It’s remarkable what a common cold can do to one’s brain after having lots of sleep and drowning in scrunched up used bog roll. (Gross I know)

New Year’s Day. Always a funny one in my eyes. I always imagine the nation in complete zombie mode after the festive season has put them through, some people might say, a ravenous period of indulgence.

Nevertheless, our poor souls have sat slumped in front of the telly watching shit films and compiling a productive New Years resolution list together. Which looks something like this:

1. Join gym

2. Eat healthily

3.Dry January (attempt)

4. Drink lots of water

5. Save save save …

6. Self-love

Yeh I know right? January has always been a bit of a dull month, not to mention half my family has their birthdays in January so number 5 can come off my list for another month.

It’s crazy to think that this time last year I was in Australia with my boyfriend and his family. I was a little worse for wear but that hangover definitely beats the cold and chest infection I currently have this year. I saw 2019 in stone cold sober which was a surreal moment for me seeing as the last few years I’ve woken up not remembering a thing. But hey, at least I didn’t have my head in a bin this year regretting the percentage of alcohol consumed.

The reason I thought I’d write this is that I’ve noticed a lot of us speaking about self-love. Whether you found it last year or you’re only just putting it into action for 2019, I too am on the path to find self-love.
2018 has been an insane year for me. I’ve learned a lot. Gained some lifelong friends via the out favorite and most loved social media platform… Guessed it? Oh, you’re too clever! Of course, Instagram has become a portal for many opportunities for me. I’ve gained a part-time job as well as some people I’d call some of my best friends, I’ve found that I have a niche for creating Lightroom presets and I bloody love taking photos and creating content.

One thing I never found really was self love. I mean, I am happy. I am very happy and I have never been in a place before within myself to say that I am fully content. However, I also seem to have got so warped in this little app that I have forgotten to look after my physical and mental health.

Self-love isn’t about looking in the mirror at the vanity. To me, it’s working out who you really are and where you see yourself in 5 years time.
This year I am looking forward to reading a good book and putting my phone down after 9 pm without fail.

This year I am looking forward to heading down to the gym after work and at the weekends and looking after my body.

This year is the year I will travel. I want to look up from my phone and see the world more.

This year I will fill my bullet journal up and educate myself.

This year I will find self-love before anything.

I wrote a blog post this time last year about social media and how our generation has become so involved in these tiny little squares. A parallel universe between expectation and reality. I am smacking myself for almost forgetting my own words I wrote!


Upon reflection, 2018 has been a rather eventful one to the day the least. I moved in with my two best friends, boogied at festivals, I started earning money through my blogging and even switched jobs.

It’s been a crazy year for every one of us.

Brexit has swamped news headlines, whilst we had the beast from the East back in March and thank fuck he left! Will we experience the beast from the east part 2 March 2019? In Summer we encountered quite the sweatiest heatwave in recorded history. We even saw 12 boys rescued from a cave back in June… I bet you forgot that one didn’t you!

We almost made football history since 1966 as we played Croatia in the Semifinals…

We had ANOTHER Royal wedding, which made most watched tv history. Although it didn’t quite grip me, I think I was preoccupied with a glass of Prosecco at Pergola on the roof in Paddington.

Turning 25:

2017 seems so very far in the past yet it seems that only yesterday myself and my best friend Zoe said that turning 25 would be our year. A year to remember and a year of big things.

So I sit here this evening writing for the first time in just over a month (bad me) thinking about what 2019 will bring.

Note to self:

I want you to read this back at the end of the year (set reminder on mobile for a years time with funky alarm tune) and write a list of everything you have achieved just like the below list for 2018 and give yourself a round of applause.

I’d like to hope that you’re reading this in the same spot that you wrote this – In the comforts of your bed. Here are a few of your achievements:

You started earning money through your passion

You moved in with your two best friends

You hit 10K then 15K by your birthday

You’ve started a new job in social media marketing which you love

You didn’t learn Spanish like you said you would in 2017 but you gave it a good go! You can order 5 beers and that’s okay!

You’ve learned to keep organized

Thank goodness, that little savings bank has finally started to fill up!

Through blogging you’ve made some lifelong friends

It’s the first year you haven’t struggled for money or been in debt

You’ve found a new hobby keeping a bullet journal and have got back into art.

