Why I quit my money making job to follow my dreams

It was a super tough one because the job I had was great. It paid the bills, it was well paid, my colleagues were always enthusiastic and moving forward. But there was something that I couldn’t justify in my head. Was this job what I really wanted to do? Did I want to settle for money over following my dreams and my own personal passions?

Let me get this straight. I stuck at my previous job role for the best part of 6 years. To say the least it comes down to the company and people around you. And what was so thrilling was to work with so many passionate people who loved their job. But deep down, I knew, in my heart that I needed something creative.

Time is a precious factor for me, I love to see family, friends, I adore ‘me’ time. And if you don’t know what me time is then I suggest you pick up your favourite novel, watch your favourite film, grab a face mask, a glass of wine and stop reading because you need to experience ‘me time’ RIGHT NOW. It’s the best of the best.

It’s not easy changing jobs, I have had my struggles, ups and downs, I had to alter my lifestyle choices and change is something that I don’t take easily. But a few months down the line, I’m slowly starting to get to grips with my new job role (Still within the same company) and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Last year I think I hit a rock bottom and had a slight dramatic panic attack. I sat myself down and thought, shit, I’m soaring through my twenties and I’m not following my dreams. I got all emotional and started quoting cliché quotes in my head like, “you only live once!”. It was then I said to myself now it’s time to make a change.

Time is a precious thing. We only get one life, one purpose, one chance to make a difference, to plant our seed in history. I’m no entrepreneur, world class life speaker or in anyway shape or form have I made it in life. All I want to do is to be happy. And yes! Don’t get me wrong money can help, in fact it does help and I’m not writing this post to say there’s a right or wrong answer but what if. What if you were to follow your dreams that one day your passion and love would turn your dreams into money. You’d never feel like you were working a day in in your life!

My new job has given me time to focus on my passions and do what I love. Blogging and creating content! I can create content to my hearts content, brainstorm crazy ideas and meet people I never dreamed of meeting. Had I of never taken the leap to change I would always be thinking, but what if?

My top tips for taking it step by step to follow your dreams:

Do your research: Real talk. It can be all well and good leaving a well paid job that you’ve suck at for years so make sure you research, look into salary’s, what you will earn and what you can earn.

Make sure you have money saved: If your changing jobs, make sure you have some emergency funds saved. You don’t want to switch then realise you can’t live!

What are your passions? Your skills? If you haven’t quite decided what exact job you want. Start somewhere which gives you the ability to learn more in what you love and explore your options.

Don’t quit unless your sure! Yep! It took me a while before I finally took the plunge. I researched, I saved, I spent my weekends getting back into my hobbies to realise a change in job was what was needed.

Speak with family: Ask them questions. What do they think? Do they support you and think it’s a worthwhile investment? After all, this is a big move so doing the right thing is key.

Make sure it’s going to make you happy: A lot of people hunk the grass is always greener. Make sure that the switch you’re going to make is worthwhile and the right one.

Lastly, have fun! The best part about your change is that you’re going to have fun, experience new things and learn new skills. Have fun in the process! Your following your dreams right?

I find it so brilliant that each of us have our own passion. One could want to be a scientist while the other write poetry. We are all different and that’s what makes us unique and most of all, it’s what keeps the world spinning. It gives us knowledge and power!

I’d love to know if you’ve done something similar and hear your stories on something you might have changed!

Let me know ☺️💗

Why I love the blogging community so much

Hello my moon beam!

Can we just begin by talking about this rancid weather! What on earth is going on, news reporters are having a field trip when they say, “the beast from the east”, every time on the television it’s making me think its some kind of scary monster. I mean, I’m not going to lie, its pretty god damn magical out there at the moment, also a tad irritating when you look like you’re auditioning for Disney on Ice every 2.5 minutes.

Can you tell I like to talk about pointless stuff? If you enjoy it you should come over some time and I’ll wack the kettle on for a green tea or a hot chocolate. Note: I do not like tea… NOPE I actually hate the taste. I find it strange how us brits have gained this “one loves tea persona”.

