uncomfortable in my own shell just because I was, ‘too small’, or I thought my ‘teeth were too big’ HA! The truth is I still do sit there like ‘Mr grumpy Gills’ sulking about how I feel but I’m quick to snap out of it. As do most other girls, there is nothing wrong with any of us! The internet has become a judgmental place of stereotypical airbrushed, photoshopped, waist sucked in models. All I ask for, is for you to take a step back and rid these comparisons from your feed and only follow what inspires you. It’s a pure and simple health trick and life change I made and damn I feel good about eating this cupcake right now. We need to feel good about ourselves, don’t compare yourself to someone who is completely different to you. You are unique and beautiful in your own way.

Put your phone away! 

Now this is getting super honest. The other day I ended up feeling bad because I know my dad really hates it when me and my sisters sit there on our phones whilst its family time. He got a tad angry with us. He will probably be reading this post right now thinking,  “yep I sure did get mad”, so I’m sorry! He is bloody right though. Family time happens only once a week, if that, as all of us are extremely busy most of the time. Leaving our phones in the hallway (including mum, yes you!) is sometimes the best thing   and I have come to learn. Family is everything and technology can get in the way sometimes. Unless it’s for a funny family selfie of course!

So thats that. I thought I would share my personal experiences and hiccups with social media and technology in the hope that people don’t feel so alone and know we all expoericen very similar situations in life. So on that note I will leave you with one scary question that I mentioned at the beginning. What if one day technology and social media disappeared. Could you live without it?

Much love, now get back to your instagram stalking! xxx

Why a small town Called Jávea / Xavier could be your next holiday

I’d never even heard of Jávea until my boyfriends parents rented an apartment here for 6 months. If you’re looking for, instagrammable pink sunsets, divine food, boutique shisha spots, picturesque beaches and tat markets, Jávea has it all for you.

We left rainy, England, snowy England, everything but nice England and headed to Jávea just south of Valencia for a week. I under packed but that’s okay, the weather permitted me to stay in my bikini for the duration luckily!

Day 1. Beach day: It was a simple day, picnic cold pizza pre made by myself, fresh OJ and watermelon all packed and cool boxed. We sunbathed and relaxed all day and enjoyed cold pizza by the ocean.

Day 2. Market day: The market was filled with typical tat stools. Fruit and veggies to wicker bags, flamenco dresses and ornaments you only buy if you’re typically a parent. You know those metal colourful lizards you see which hang up on the outside wall on the porch at home? Yep them. We sipped wine and fluffed beer at a family run winery where we promptly left after two wasps 🐝 decided to start buzzing around our glasses. Teasing us with their terrifying buzzing noises, although pretty sure they were more scared of us… A couple of yards down an old winding pathway we found a beautiful church. We found out records date it back to 1244 and it comes by the name of Saint Bartolome the ancient Church Javea. It was truly magnificent. We sat and ate lunch just by it so we could admire the architecture and our surroundings. If your looking to grab a lovely lunch after exploring the markets, I’d highly recommend here. The food is great and the scenery is very instagrammable (come on guys you know that’s what your after anyway.. Right?) • The markets run every Thursday 9am-2pm.

Day 3. We climbed to the light house and the views were sensational: Yep we did it! I can’t say I wore the most appropriate of attires. Converse, a skirt and swimsuit completed with a small handbag…. Not the best mountain hiking wear. The walk took about 55 minutes in total. And that was just upwards. The views at the top were breath taking. The world below us looked like a little paper town. So small and perfectly pieced together. We took in our surroundings and glugged the remainder of water we had with us and stopped for some quick snaps. Perfect memories captured. Where to go: To get to the entrance, walk straight past Javea port until you get to a sign pointing up (duh). There are two routes. We took the long one which is less steep and was not knowingly more tailored to my choice of outfit. There’s another route which takes 15 minutes but, unless you don’t get vertigo, I’d take the longer route!

Sunsets in Jávea: They’re certainly not to miss. If you sit my the port, it’s as if you’re in LA. Pink fluffy clouds and pale yellow hues fill the sky with unicorn colours. Dreamy right?