Finally got to go to Reading Festival

So what will 2019 bring?

As 2018 free to an end I’ve learned one huge thing. Self-love. I sometimes forget to love myself. A lot of the time I’m hard on myself and forget about all the things I have achieved and all the things I am working towards.


Join the gym

Eat more greens

Drink more water



Head off to more events

Spend more time with loved ones and friends

Switch off from Social media at 9 pm


Be blogging part-time

Get to 50K by the summer

Find your niche – Could it be editing and inspo? Could it be happiness and self-love?

Pre plan more flat lays for lifestyle work
Expand my preset catalog


Save £10,000 by the summer

Utilise more vouchers

Travel funds?

– Set to separate savings account for that future mortgage


Take every day as it comes

Count your blessings

Be positive

A problem shared is a problem halved


Not important.

Work and blogging are great and has helped with a lot of things but I always need to remind myself why I started in the first place.

To spread positivity and happiness but to also share real experiences and stories and to create a bank full of memories.

So really this message is a reminder to myself but also to everyone and anyone.

Don’t forget to love yourself first and the rest will follow.

Right, so I am off!

Time to unblock my nose and take some of that awful night nurse and hit the hay…

Sweet dreams and here’s to 2019! X

It’s okay to fail multiple times

Hello Chickens

Well isn’t it a divine Monday morning! Suns out, let’s all have a kickass week!

This is something I’ve wanted to discuss with you for a while now. Only because failing and changing my mind seems to come second nature to me. Might as well eat the two phrases for lunch and dinner. (I don’t like breakfast).

For years I had no bloody clue what I wanted to do with my life. When I was younger, all I wanted to be was a vet. I loved animals (I still do) As a teenager, it was all about learning a musical instrument, guitar, piano… I quit them both. I turned to sport and genuinely thought I’d found my forte in cross-country, then hockey came along, well I quit those too. Nothing stuck. I thought I was failing, people never took me seriously because I always had a different game plan, a new adventure I wanted to explore. (Miss Dora the explorer over here)

But it wasn’t until recently that I realised, it’s okay to try out new hobbies and have new career aspirations. Why? Because we aren’t at the finish line yet. The beauty of it is we are all learning things about ourselves every single day. We adapt, we change, we mould into the people we are.

Now, I’m no wise old man but I know I have learnt one thing growing up. Its damn right okay to fail. It’s what makes us stronger, try harder with what we want to succeed in.

We spend years working it all out, we stress and worry over exams, our grades, schooling, that part time job. We think fuck it I don’t have a clue what I want to do with my life. But that time comes with trial and error and each time we fail and try new things we broaden our horizons and open new doors.

Today I sit writing this smiling, smiling about the fact that I will still fail at things in years to come but in years to come I will have also developed and progressed so much more than the person sat here today.

It’s like with writing. I scrolled to the bottom of my blog this evening and decided to read my very first post. It made me emotional, proud of my present self and how far I’ve come. (NGL it was also quite humorous to read little novice me’s first blog post). Never did I think I’d be sat over a year on writing about my progression. I am ever so happy about it. My personal note to you is:

You should be too.

I sit in a community of bloggers and friendships that have grown alongside me doing what they do best and I’m grateful to see everyone succeeding in what they love.

So remember this week, next week and whenever you think to yourself, “I have failed”. Take a step backwards and look at how far you’ve come. And more importantly, how far you will go.

Happy Monday chickens x

A letter to my best friends 🍓

Caution this is about to get ultra soppy but really real.

Some of the best days I have ever spent alive are with my best friends. I only have a handful but who needs hundreds of good friends when you can have a few super duper human beings in your life.

Some of of you who are reading this will know that this message is for you.

Here’s what makes a best friend in my eyes:

Dear Best friend,

A best friend is someone who is your soul mate, your mirror image. They know when your happy or sad, angry or elated. Hurt or lying. They know what your saying by just the blink of your eyes. They laugh at your unfunny jokes and are just as weird as each other.

You share private jokes, secrets and share memories that will last a lifetime. Memories that are only special between you.

When your drunk, they’ll hold your hair back but then film your drunken self to show you the next morning. They’ll feed you crumpets to sober you up and you’ll make them breakfast in the morning.

They’ll go wild on a night out and spend hours talking nonsense and about all your future plans you have together to travel the world.