Annnywayyyyyy, I should probably fill you in as to why I have chosen to speak about this topic of conversation shouldn’t I. Or, I could sit here rambling on all bloody day!

Why do I love the blogging community I here you say?

The first meet up:

A lot of people who aren’t in this social hub are beyond baffled when I tell them that I’ve met a lot of my blogging friends over the internet. It is pretty strange. You talk so much online, share interests, posts, you even start to tag each other in memes and then three months down the line you meet for the very first time sat at a table for brunch. Yep, we blogger brunch, Its an actual thing I came to realise this weekend! But that’s the beauty of it. It’s kind of like a modern society sport or a dance club. You all share something in common, as strangers, you meet for the very first time and just like that you’re friends.

You both don’t feel silly for getting excited about ‘the’ shot:

Sounds daft doesn’t it? I mean a lot of us do it already when we take a good pic for the gram we let out a little scream. No? Ok just me then. But doing this with with fellow bloggers just seems to be the norm. It’s so exciting when you get a good photo, ok its probably too much to say it makes your day, but it kind of does!

Everyone supports everyone:

So this might not apply to everyone but I honestly feel that within my little blogging community everyone is so supportive of everything you do. It can be from just liking someones content they have creative, shout outs on a story or writing a beautiful comment. Everyone needs their daily slice of confidence and if that doesn’t help then I don’t know what does.

Tips and advice is thrown about like confetti:

I don’t really know if that sub title made any sense but I like confetti so it will have to do. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the showering of tips and advice I have been given by other bloggers. I look back a year on and I am so grateful for everyone who has given me help along the way.

We can meet up for content days. Say what?!

This is just one of my favourite things. Getting up in the morning knowing you have a group of enthusiastic bloggers to shoot with, all with some crazy ideas for photos is so so handy. Its great! You all look silly as you stand there in shorts in the freezing cold whilst you have you photo taken holding some fairy lights and a cupcake AND feeling like its totally normal to do in public because you’re altogether doing the same thing? Bloody hell that was a mouth full.

Everyone is so different but so alike!

One of the last things I wanted to point out is how everyone is so different, different backgrounds, different lives, different creativity skills, different likes and dislikes but all in one bloggers community. That’s what makes it so brilliant. Being able to speak to and meet such different personalities is something I never even thought would happen when I started blogging.

And that’s that! I could probably carry on and write more but lets face it no one actually likes to read too much do they!

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Planning your year

Hello again and a super duper Happy new year to you!

It’s been a few weeks since I last typed up some gibble gabble but seeing as it’s now 2018 how about a lil something to motivate you to get planning your unbeatable year of YOU

Now I’m no life coach but I’ve written up my own list of challenges, things to do, things to see, New year ressies and really really wanted to share them with you so here they are!

I also know it’s super easy peasy to trail off after the first paragraph but have no fear! As usual I’ll keep it short and sweet.

1. Happiness pad:

All girl bosses have one. In fact I think I have about four notepads one for blogging ideas, my goals, general daily life, inspirations, where can you see yourself next month… I think you get the picture. This might not be for everyone but I find that writing everything down, my plans and goals, gives me a super clear head. With a busy year ahead of me it means I can really focus on all the extra bits without missing out on anything along the way.

2. You don’t need to be in your phone all day errr’ day take a breather:

Yep that’s right! We spend hours and hours subconsciously scrolling through our social media feeds. At work, on the tube, sat in the sofa, making dinner… in the bath!!! Allow yourself a certain amount of time each day for your phone then put the darn thing away! Read a book, enjoy the scenery, find out what new dishes you can cook this year from a cook book! Don’t get yourself trapped in the world of social media when there’s so much more out there. I have been putting my phone down more and it’s amazing how much more you can get done in the day!

3. Unfollow negativity:

This is something I’ve always stuck to. What’s the point following accounts that make you feel down in the dumps. Those modelling accounts and super ‘skinny minis’ that are ALWAYS airbrushed are actually affecting your self-confidence. I still get so caught up in comparing myself to other girls on social media when, in reality, I should be focusing on me. No one likes to feel insecure about themselves and we all have different personalities, shapes, sizes. We should love us for who we are and not compete with or follow people who put us down.

