Let’s be confident!

It’s so hard to be confident within yourself in this day and age. We spend minutes, hours, days just looking in the mirror, scrolling through Instagram and other forms of social media trolling ourselves until we feel rotten inside.

Everyone is guilty of it. I’m guilty of it. Why? Because I am a normal person. We see photos of stick thin models, bronzed goddesses and Botox filled faces and think to ourselves, “I don’t look that nice compared to them”. I have recently been reading a fabulous book which I was inspired by @healthchefsteph to read after seeing it on her Instagram story. I thought that I would give this book a go and I can honestly say it has made me see the better half of me.

Feel the fear and do it anyway


The clue is in the book’s title. I have now been reading this for just over a week and have almost finished its glorious pages. Susan Jeffers, the author of this book, has rebuilt the confidence within me.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

She speaks about fear as if it’s not even a word. Like it’s just a fragment of our imagination. A mindset that’s stops us from doing something out of the ordinary.

From reading this book I have excelled in my blogging. Because I’ve thought, “fuck it“. Oh my goodness I swore! I shouldn’t do that. Naughty me.

Over the last few weeks I’ve felt more confident than ever. I’ve stopped comparing myself to others and focused on ME. Yes, its selfish right? No.

I’m in my early 20’s and these are your selfish years.

I have been in some dark places growing up but I finely feel like I have a purpose in life. I feel confident. Not all the time, sometimes I feel super rubbish about myself but its okay to feel that way.

So I urge you to do the same thing! Stop comparing yourself, read a book, do something out of the ordinary! Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Peace out ✌🏽 Love of love Shep’s x

Hungover much?

So I’m sat here on my Sunday evening thinking, “Wouldn’t it be quite comical to post something about how hung over all of our little souls probably are today?”

We all know that gut feeling. Nothing makes it worse than knowing you slut dropped your way to Vom Town. Those pungent self-loathing blurry memories from the night before. Right now you have the inability to talk any sense at all. You try to move out of bed or even get your head out of the bin your best mate put by the side of you the night before. It’s a strange and confusing time: Do I eat? , What do I drink? Water…. I need water… GASP. Everything is a challenge. I have assembled together a list of things to make you feel better the next time your head is pounding from slamming too many tequila shots. All you need is feel-better food, lots of fluid, a movie and a long steamy bubble bath.

So here’s your I feel like death day guide to surviving a hangover.

1. No Alarm!

 Darlings, wake up naturally. There is nothing worse than forgetting to switch your weekly work alarm off and it startles you from your deep dehydrated sleep at 7:00am. Switch it off before the weekend and let the light outside wake you up naturally. Although you’ll be feeling dearly dreadful, a lil bit of natural light isn’t a bad thing to wake you up.

2. Paracetamol and Berroca at the ready!

Ladies and gents. Yes gents too. Before you set out on your night of partying put a little gift box by the side of your bed. Paracetamol, water bottle, berroca, make-up wipes, face oil and a fruit smoothie. Put it right next to where you rest your little head before bedtime. You’ll feel thankful the next day when you wake up feeling like a piece of shrivelled fruit.

3. Fresh bed sheets.

Ok so this might be a bit of a challenge. If you can change those alcohol scented sheets and swap them for Lenor scented ones along with a fresh pair of jammies. Nothing is better than clean sheets.


Your best friend when you wake up will be food. From a full English to Avocado on toast have as much carb loaded food as you possibly can. Today your allowed to bloat like a balloon.Today is your day. Feel fabulous.

5. Ye old Classic movie.

Ahh it’s Sunday after all. Put on your fave movie, dim the lights and get comfy.

6. Fresh air is good for you.

Now if you’ve managed to put in fresh bed sheets, you’ve got enough energy to get out. Fresh air will only make you feel better. Take a walk or if your feeling sorry for yourself stick your head out the window at the very least.

7. Shower or bath.

Depending on what you’re doing on your day of dread; Either a shower or a bath will sort your life out. If your off out for the day – Have a refreshing cold shower. It will wake you up! If you’ve been a slob and just want to wind down. Run the bath, pour the bubbles in, light some candles. Revert back to tip number 5 and set up your Disney film. (Please don’t be silly and in your hungover state electrocute yourself. K thanks)

Monday is near approaching and I’m getting quite hangry so I’m going to leave you with my seven top tips and I’m going to wake my boyfriend up so he can make me something yummy.