You’ll make mistakes and learn from each other, be a shoulder to cry on, you’ll argue at times but both will always say sorry just because you just love them too much and can never stay mad at them.

You can draw art in the park, listen to the birds and walk for hours getting lost but you don’t care because your having he best of times.

Best friends are real, they’re the realest of loves and will be there through family fallouts, boyfriends and arguments between yourselves.

You’ll talk about everything and anything in detail, get into trouble together and help each other when needed the most.

If you’re reading this now, and know I’m speaking about you, then it makes me one happy bunny that I get to have you in my life.

Here’s to more memories, laughs, cries, cuddles, fights, drunken nights and watching the stars together.

Here’s to the rest of our lives.

Lots of love


The truth behind phones and social media and how they can affect your health. (My Story)

Do you get caught up over Instagram? Not everyone can relate to what I’m about to write about but I can assure you that the majority of our generation are hooked on their mobile phone and social media with just the click of a button. Yikes!

I can easily spend hours scrolling through Instagram comparing photos, getting inspired by content but the eye awakening truth is that it does sometimes get me down. I think my thumbs will one day will need their own sabbatical from all the typing and scrolling i do. Sounds dreamy.

The real world:

Last week, I took the time to spend it off Instagram and just have a break from the business side it is slowly turning into. It’s been quite a strange yet calming experience which leads me into why I am writing this blog post because I also felt anxious that I would lose so-called “engagement” in the week i speant off of it. And you know what? I did! I was so down in the dumps, I was stuck in a rut but it made me stop and think. I thought about ‘real’ life and what truly is important. The stuff which isn’t behind a glass screen. The real stuff. Really likes, real love, real friends and family and real conversations. I took the time to message old friends and focus on clearing my head. It’s strange how one man created such an intense global social media platform that it almost runs this world. Crazy in fact! I thought, what would happen if they just took away instagram? From speaking with a number of people nowadays, Facebook is now just used for watching funny videos and laughing about endless memes. Wasn’t Facebook’s sole purpose to connect with friends? It’s doing the opposite now and I light of the recent news has repelled most users away from it due to being an untrusted platform.

We had pretty good weather last week so I sat outside to eat my lunch for a second before going back into the office. I put out my phone in my bag for once instead of having it glued to my hand and I looked up to notice the world go by around me.

The sun was shining, everyone was in a good mood, BBQ aromas filled the air, the park commons in London were filled with endless picnic groups. I heard laughter and saw people playing football. And then I realised and said out loud, “holy shit”. To my surprise an old lady turned around and gave me a ghastly look of disapproval for my fowl mouth but I didn’t care too much.. I thought, had I have been on my phone, I wouldn’t have taken this all in. I would have been munching away at my sandwich liking endless photos of girls in bikinis, making myself feel even more self conscious about my body, but I didn’t need to. Instead I was seeing the real world with real likes and real laughter and it made me feel so happy.

I think sometimes I can forget about these small things and having moments of realisation like this is a real eye opener. If you haven’t already, you should try it some time.

Content block:

A real bug bare of mine. I have spoken to a fair few people who have been in the same situation on a number of occassions. For those of you who don’t know what content block is, it’s when you just cannot for the life of you think of post ideas, blog posts, where your next job is coming from or even how to get inspired. You get yourself into a rut and my god do you end up feeling like an anxious pile of shit. But why do we do it to ourselves? This weekend I have taken a step back and have decided to just let my posts come naturally. If I want to have a week off to clear my head then I will. Self love and happiness is so Important. In my opinion, I think a lot of us post photos because we want everyone else to like them. But what about you liking them? Is it really what you like or are you doing it to please others. To me, posting something that I like, when I want and where I want is far healthier than making yourself worry about how many likes a photo can achieve. I’ve seen a lot more bloggers/ people take a step back recently and as a result it’s helping them create some insane content. So I think, let it come naturally. Don’t force it and just have fun. When you take a step back and relax the ideas will naturally come flooding in.

Taking time for yourself:

Since writing full-time along with a full-time job I also pursue and love, it becomes quite pressuring to meet deadlines, clear my inbox and just generally relax. Its is so important in this day and age to stop saying “I am so busy” all the time because the truth is, I’m not! Social media can also tie me down due to infinitive blog posts and collaborations. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love doing it and it is a passion of mine but sometimes hitting the “off” button is well and truly needed.