Day 4. Easter Brekky, Rocky beaches, Sushi and Camembert: We started the day off right. Easter breakfast. A full English, fresh paste dies, strawberries, ON freshly squeezed and chocolate Easter eggs. The day is off to s good start.

There’s something I’ve figured about the people of Jávea love. The first thing is everyone seems to have a bloody tea cup Yorkshire terrier… The second thing is they LOVE fried Camembert. Good news is so do I. I’ve eaten it every day this week. Guilty. But that’s fine, I’m on holiday. Another beautiful thing about Javea is the rocky beaches. Waves splash gently against them and what’s magical is you can sit close to the shore line without getting wet. The black rocks have indents, perfect to sit and lie in, from the waves hitting the outer layers and creating rock crevasses. Perfect wind blocks! If you’re ever in Jávea, head to the bottom of the Arenel where you’ll find the most divine restaurant. They serve a variety of Mediterranean dishes alongside sushi and of course Camembert! The restaurant is named La Bambula click here to get more information.

Ps. This is the real me, sulking because the wind was blowing too much for a photo. Courtesy of the Boyf.

Day 5. Lake Guadalest: Id never heard of this place before. I didn’t even know places like this could exist in countries like Spain! About 1 hour 20 away from Jávea, through winding roads, a shed load of roundabouts and narrow village streets, Lake Guadalest took our breath away. Right in the middle of the mountains this turquoise lake sits alone. It gets it turquoise colouring from the salt rock. I haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time. Birds, bees, the sound of trickling water running through the aqua coloured stream. Literally heaven on earth. I can’t quite express how beautiful it is without telling you go physically go there and see for yourself.

Home time: Has come so soon for us, I’m super sad. But we’re coming back in June for round two! Jávea, you’ve been a blast! I’d love to answer any questions you might have if you’re thinking of travelling to this beautiful town. There will also be a YouTube video up in the next few days about our stay, so make sure you’re subscribed to my CHANNEL and be the first to see! ⚓️🍏🌊

Lots of love!

Why I quit my money making job to follow my dreams

It was a super tough one because the job I had was great. It paid the bills, it was well paid, my colleagues were always enthusiastic and moving forward. But there was something that I couldn’t justify in my head. Was this job what I really wanted to do? Did I want to settle for money over following my dreams and my own personal passions?

Let me get this straight. I stuck at my previous job role for the best part of 6 years. To say the least it comes down to the company and people around you. And what was so thrilling was to work with so many passionate people who loved their job. But deep down, I knew, in my heart that I needed something creative.

Time is a precious factor for me, I love to see family, friends, I adore ‘me’ time. And if you don’t know what me time is then I suggest you pick up your favourite novel, watch your favourite film, grab a face mask, a glass of wine and stop reading because you need to experience ‘me time’ RIGHT NOW. It’s the best of the best.

It’s not easy changing jobs, I have had my struggles, ups and downs, I had to alter my lifestyle choices and change is something that I don’t take easily. But a few months down the line, I’m slowly starting to get to grips with my new job role (Still within the same company) and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Last year I think I hit a rock bottom and had a slight dramatic panic attack. I sat myself down and thought, shit, I’m soaring through my twenties and I’m not following my dreams. I got all emotional and started quoting cliché quotes in my head like, “you only live once!”. It was then I said to myself now it’s time to make a change.

Time is a precious thing. We only get one life, one purpose, one chance to make a difference, to plant our seed in history. I’m no entrepreneur, world class life speaker or in anyway shape or form have I made it in life. All I want to do is to be happy. And yes! Don’t get me wrong money can help, in fact it does help and I’m not writing this post to say there’s a right or wrong answer but what if. What if you were to follow your dreams that one day your passion and love would turn your dreams into money. You’d never feel like you were working a day in in your life!

My new job has given me time to focus on my passions and do what I love. Blogging and creating content! I can create content to my hearts content, brainstorm crazy ideas and meet people I never dreamed of meeting. Had I of never taken the leap to change I would always be thinking, but what if?

My top tips for taking it step by step to follow your dreams:

Do your research: Real talk. It can be all well and good leaving a well paid job that you’ve suck at for years so make sure you research, look into salary’s, what you will earn and what you can earn.