4. Be kind:

I follow a few bloggers who swear by this. “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all”. Why should we go round publicly slating other girls for what they do and who they are. It’s not needed. We should be supporting and empowering one and other. That’s what I love about the community I have within my little hub on social media, kindness is sprinkled everywhere. Spread that shit.

5. Take up something new:

Last year mine was to start a blog… Do I start a YouTube at 10K? I have no clue yet what my ‘something new’ will be. It was about a year ago today that I started writing. How crazy is that?! I am so proud for everything I have achieved this year and want you to know that it’s never too late to start something you love. “Never say never”, in the famous words of JB!

6. Read more to unwind:

I picked up my first book of 2018 from the airport the other day. I am incredibly elated to get stuck in. In 2017, I don’t think I saw the end to any book, so this year I am taking the plunge and becoming a wise old owl. Story time! Where’s The bear in the big blue house when ya need him?

7. You don’t need to spoon your phone at night:

Put it outside your door or on the other side of the room- my mums old trick for a gooodnjghts sleep! Of course I thought she was being mean 😉 It’s works a treat, earlier nights mean more productive days. Revert yourself back to my last point and pick up a book instead of your phone before bed. Or just sleep. That works to.

8. Spend more quality time with family:

This was something I focused on last year and it’s staying with me forever more. There’s nothing better than spending my free time watching my siblings grow into beautiful beings.

9. Eat yo greens and go for a run:

Healthy eating is something I really want to push myself harder at. Last year I welcomed smoothies and protein shakes into my life along with a gym membership but didn’t really get myself into a, so called, ‘good’ routine. This year I want to start feeling good about myself and push myself to the next level of fitness. I’m not fitness blogger but maybe I’ll document my progress over the next few months along with a few recipes I conjure up along the way. I’ve read a lot of books and blog posts about learning how to look after your body and knowing when to rest up.

10. Be you:

I don’t need to explain this one to much as it simply just is what it says. Be you and don’t care about what others think. If you want to do something new just do it! Take up a new adventure, listen to the music you like, read when you want, say no if you don’t want to do it, start a blog, start a vlog… If people laugh? Well who cares! At the end of the day there will be more people who admire you.

And there we have it! See, not to long winded was it? I really do wish you personally a happy new year. I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing 2018 with some amazing people including you. So go smash the hell outta this year and make it yours.

Happy new year!!!! 🎊🎉

P. S. Don’t forget to stay a fruit loop 🍭

Let’s be confident!

It’s so hard to be confident within yourself in this day and age. We spend minutes, hours, days just looking in the mirror, scrolling through Instagram and other forms of social media trolling ourselves until we feel rotten inside.

Everyone is guilty of it. I’m guilty of it. Why? Because I am a normal person. We see photos of stick thin models, bronzed goddesses and Botox filled faces and think to ourselves, “I don’t look that nice compared to them”. I have recently been reading a fabulous book which I was inspired by @healthchefsteph to read after seeing it on her Instagram story. I thought that I would give this book a go and I can honestly say it has made me see the better half of me.

Feel the fear and do it anyway


The clue is in the book’s title. I have now been reading this for just over a week and have almost finished its glorious pages. Susan Jeffers, the author of this book, has rebuilt the confidence within me.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

She speaks about fear as if it’s not even a word. Like it’s just a fragment of our imagination. A mindset that’s stops us from doing something out of the ordinary.

From reading this book I have excelled in my blogging. Because I’ve thought, “fuck it“. Oh my goodness I swore! I shouldn’t do that. Naughty me.

Over the last few weeks I’ve felt more confident than ever. I’ve stopped comparing myself to others and focused on ME. Yes, its selfish right? No.

I’m in my early 20’s and these are your selfish years.

I have been in some dark places growing up but I finely feel like I have a purpose in life. I feel confident. Not all the time, sometimes I feel super rubbish about myself but its okay to feel that way.