Is Instagram the cause of my insecurities?

The answer is most likely. I used to compare my body for hours to thousands of girls plastered across the internet in bikinis and perfectly contoured faces. Over my first year of blogging I have learnt that it’s one of the most unhealthy traits in this day and age that any young person can have. I used to become jealous and resent my own body and the tiniest of flaws. I would sit there feeling sad and uncomfortable in my own shell just because I was, ‘too small’, or I thought my ‘teeth were too big’ HA! The truth is I still do sit there like ‘Mr grumpy Gills’ sulking about how I feel but I’m quick to snap out of it. As do most other girls, there is nothing wrong with any of us! The internet has become a judgmental place of stereotypical airbrushed, photoshopped, waist sucked in models. All I ask for, is for you to take a step back and rid these comparisons from your feed and only follow what inspires you. It’s a pure and simple health trick and life change I made and damn I feel good about eating this cupcake right now. We need to feel good about ourselves, don’t compare yourself to someone who is completely different to you. You are unique and beautiful in your own way.

Put your phone away! 

Now this is getting super honest. The other day I ended up feeling bad because I know my dad really hates it when me and my sisters sit there on our phones whilst its family time. He got a tad angry with us. He will probably be reading this post right now thinking,  “yep I sure did get mad”, so I’m sorry! He is bloody right though. Family time happens only once a week, if that, as all of us are extremely busy most of the time. Leaving our phones in the hallway (including mum, yes you!) is sometimes the best thing   and I have come to learn. Family is everything and technology can get in the way sometimes. Unless it’s for a funny family selfie of course!

So thats that. I thought I would share my personal experiences and hiccups with social media and technology in the hope that people don’t feel so alone and know we all expoericen very similar situations in life. So on that note I will leave you with one scary question that I mentioned at the beginning. What if one day technology and social media disappeared. Could you live without it?

Much love, now get back to your instagram stalking! xxx

Peggy Porschen and a whole lot of snow!

What a crazy week of weather we’ve had! Snow, rain, thunder? I’m pretty sure of it! Sun, clouds, fog you name it England’s had it in the space of 5 days.

So I set off fairly early last Friday as I had been invited down to Peggy Porschen, to experience their cafe and get a taste for their famous cupcakes.

I was worried at first I wouldn’t make it as the snow was heavily falling from the sky but it soon stopped when I arrived. I couldn’t have had a better experience. Luckily for us it was quiet as we arrived early. Defo a top tip! ARRIVE EARLY ☺️🌸❄️

I cannot believe I haven’t ventured here sooner. This place is a dream. Pastel pinks, marshmallow tones and fluffy cupcakes carved by angels, this cafe is something out of a fairy tale.

Now as you know me already you’ll know I love to hunt down great cup of hot chocolate or coffee and Peggy Porchen did well to impress with their cocoa powdered patterns sprinkled lightly on top of THE most creamy hot chocolate. You know when you get in from a cold winters day and your mum has two big mugs of hot drink waiting for you? That’s the memory that filled my mind when I took my first sip. From those snow days off school except today, we sat inside a unicorn palace propped with beautiful marshmallow toned roses. Well done Pegs.

I noticed that Peggy Porchen had been getting ready for it’s Easter Festivities so I can’t wait to see what themed cupcakes make an appearance closer to when the Easter Bunny comes to say hello. To give you a better idea on our day I have put together my very first Vlog which I am super excited to share with you. I’ve never had so much fun filming something so personal to me so I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it :).

FIRST VLOG: Peggy Porchen and a whole lot of snow! ❄️🐰🌸

I’d love to hear your thoughts and don’t forget to subscribe! I’ll be hopefully posting 2 a month whilst I get to grips with this whole editing malarkey.

Okay so I definitely said I’d get an early night… It’s 10pm and last nights bedtime was 2am… I should probably get some shut eye but I can’t stop dreaming of that magical piece of rocky road… It’s sat in my cupboard. Midnight feast? 🍰

Who still uses journals? ME!

Hello my beautiful moon beam! So the last time I wrote to you I spoke in my first paragraph about having a ten tonne of diaries, journals and notepads just because I like to keep, ‘hella’ organised. – No, I’m not over exaggerating, I genuinely have three pads I write in.