Make sure you have money saved: If your changing jobs, make sure you have some emergency funds saved. You don’t want to switch then realise you can’t live!

What are your passions? Your skills? If you haven’t quite decided what exact job you want. Start somewhere which gives you the ability to learn more in what you love and explore your options.

Don’t quit unless your sure! Yep! It took me a while before I finally took the plunge. I researched, I saved, I spent my weekends getting back into my hobbies to realise a change in job was what was needed.

Speak with family: Ask them questions. What do they think? Do they support you and think it’s a worthwhile investment? After all, this is a big move so doing the right thing is key.

Make sure it’s going to make you happy: A lot of people hunk the grass is always greener. Make sure that the switch you’re going to make is worthwhile and the right one.

Lastly, have fun! The best part about your change is that you’re going to have fun, experience new things and learn new skills. Have fun in the process! Your following your dreams right?

I find it so brilliant that each of us have our own passion. One could want to be a scientist while the other write poetry. We are all different and that’s what makes us unique and most of all, it’s what keeps the world spinning. It gives us knowledge and power!

I’d love to know if you’ve done something similar and hear your stories on something you might have changed!

Let me know ☺️💗

I have absolutely no idea what i’m doing

So this is a bit of a truth post now. About all this blogging malarkey. In a months time I’ll be wishing my little space on the internet a very happy Birthday. Of course I’ll be celebrating as a year in the making of, well, me is a truly big thing for me.

When I started my blog almost a year ago I literally just started it as a “new year new me” resolution and I never thought I would be still typing up my thought process this far down the line. But here I am and my passion and love for it grows stronger and stronger. My writing skills have improved dramatically but no doubt there will still be typos and misspelt words within this very blog post. But who gives a crap!

I have learnt a ten tonnes of stuff along the way and I am still learning a lot on what blogging is all about but the truth is it’s all still very alien to me. It’s been a gift being able to learn on the job. Learning new writing styles, where to put a comma, what to write about, what to post, what to wear, who to write to, who’s my audience, am I doing this right? And so forth. The list is endless but so exhilarating when at the end of each post I know that I have done this. I have created this all from that little pea brain of mine. Trust it’s a small brain.

So that leads me into my next thought. I have had some amazing messages and comments on both my content and writing and it brings me absolute joy that you, yes you, have been reading my hard work. The praise is phenomenal so I couldn’t thank you more. You’ve asked me how I do it? How do I start up a blog? Well leading back to the title of this post, I have no bloody clue! Nada!

However, I wanted to share with you my best advice from what I have learnt and hopefully it’ll help you start your own, I guess, online diary about you!

Be you:

There’s nothing worse then seeing someone’s beautiful personality being shattered because they want to be like someone else. My biggest and most important message is to just be you. Find something personal about yourself, something interesting that someone (or you) would like the read and see. The best bloggers are authentic and each to their own and I love that personal touch.

Don’t say yes to every brand:

There will come a point that brands will want you to promote their stuff by either gifting or paying you which is absolutely amazing. It’s ok to say no sometimes, if you don’t value or trust the brand don’t post? It’s a thing I have picked up along the way. If you yes yes to everything you begin to look like an online shopping portal like eBay or Amazon and you lose your sense of personal touch. Value your loved brands 💗

Find yourself:

LOL! Did I actually just title this section “find yourself”? Well, to be honest it’s true! Blogging has kind of taught me who I am, what my interests are, slowly, I am developing my own theme across my blog and social media which fits me and who I am. It’s a trial and error process but exciting when you finally figure it out!

Put your phone down:

Head space. Keep your head clear at the most part of times as it will help you think more. I tend to put my phone on flight mode when it gets to a certain point in the evening. A good nights sleeps is well needed especially when you’re the type of person who can’t switch off.

Doodle pad and notes:

Here I am again nattering about my notepads but they honestly work. Write down your ideas when your out and about if you have a brain wave for a blog post. You’ll never go short on what to write! It’s also great to doodle in.