So I urge you to do the same thing! Stop comparing yourself, read a book, do something out of the ordinary! Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Peace out ✌🏽 Love of love Shep’s x

Hungover much?

So I’m sat here on my Sunday evening thinking, “Wouldn’t it be quite comical to post something about how hung over all of our little souls probably are today?”

We all know that gut feeling. Nothing makes it worse than knowing you slut dropped your way to Vom Town. Those pungent self-loathing blurry memories from the night before. Right now you have the inability to talk any sense at all. You try to move out of bed or even get your head out of the bin your best mate put by the side of you the night before. It’s a strange and confusing time: Do I eat? , What do I drink? Water…. I need water… GASP. Everything is a challenge. I have assembled together a list of things to make you feel better the next time your head is pounding from slamming too many tequila shots. All you need is feel-better food, lots of fluid, a movie and a long steamy bubble bath.

So here’s your I feel like death day guide to surviving a hangover.

1. No Alarm!

 Darlings, wake up naturally. There is nothing worse than forgetting to switch your weekly work alarm off and it startles you from your deep dehydrated sleep at 7:00am. Switch it off before the weekend and let the light outside wake you up naturally. Although you’ll be feeling dearly dreadful, a lil bit of natural light isn’t a bad thing to wake you up.

2. Paracetamol and Berroca at the ready!

Ladies and gents. Yes gents too. Before you set out on your night of partying put a little gift box by the side of your bed. Paracetamol, water bottle, berroca, make-up wipes, face oil and a fruit smoothie. Put it right next to where you rest your little head before bedtime. You’ll feel thankful the next day when you wake up feeling like a piece of shrivelled fruit.

3. Fresh bed sheets.

Ok so this might be a bit of a challenge. If you can change those alcohol scented sheets and swap them for Lenor scented ones along with a fresh pair of jammies. Nothing is better than clean sheets.


Your best friend when you wake up will be food. From a full English to Avocado on toast have as much carb loaded food as you possibly can. Today your allowed to bloat like a balloon.Today is your day. Feel fabulous.

5. Ye old Classic movie.

Ahh it’s Sunday after all. Put on your fave movie, dim the lights and get comfy.

6. Fresh air is good for you.

Now if you’ve managed to put in fresh bed sheets, you’ve got enough energy to get out. Fresh air will only make you feel better. Take a walk or if your feeling sorry for yourself stick your head out the window at the very least.

7. Shower or bath.

Depending on what you’re doing on your day of dread; Either a shower or a bath will sort your life out. If your off out for the day – Have a refreshing cold shower. It will wake you up! If you’ve been a slob and just want to wind down. Run the bath, pour the bubbles in, light some candles. Revert back to tip number 5 and set up your Disney film. (Please don’t be silly and in your hungover state electrocute yourself. K thanks)

Monday is near approaching and I’m getting quite hangry so I’m going to leave you with my seven top tips and I’m going to wake my boyfriend up so he can make me something yummy.

Lots of love and I hope your hangovers aren’t too atrocious today x

Berry Blast Breakfast Smoothie 🍓🍇🍒

Let me tell you about my little scrummy secret…. The hint is in the name.


Oh mother this is good!

I absolutely used to HATE breakfast. Let’s face it, no one really can be bothered to make a nutritious breakfast in the morning unless it’s cooked and put in front of you. I’m lazy okay?

So I’m about to let you into a little secret of mine. My go-to breakfast smoothie which keeps me going until lunch time. For me, this smoothie has made such a change in, not only my diet, but it helps give me the right nutritional balance I need to help set my day up correctly.

So your now wondering what’s in it right? Ok. Let me tell you….


  • Handful of Strawberries (Cut their little green hair off)
  • Handful of frozen Blueberries/ Blackberries and raspberries – They don’t have to be frozen but I tend to put them in the freezer once brought to keep them fresh.
  • Half a banana – if you like it sweet this is a must!
  • 5 Seconds worth of coconut milk. You heard, literally carefully pour 5 second worth in.
  • Two scoops of your favourite protein powder (Mine being Cookies and cream by Cute nutrition.)


Make sure it is all nicely fitting into a blender and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE senora!