One of the three notebooks is quite possibly my blogger baby. She comes with me everywhere, I flick through her in the evening and in the morning I make sure she’s ready for the day…

My Happiness Journal!

Now before I go on, this is not an ad or any sort of collaboration what so ever. I brought this sassy little lady with my own pocket money and she’s been treasured since the beginning of this year.

Sorry… Why on earth am I referring to a book as a female? No clue. But she’s mine and I love her so I’ll let you read on.

Meet the Happiness Pad by KIKKI. K… Oh my wow, as I like to say because, no likes blasphemy!

This book is just your step away to realising how great your life has been and how great it’s going to be. There are different chapters/ fun exercises, prompts, planners. You can write a reverse bucket list; this is a list of everything you have already achieved which has brought you great happiness.

If you’re after a pad which will help you set your monthly goals and achievement, make you more aware about how great you are, because sometimes it’s nice to be reminded by you, then this book is so perfect for you.

I mean, I love this book so much we had our photos taken together. Cute but sad Lauren.

Happy Sunday!

Oh, and here’s the link to buy it 🤫


Crazy Bear Hotel

So where did Lauren go next?


Oh my goodness this place is truly remarkable. From the moment you walk in until the second you leave every part is a beautiful experience. Picture a Moroccan dinner crossed with a party scene out of The Great Gatsby. It’s a definite yes when it comes to a couple’s getaway. Had a row? Valentines? Or even just a pleasant weekend away. This place is worth a booking.

We checked in around 3:30pm on Friday, greeted by two glasses of bubbles and in cute crystal flutes. Our bags were taken directly to our room prior to a mini tour of each restaurant and the pool side for some more alcoholic beverages. Cocktails anyone?

The room:

Well where do I begin? Covered floor to ceiling in cushioned velvet, soft and dim lighting, royal red curtain drapes and a four poster bed complemented by a goose feather down duvet (King-size). My partner and I’s facial expression must have been shockingly diverting for the porter and I can imagine we may have looked a little embarrassed by the leather stairs which lead up into the ceiling. What were they for? The porter presented us our room he then advanced to pull back the thick curtain of which behind was the most spectacular waterfall shower. Golden bathroom fittings with black and gold marble across the wall, floor and ceiling. Wow. It was a little Christian Grey. I loved it.

Image result for the crazy bear beaconsfield

We popped open the bottle of champagne, which was very kindly left in our room, filing two champagne flutes with well-deserved bubbles. When I say well deserved we were stuck in traffic up the M25 for about an hour. Shock. So yes well deserved. We promenaded down the stairs to be seated by the bar, pool side, before getting ready for our 7:30pm sitting at The Crazy Bears own Thai restaurant.

Getting ready in the room was extraordinary. Waterfall shower, champagne, music, funky spot lights; obviously I had to get a photo of myself in the moment or did it really happen? Just look at that room!

Here comes my forever favourite writing topic…

The food:

I was very content at this point. The boyfriend did good. A hotel on my wish list ticked off joined by one of my favourite meals. Thai. So we both settled for something different. Seeing as he doesn’t eat fish, he went for a chicken satay starter. I opted for tempura prawns with a sweet ‘n’ sticky sauce. Mouth wateringly yummy. The mains were just as good. Green Thai curry, steak and pad Thai on attractive plates covered our table and finally complimented by a bottle of French White wine.

Now, I have to tell you an amusing story. I hope this sounds as funny as when it actually happened. Colin and Julie sat to the table on our left and introduced themselves. We started engaging in conversation and discussions of travels, food and other classical couple talk materialised throughout our meal.

My boyfriend (Harry) and Colin, for some outstanding reason, thought each other were named… Gary. Gary? Surely I couldn’t let this go on all night. They spoke in confidence to one and other replying to each other as Gary. The other couple to our right clearly clocked the mistake at the beginning along with myself. I proceeded to send Harry a text under the table to make him aware of his slipup.

Harry:“Is your name Gary?”

Colin: “No? It’s Colin!”

Harry:“I am so sorry I thought your name was Gary! I’m so embarrassed”

Colin:“I thought your name was Gary!”

It was quite clear after this that we spent the whole night laughing away and exchanging stories.

The next morning, we awoke in a pitch black room, the soft lighting naturally woke us up. We did have to rush down to breakfast as it finished at 11am. It was 10:30am! Whoops.