Lots of love and I hope your hangovers aren’t too atrocious today x

Berry Blast Breakfast Smoothie 🍓🍇🍒

Let me tell you about my little scrummy secret…. The hint is in the name.


Oh mother this is good!

I absolutely used to HATE breakfast. Let’s face it, no one really can be bothered to make a nutritious breakfast in the morning unless it’s cooked and put in front of you. I’m lazy okay?

So I’m about to let you into a little secret of mine. My go-to breakfast smoothie which keeps me going until lunch time. For me, this smoothie has made such a change in, not only my diet, but it helps give me the right nutritional balance I need to help set my day up correctly.

So your now wondering what’s in it right? Ok. Let me tell you….


  • Handful of Strawberries (Cut their little green hair off)
  • Handful of frozen Blueberries/ Blackberries and raspberries – They don’t have to be frozen but I tend to put them in the freezer once brought to keep them fresh.
  • Half a banana – if you like it sweet this is a must!
  • 5 Seconds worth of coconut milk. You heard, literally carefully pour 5 second worth in.
  • Two scoops of your favourite protein powder (Mine being Cookies and cream by Cute nutrition.)


Make sure it is all nicely fitting into a blender and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE senora!

Blend the smoothie until completely blended (Ya don’t want any unwanted chunky bits of fruit!) Pour into a smoothie glass or on the go? Protein shaker (Usually £5 from any health store or supermarket).

Bobs your uncle! No he’s not…

Honestly, I wouldn’t be up writing at 7am before making it myself if I didn’t think it was worth it! So if your reading this post this morning and have some time after… Give it a try you will thank me later. Have a super amazing day and enjoy your week wherever you are or whatever you’re doing.

Love Sheps x

You could also try making an Acai bowl (not my image) by chopping up fruit, adding a scoop of peanut butter and some oats) YUM


Can I just say that I am NOT  a makeup artist or, in any way, have a hand like Charlotte Tilbury. I am a complete amateur when it comes to applying makeup, but like anyone, I do my best! If you haven’t already invested in the Iconic range, I hope what I’m about to say changes your mind… Or not but either way I love their products.

I’ve always been curious about their highlighters and especially their foundation sticks. But it wasn’t until last week, when I received the BEST parcel at work, my make up game was changed forever.

So here’s me. “Hey me“, no make up, I’d just got out the shower ready for full pre-going out prep. Excuse the slightly crossed eyes. That sun was bloody blinding.

I don’t really use a lot of make up and I try to not 🎂🍰 myself too thickly in foundation but I have quickly made friends with ICONICs foundation sticks. They’re so light but the coverage t gives you is so natural looking it makes me want to cry. Ladies if you haven’t already purchased you need to now.

The highlighter is just a little bit of a girls dream come true. I’m a sucker for a pretty highlighter and I have come across sooooo many OTT ones which, to be quite frank, make me look like a unicorn on popping candy. 🦄🍭 It’s never a great look when you have too much on. But this one! The cute little packaging it comes in makes it all the more fun to put on.

So, drum roll please!!!! Rather impressed with my makeup skills here! But ladies, don’t forget, although make up can transform your face and can give us a little bit of self-confidence. Don’t forget how beautiful you are naturally 💗

The perfect day

I woke up Monday morning with positivity flooding out of me. The sun was shining, I felt refreshed, I had so much planned to make it the perfect bank holiday Monday.

Brunch at The Chiltern firehouse:

If you’re looking for class The Chiltern Firehouse is your new favourite hangout.

My grandparents and I made reservation here Monday morning for Brunch. My granddad, being a local, knew the doorman so we were greeted and looked after superbly.


The Chiltern is Alfresco dining at its best. Little tables and sofas with crystal drinking glasses placed on top, covered by flowered foliage. The sunshine gave it the perfect setting for a spot of brunch.

Half an hour later we were seated inside.

The Chiltern Fire house is famously known for being an old fire station and was established in 1889 and converted in 2013 into one of London iconic hot spots.

The food was exquisite. As we went for brunch, I couldn’t resist the Eggs Benedict. Fresh ham, gluten-free bread – just for me, the BEST hollandaise sauce which was super rich in flavor and super creamy. This was topped off by a freshly squeezed OJ.


Off for some shopping!

I planned on browsing Zara’s latest collections however found myself in Bershka! A first time for me visiting this shop. I picked up some mega cute outfits. Of course, I kept it all within my monthly spending. Come on now, let’s all admit, we need to treat ourselves once in a while but not all of us are made of money. Right?