Write from the heart:

God these titles are getting a wee bit cringe now aren’t they? There’s nothing more noteworthy when a blogger writes from the heart. You can tell there is care and it’s all the more distinctive to read. Be passionate and don’t do it just because it’s ‘work’.

I guess you could almost say I am writing this as reminders to myself as well as just for you! I’d love to say that I have cracked the whole blogger scene but truthfully I am still in the process of learning the ins and outs and the rights from wrongs.

The most important thing for me is that I have found something which pushes me to the limits and beyond, its something I am proud of and finally I can say I have a passion for something.

ℍ𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪 𝕊𝕒𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕕𝕒𝕪 𝕞𝕪 𝕞𝕠𝕠𝕟 𝕓𝕖𝕒𝕞

Oh and here’s some photos of me which are totally unrelated but the beret was pretty chic so here this are:

Who still uses journals? ME!

Hello my beautiful moon beam! So the last time I wrote to you I spoke in my first paragraph about having a ten tonne of diaries, journals and notepads just because I like to keep, ‘hella’ organised. – No, I’m not over exaggerating, I genuinely have three pads I write in.

One of the three notebooks is quite possibly my blogger baby. She comes with me everywhere, I flick through her in the evening and in the morning I make sure she’s ready for the day…

My Happiness Journal!

Now before I go on, this is not an ad or any sort of collaboration what so ever. I brought this sassy little lady with my own pocket money and she’s been treasured since the beginning of this year.

Sorry… Why on earth am I referring to a book as a female? No clue. But she’s mine and I love her so I’ll let you read on.

Meet the Happiness Pad by KIKKI. K… Oh my wow, as I like to say because, no likes blasphemy!

This book is just your step away to realising how great your life has been and how great it’s going to be. There are different chapters/ fun exercises, prompts, planners. You can write a reverse bucket list; this is a list of everything you have already achieved which has brought you great happiness.

If you’re after a pad which will help you set your monthly goals and achievement, make you more aware about how great you are, because sometimes it’s nice to be reminded by you, then this book is so perfect for you.

I mean, I love this book so much we had our photos taken together. Cute but sad Lauren.

Happy Sunday!

Oh, and here’s the link to buy it 🤫


“Happiness is the key to success”

Heyyyy, so how is my favourite person doing? Yes you. All of you! I couldn’t quite help myself write this little mini reminder as to why I started writing in the first place.

So now I have your undivided attention I’m now going to get a lil personal and emotional. Not too much though I don’t want anyone asking to pass the Kleenex.

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, a year seems to have gone so quickly! When I first started writing all I wanted to do was write about what makes me happy and what makes a difference in life as we see it.

I want to go back to the basics in this blog post. Because its the roots of my blogging and why I do it that keep me going. People ask me: Do you do it for the followers, for the likes, for money, for the freebies? Well all of that’s great additional stuff but none of it would matter if it didn’t make me happy.

Happiness has been the fruit of my journey through blogging and I couldn’t have kept going if I wasn’t writing to personally fulfill my personal happiness. But don’t you write for other people? Yes this too is why us bloggers write but You have to believe in yourself and feel passionate about your writing topics. I mean, if I can’t read them myself and enjoy them why would someone else?

Humour, tips, make-up reviews, hotel reviews, success, food, fashion, travel, more food… I’ve got no clue when it comes to any of these topics but I give it a bloody good go and along the way I’ve learnt so many things and met some incredible people.

So I want to pass onto you, yes you, sat there on your mobile telecommunications device reading this little chapter of my life, that you too can do something that can make you happy.

People spend years upset and moaning about their current life/ their work etc but then it is up to you to change this. Change is scary and the thought of messing up is ever scarier but take the risk because you never know. Find your passion and take the risk to do something you’ve always loved.  I am far from being a successful blogger but do you know what? I love it! The truth is, I just so happen to have a full time job on the side so I am not going to jump into blogging full time until I conquer it feet first but everyone has to start somewhere. Besides I love my job!

Happiness is the key to success.

Albert Schweitzer “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

There you go short but sweet 🙂

I would love love love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, show some love! Oh and is it actually almost Christmas?!

Lots of love Sheps!