Breakfast was wonderfully pleasant. Very simple. Continental. Which I hadn’t had in yonks so it was lovely to just have the basics; Cereal, eggs, ham, cheese, fruit and fresh filter coffee, all of which set us up for our journey home.

Home time…I want to go back so much! Writing this a week later really makes me blue. We have both agreed we are going to go again next summer and I’m so excited! I 1 million percent recommend The Crazy Bear. I cannot fault it. The service standards are impeccable, the room cleanliness is immaculate, the food is scrumptious and the atmosphere is dazzling.

You can purchase a deal at the moment on Groupon. You can find this deal by clicking here where you can pick your room and price plan.

I hope you enjoyed this read as much as I enjoyed writing it! I certainly enjoyed visiting The Crazy Bear. A huge thank you to the bf for spoiling me rotten on my Birthday. He ceases to surprise me everyday.

Lots of love Sheps x

(This post is not affiliated with any companies or collaborations)

Let’s be confident!

It’s so hard to be confident within yourself in this day and age. We spend minutes, hours, days just looking in the mirror, scrolling through Instagram and other forms of social media trolling ourselves until we feel rotten inside.

Everyone is guilty of it. I’m guilty of it. Why? Because I am a normal person. We see photos of stick thin models, bronzed goddesses and Botox filled faces and think to ourselves, “I don’t look that nice compared to them”. I have recently been reading a fabulous book which I was inspired by @healthchefsteph to read after seeing it on her Instagram story. I thought that I would give this book a go and I can honestly say it has made me see the better half of me.

Feel the fear and do it anyway


The clue is in the book’s title. I have now been reading this for just over a week and have almost finished its glorious pages. Susan Jeffers, the author of this book, has rebuilt the confidence within me.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

She speaks about fear as if it’s not even a word. Like it’s just a fragment of our imagination. A mindset that’s stops us from doing something out of the ordinary.

From reading this book I have excelled in my blogging. Because I’ve thought, “fuck it“. Oh my goodness I swore! I shouldn’t do that. Naughty me.

Over the last few weeks I’ve felt more confident than ever. I’ve stopped comparing myself to others and focused on ME. Yes, its selfish right? No.

I’m in my early 20’s and these are your selfish years.

I have been in some dark places growing up but I finely feel like I have a purpose in life. I feel confident. Not all the time, sometimes I feel super rubbish about myself but its okay to feel that way.

So I urge you to do the same thing! Stop comparing yourself, read a book, do something out of the ordinary! Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Peace out ✌🏽 Love of love Shep’s x

Hungover much?

So I’m sat here on my Sunday evening thinking, “Wouldn’t it be quite comical to post something about how hung over all of our little souls probably are today?”

We all know that gut feeling. Nothing makes it worse than knowing you slut dropped your way to Vom Town. Those pungent self-loathing blurry memories from the night before. Right now you have the inability to talk any sense at all. You try to move out of bed or even get your head out of the bin your best mate put by the side of you the night before. It’s a strange and confusing time: Do I eat? , What do I drink? Water…. I need water… GASP. Everything is a challenge. I have assembled together a list of things to make you feel better the next time your head is pounding from slamming too many tequila shots. All you need is feel-better food, lots of fluid, a movie and a long steamy bubble bath.

So here’s your I feel like death day guide to surviving a hangover.

1. No Alarm!

 Darlings, wake up naturally. There is nothing worse than forgetting to switch your weekly work alarm off and it startles you from your deep dehydrated sleep at 7:00am. Switch it off before the weekend and let the light outside wake you up naturally. Although you’ll be feeling dearly dreadful, a lil bit of natural light isn’t a bad thing to wake you up.

2. Paracetamol and Berroca at the ready!

Ladies and gents. Yes gents too. Before you set out on your night of partying put a little gift box by the side of your bed. Paracetamol, water bottle, berroca, make-up wipes, face oil and a fruit smoothie. Put it right next to where you rest your little head before bedtime. You’ll feel thankful the next day when you wake up feeling like a piece of shrivelled fruit.

3. Fresh bed sheets.

Ok so this might be a bit of a challenge. If you can change those alcohol scented sheets and swap them for Lenor scented ones along with a fresh pair of jammies. Nothing is better than clean sheets.