Items purchased below:

Jumpsuit: £22.99 // Blazer: £29.99 Matching shorts: £15.99

Poolside fun:

Lastly, a dip in the pool along with some family time. Well needed. It’s so lovely seeing my younger siblings. Watching them grow up and become the most amazing of women.

Pamper time:

Annnnnddd wind down. Skin routine, green tea, television and an early night. It’s the little things that count remember?

Talking of skin routines, a lot of you have asked what skin products I use to have such clear skin.I’m thinking that in my next blog post I need to show you! Watch his space because I’m so excited to share with you my skin care routine! So yes, another personal post. I love to share with everyone what makes me happy in the hope that it brings a smile to your face as well!

Love you all

Shep’s xxx

After a new phone case?

Ideal of Sweden

I found this company near enough about 1 month ago and hands down they are my favorite company for phone cases.

Not only are they utterly aesthetically pleasing, they have saved my phone from smashing about four times now!

Definitely go check them out!

Use my code lauren20 for 20% all purchases!

Their patterns are super cute and make a great accessory.

Love Sheps xx

The last of the summer days and the little things

I’m really excited for Autumn but summer is near to its end and I must admit, I’m getting a little sad it’s almost over.

So I have to tell you about the day I had the other week. We sat in the sizzling sun, had mountains of Costco brought salad and topped it off with a make shift pool side BBQ, making smore’s. Yum.

I was in my element. With family, the sun and ‘food glorious food’.

My post today is about the little things in life and how we should embrace life and appreciate these little things.

I often forget how lucky I am. To have a wonderful family, amazing friends, a secure job, a healthy/ balanced diet and a roof over my head. It’s days when it’s raining and you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed that sometimes you forget about these wonderful simplistic things.

So when your next feeling a little down, or your day might not be going to plan. Remember to tell yourself how great you’re doing. You’re not failing. And the life you’re living at the moment is filled with so many amazing things.

Remember, that your family love you. Your job let’s you learn everyday. You have a roof over your head. And tomorrow is another day.

So how did your Sunday go?

Today or tomorrow, when you get out of bed and you’re not feeling 100% positive. Remember that you are great and you are amazing. If today is a bad day don’t worry. Because tomorrow will be better. Give yourself your own confidence boost.

Sometimes I worry about what I look like and stare aimlessly into the mirror. I look down at my bloated stomach thinking, “that’s it, I’m so unhealthy, I must go to the gym EVERYDAY or I’m going to die”. (Sorry.. Who invited the drama queen) Everyday which gets thrown at you just learn to embrace it! We all have bad days but these are over ridden by the good days.

I know this post is super SUPER cheese but I wanted to remind everyone that we are all in the same boat. I hope this post reaches out to you. Some of us might panic and think we haven’t got a life plan, we have no savings, or simply we feel like we have failed.

Ladies and Gents. None of us have! I met a girl the other day who reminded me that we are all still so young and that the world really is your oyster.

So don’t forget. When you have one of those bad days, remember what I said! Get up and keep going.

Lots of love Sheps x

Blankcanvas cosmetics

I have been SO excited for my Blank canvas cosmetics products to arrive in the post and when they did, I jumped right out of my seat.

Master Series Palette:

I didn’t hesitate to try this out. I’m not great at make up but I gave the Master Series palette ago first. The colours are just to die for.

Just like the Urban Decay palettes, this one has about the same number of shades. Unlike the Urban Decay eye shadows, I actually find that I can use every single colour which makes them even more desirable. The retail price is also £10 less than the £39.50 designer label. All the more reason to add this one to your make-up collection.

Dimension Series Brushes:

I’m no makeup artist but these brushes make applying make-up an absolute breeze! Soft but firm these brushes are the ideal additional to your makeup brush collection. They are also hand-made with easy to clean synthetic fibres.

I am yet to collect the whole range but so far I have, what I would say, five of the main brushes.

F08 – Dome buffing brush: This is probably my favourite brush seeing as it’s the most universal. You can use this for; foundation, conceal, blush and contour application.

F02 – Double ended foundation/ conceal brush: So the good thing about this brush is it is a 2 in 1.

F19 – Tapered Concealer/ contour pencil brush: For the finer details over your face; thus brush is used for concealer and highlight and can be used with cream products as well as powder.

F11 – Large eyeshadow brush: Used for applying eye shadow on a larger surface from the eye lid to the brow. Super effective and really picks up colour pigmentation.