Blend the smoothie until completely blended (Ya don’t want any unwanted chunky bits of fruit!) Pour into a smoothie glass or on the go? Protein shaker (Usually £5 from any health store or supermarket).

Bobs your uncle! No he’s not…

Honestly, I wouldn’t be up writing at 7am before making it myself if I didn’t think it was worth it! So if your reading this post this morning and have some time after… Give it a try you will thank me later. Have a super amazing day and enjoy your week wherever you are or whatever you’re doing.

Love Sheps x

You could also try making an Acai bowl (not my image) by chopping up fruit, adding a scoop of peanut butter and some oats) YUM


Can I just say that I am NOT  a makeup artist or, in any way, have a hand like Charlotte Tilbury. I am a complete amateur when it comes to applying makeup, but like anyone, I do my best! If you haven’t already invested in the Iconic range, I hope what I’m about to say changes your mind… Or not but either way I love their products.

I’ve always been curious about their highlighters and especially their foundation sticks. But it wasn’t until last week, when I received the BEST parcel at work, my make up game was changed forever.

So here’s me. “Hey me“, no make up, I’d just got out the shower ready for full pre-going out prep. Excuse the slightly crossed eyes. That sun was bloody blinding.

I don’t really use a lot of make up and I try to not 🎂🍰 myself too thickly in foundation but I have quickly made friends with ICONICs foundation sticks. They’re so light but the coverage t gives you is so natural looking it makes me want to cry. Ladies if you haven’t already purchased you need to now.

The highlighter is just a little bit of a girls dream come true. I’m a sucker for a pretty highlighter and I have come across sooooo many OTT ones which, to be quite frank, make me look like a unicorn on popping candy. 🦄🍭 It’s never a great look when you have too much on. But this one! The cute little packaging it comes in makes it all the more fun to put on.

So, drum roll please!!!! Rather impressed with my makeup skills here! But ladies, don’t forget, although make up can transform your face and can give us a little bit of self-confidence. Don’t forget how beautiful you are naturally 💗

The perfect day

I woke up Monday morning with positivity flooding out of me. The sun was shining, I felt refreshed, I had so much planned to make it the perfect bank holiday Monday.

Brunch at The Chiltern firehouse:

If you’re looking for class The Chiltern Firehouse is your new favourite hangout.

My grandparents and I made reservation here Monday morning for Brunch. My granddad, being a local, knew the doorman so we were greeted and looked after superbly.


The Chiltern is Alfresco dining at its best. Little tables and sofas with crystal drinking glasses placed on top, covered by flowered foliage. The sunshine gave it the perfect setting for a spot of brunch.

Half an hour later we were seated inside.

The Chiltern Fire house is famously known for being an old fire station and was established in 1889 and converted in 2013 into one of London iconic hot spots.

The food was exquisite. As we went for brunch, I couldn’t resist the Eggs Benedict. Fresh ham, gluten-free bread – just for me, the BEST hollandaise sauce which was super rich in flavor and super creamy. This was topped off by a freshly squeezed OJ.


Off for some shopping!

I planned on browsing Zara’s latest collections however found myself in Bershka! A first time for me visiting this shop. I picked up some mega cute outfits. Of course, I kept it all within my monthly spending. Come on now, let’s all admit, we need to treat ourselves once in a while but not all of us are made of money. Right?

Items purchased below:

Jumpsuit: £22.99 // Blazer: £29.99 Matching shorts: £15.99

Poolside fun:

Lastly, a dip in the pool along with some family time. Well needed. It’s so lovely seeing my younger siblings. Watching them grow up and become the most amazing of women.

Pamper time:

Annnnnddd wind down. Skin routine, green tea, television and an early night. It’s the little things that count remember?

Talking of skin routines, a lot of you have asked what skin products I use to have such clear skin.I’m thinking that in my next blog post I need to show you! Watch his space because I’m so excited to share with you my skin care routine! So yes, another personal post. I love to share with everyone what makes me happy in the hope that it brings a smile to your face as well!

Love you all

Shep’s xxx