Your best friend when you wake up will be food. From a full English to Avocado on toast have as much carb loaded food as you possibly can. Today your allowed to bloat like a balloon.Today is your day. Feel fabulous.

5. Ye old Classic movie.

Ahh it’s Sunday after all. Put on your fave movie, dim the lights and get comfy.

6. Fresh air is good for you.

Now if you’ve managed to put in fresh bed sheets, you’ve got enough energy to get out. Fresh air will only make you feel better. Take a walk or if your feeling sorry for yourself stick your head out the window at the very least.

7. Shower or bath.

Depending on what you’re doing on your day of dread; Either a shower or a bath will sort your life out. If your off out for the day – Have a refreshing cold shower. It will wake you up! If you’ve been a slob and just want to wind down. Run the bath, pour the bubbles in, light some candles. Revert back to tip number 5 and set up your Disney film. (Please don’t be silly and in your hungover state electrocute yourself. K thanks)

Monday is near approaching and I’m getting quite hangry so I’m going to leave you with my seven top tips and I’m going to wake my boyfriend up so he can make me something yummy.

Lots of love and I hope your hangovers aren’t too atrocious today x

Berry Blast Breakfast Smoothie 🍓🍇🍒

Let me tell you about my little scrummy secret…. The hint is in the name.


Oh mother this is good!

I absolutely used to HATE breakfast. Let’s face it, no one really can be bothered to make a nutritious breakfast in the morning unless it’s cooked and put in front of you. I’m lazy okay?

So I’m about to let you into a little secret of mine. My go-to breakfast smoothie which keeps me going until lunch time. For me, this smoothie has made such a change in, not only my diet, but it helps give me the right nutritional balance I need to help set my day up correctly.

So your now wondering what’s in it right? Ok. Let me tell you….


  • Handful of Strawberries (Cut their little green hair off)
  • Handful of frozen Blueberries/ Blackberries and raspberries – They don’t have to be frozen but I tend to put them in the freezer once brought to keep them fresh.
  • Half a banana – if you like it sweet this is a must!
  • 5 Seconds worth of coconut milk. You heard, literally carefully pour 5 second worth in.
  • Two scoops of your favourite protein powder (Mine being Cookies and cream by Cute nutrition.)


Make sure it is all nicely fitting into a blender and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE senora!

Blend the smoothie until completely blended (Ya don’t want any unwanted chunky bits of fruit!) Pour into a smoothie glass or on the go? Protein shaker (Usually £5 from any health store or supermarket).

Bobs your uncle! No he’s not…

Honestly, I wouldn’t be up writing at 7am before making it myself if I didn’t think it was worth it! So if your reading this post this morning and have some time after… Give it a try you will thank me later. Have a super amazing day and enjoy your week wherever you are or whatever you’re doing.

Love Sheps x

You could also try making an Acai bowl (not my image) by chopping up fruit, adding a scoop of peanut butter and some oats) YUM


Can I just say that I am NOT  a makeup artist or, in any way, have a hand like Charlotte Tilbury. I am a complete amateur when it comes to applying makeup, but like anyone, I do my best! If you haven’t already invested in the Iconic range, I hope what I’m about to say changes your mind… Or not but either way I love their products.

I’ve always been curious about their highlighters and especially their foundation sticks. But it wasn’t until last week, when I received the BEST parcel at work, my make up game was changed forever.

So here’s me. “Hey me“, no make up, I’d just got out the shower ready for full pre-going out prep. Excuse the slightly crossed eyes. That sun was bloody blinding.

I don’t really use a lot of make up and I try to not 🎂🍰 myself too thickly in foundation but I have quickly made friends with ICONICs foundation sticks. They’re so light but the coverage t gives you is so natural looking it makes me want to cry. Ladies if you haven’t already purchased you need to now.

The highlighter is just a little bit of a girls dream come true. I’m a sucker for a pretty highlighter and I have come across sooooo many OTT ones which, to be quite frank, make me look like a unicorn on popping candy. 🦄🍭 It’s never a great look when you have too much on. But this one! The cute little packaging it comes in makes it all the more fun to put on.

So, drum roll please!!!! Rather impressed with my makeup skills here! But ladies, don’t forget, although make up can transform your face and can give us a little bit of self-confidence. Don’t forget how beautiful you are naturally 💗