E32/33 – Double ended tapered crease/ blender/ smudged brush: For easy eye shadow application. I love this one because it makes blending colours together super easy.

I hope I haven’t bored you all too much with the technical side! I really have enjoyed using these brushes. They are well worth the purchase. Especially the Master Series Palette. Every single shade is wearable and perfect for all occasions.

Make-up shown in photograph the Master Series Palette in natural light.

Lots of love Sheps x


So I’m not one to post about products but I have to tell you about this amazing make up collection I’ve recently collaborated with. If your someone like me, who works 5-6 days every week for 12 hours a day, then this long lasting, well priced make up is definitely the perfect addition to your hand bag!

I wanted to share with you my favorite products from the Technic range, as I think they are must-haves and are so affordable.
FX Strobe highlighter cream: Firstly, I’m a sucker for highlighters so getting to try this was great. Unlike powdered highlighters, the application is a liquid cream and light on the skin, which means I don’t feel caked in make up all day. It’s also great with almost every skin colour so anyone can use it!

Matt Lipstick pen: I never usually stray further than a nude lip, but this colour is just gorgeous! It’s easy to use and because it’s like a pencil, it doubles up as lip liner! What’s great is you can wear it thick or thin depending on if it’s night or day, you can apply to your preference. I’m definitely going to be collecting more of these pocket pencils!

Technics Professional blusher brush: This brush is perfect when using highly pigmented blush, because it is so soft and light it gives easy application. The angle of the brush means I can create a nice contoured look (which believe me I cannot contour).

Mega nudes, Natural Eyeshadow pallet: Oh my goodness!!!! The pigmentation in this pallet is insane! For daily use, I would probably compare it to Urban Decay! Unlike the urban decay palette, I would actually use every single shade and at a cost effective price I will definitely use again!

Mega Lash waterproof mascara: So I have only used this once so far so I am unsure on the lasting product life. However, so far the results have been amazing! Again, I work long hours so having a mascara which doesn’t fall down my face after a few hours is really important.

So, like I said, I’m not one to post about products, but definitely make a few purchases yourself and you’ll see what I mean at how worthwhile this make-up is!

Lots of love Sheps x

Buying a property or Travel the world you asked.

Is buying a property worth it?

So being a young person myself, I always question is it really worth buying my own place at such a young age? I have worked in the business for 6 years now so answering the question myself has been a hard one to answer. Being young you have so many plans and ambitions and you feel almost nerve rockingly anxious to compete all your goals by the time you hit the big “Three Ohh” and most certainly buying is one of them.

But should stepping onto the property ladder be one of them? Everyone will most certainly have their own answer to this and I can most certainly vouch for most of your parents saying YES buy as soon as you get the chance.

The longer you wait to buy a property, the more costly it will get in the long run. The market has almost doubled every ten years since WWII. Wow… that’s a lot! And population grew by 5.7% between 2011-2015 (The Guardian) so the government needed and still need to build a lot more housing for us all but of course not enough supply means more £££.

But don’t forget about that bucket list you’ve got scribbled down in an old 2015 journal with endless cut outs of Peru and Machu pichu. Forbes posted an article stating that 20% of international travelling is done by young people. They call our generation the Millennials and it is becoming one of the most popular thrilling adventures that any young person can go on.

I plan to go travelling in 2020. A long time away but it will certainly creep up on me soon enough. I’ve worked out I can save just £250 per month and save just under £10,000 for a 6 month travel sensation.

£10,000… that’s a lot of money in the scheme of things and my parents will probably beg me to put that into property.

When buying a property in our generation, most of the young generation can’t afford to purchase a property in this day and age without having a little help from family or the help to buy scheme where you can put down as little as a 5% deposit.

That gets me too my conclusion. We all live one life. That one life we spend going to work and saving our money but for what? To take a loan from the bank for some bricks and mortar? So I can by that groovy wallpaper and call it a home.

Yes! Buy a property but complete your goals which won’t tie you down first. If you want to travel around the world do it young. Work abroad, meet new people and explore new places. Buying a property will come but don’t tie yourself into a thick career until it’s all out of your system.

At the end of the day, if your careful and clever with your money saving skills, you’ll most definitely be able to complete anything and everything if you put your mind to it!

I started work at 17 and I’m 24 this year. My career is heading upwards but there’s one problem. I want to travel. So I urge you to all do it now and before you knuckle down. You have your whole life ahead of you so make every moment count.